55 Gorgeous Bob Hairstyles For Women in 2021

Bobs are definitely here to stay! We have seen so many bobs over the past few years but they don’t seem to die down or fall out of trend. There is always a way to switch it up and really keep the style going. Here are 55 gorgeous hairstyles for women from bob to pixie to undercut.

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55 Gorgeous Bob Hairstyles For Women 2021

1. All White Bob Haircut

All White Bob

This classy bob haircut looks lovely on women of all ages. The medium bob haircut is easy to maintain with a flat iron. Bobs are classic and timeless as well as one of the trendiest hairstyles for this year.

2. Colored Mid-Hair Bob Style

Colored Mid-Hair Style
Feel creative and mix things up with one of these brilliant hair color ideas for every shade. There is no need for you to change your haircut; to create a new look simply choose the best tone and colors for the new trend. This vivid colorful hairstyle style will make you feel rejuvenated and more lively.

3. Amazing Colored Fringe Bob

Amazing Colored Fringe Bob
The stylist did a fantastic job on this bob cuts outrageous coloring job and visuals on the fringe!

4. Classic Bob Hairstyle

Classic Bob
The classic and beautiful bob is always an amazing option for all face types, however each face type might need a small variation in the length. This length is just perfect as it showcases the natural beauty of the face and the bangs highlights the eyes.

5. Ultra-trendy Assymetrical Bob with Contrasting Colors

Ultra-trendy Assymetrical Bob with Contrasting Colors
The classical bob has gone through a revamp, giving it a futuristic look and also a striking effect by outlining just the edge with black. As you can see it is not completely sleek as the black portion of the hair does have some edges which contrast perfectly with the smoothness of the part in platinum blonde.

6. Double Layered Avant-Garde Bob Cut

Here’s a gorgeous view from behind on this stunning avant-garde bob hairstyle.

7. Jennifer Lawrence Short Bob Hairstyle

This short bob looks absolutely amazing for the young and beautiful Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence, we have seen a lot of bobs but this classic bob is definitely one that stands out.

8. Edgy Creative Bob Cut

Edgy Creative Bob Cut

This is a perfect example of a coloring job that compliments the cut to perfection really matching every edge of the cut with a distinct color really creating such a nice visual and a great futuristic look. We love the Straight bang going around her forehead back into a longer fringe which really works so well on this one.

9. Avant-Garde Sleek Medium Length Bob Hairdo

Parted at the center and flat ironed down giving it a nice outwards curvy volume.This gorgeous slick bob hairstyle is not only beautiful on the runway but also a great everyday look.

10. Outstanding Bob Coloring

Outstanding Bob Coloring

This cross between a bob and pixie just looks stunning and is still very in style. The Coloring job on this hairstyle is so creative leaving the top platinum blonde with some amazing orange piercing through works so well on this bob.

11. Avant-Garde Pixie or Bob Cut

Avant-Garde Pixie Bob Cut
This cross between a bob and a pixie is the perfect example of great look. Leaving the fringe long at the front and much shorter at the towards the back of her neck really creates a beautiful asymmetrical vibe that works so well!

12. Avant-Garde Pixie Bob Hairstyle

Avant-Garde Pixie
This avant-garde pixie is very captivating going from a short buzz cut leaving more length at the top and creating this extremely cool futuristic bangs with a nice blue spike piercing through the dashing red.

13. Amazing Avant-Garde Coloring Bob Hairstyle

Amazing Avant-Garde Coloring
From the eccentric coloring down to the outrageously sexy and edgy layered cuts which looks like it was pulled out of a crazy Japanese “anime”! Avant-Garde looks are all about pushing the boundaries of creativity which in this case it has been pushed beyond anything we have seen!

14. Hot Red Bob Cut

Hot Red Bob Cut
Who doesn’t like a little red to spice up things! This coloring job is not only sexy as hell but done to perfection. A lot of women go to their stylist with the idea of going for a flashy red but often tend to come out disappointed! Red coloring is very hard to master but not for this avant-garde stylist who did such a wonderful job on meshing a little red with some pink.

15. Straight Bob Hairstyle with Trendy Bangs

Straight Trendy Bangs
Asymmetric looks awesome and ridiculously in fashion. Here is a perfect example of bob hairstyle with the bangs cut straight and the sides falling asymmetric which really looks sophisticated and very “tendance”.

16. Dark and Hypnotic Bob Cut

Dark and Hypnotic Bob Cut
The combination of the pitch black piercing through the platinum blonde is just mesmerizing and really give this bob hairstyle such a nice and unique vibe. It almost looks dark but still so classy. Another great feature about this cut is the half shaved sides leaving the length at top just fall and cover up a portion of the buzz cut.

17. Beautiful Caramel Brown Bob Haircut

Beautiful Caramel Brown Bob Haircut
The perfect fusion of midnight silky black and beautiful caramel brown. When it comes to coloring your hair it’s important to really have a good idea of the look you are trying to create we tend to see a lot of stylist do a lot of “experimental’s” which comes out a little too extreme at sometimes. Less is not always more but in this case it surely is, we love how the subtle caramel just shines through but without over powering the black.

18.Bob Hairstyle Mixed with a Pixie

Bob mixed with a Pixie
How about this totally awesome and extremely creative take on a bob cut ! We absolutely love how this cut is done going for a short platinum look yet keeping strands much longer giving it such a classy and futuristic vibe! To top off this hairstyle she added in some hints of pink which are very subtle but really makes this look so unique.

19. Bob Haircut with Amazing Colors

Here is one hell of a creative take on a bob with some amazing colors to top off this crazy avant-garde look! We are simply astounded by the combination of this blonde almost yellowing color accentuated by an amazing eye popping purple on the fringe and bangs!

20. Cool Bob Hairstyle

Cool Bob Hairstyle
Bobs are still in and quite beautiful when done properly, this is an amazing layered and creative bob cut. We love how the hairstyle falls into such an asymmetric orderly fashion with subtle layering effects which just adds a cool and sophisticated vibe to this hairdo.

21. Forward in the Fringe Bob Hairstyle

Forward in the fringe Bob Hairstyle
This pixie is absolutely stunning the movement forward in the fringe really gives a nice glimpse of the future and the color to top it off just works so well with this style.

22. Avant-Garde Bob Hairstyle

This short pixie is one of his outstanding. Setting the bar high in coloring. The various shades of pinks and purples meshed in a cool checkered pattern works so well and structures the hairstyle perfectly for this glimpse in the future.

23.Easy Sexy Bob Cut

Fringes and Bob go hand in hand, the way the fringe covers a portion of her right eye gives her such a seductive yet trendy style. Topped off with some very subtle red colored strands this cut is beautiful.

24. Colors Galore on a Stunning Bob

Colors are a great way to express yourself and this hairstyle is a perfect example of multicolored hairstyles done well. The hair stylist behind this cut and color nailed it spot on and did an amazing job blending colors without overdoing it.

25. Layered Bob Haircut

Layered Bob

This cool layered bob style suits is a great look for ladies who don’t’ want to go too short and still look trendy and rebellious.

26. Short Pixie Bob Hairstyle

Pixie Bob
When it comes to short hairstyles this cross between a pixie and a bob is one creative way to get your hair done if you do not shy away from attention. This look is not only stunning it exudes confidence, hats off to any women who can pull this look off.

27. Long Bob Hairstyle

Stunning how the hairstylist nailed this look spot on with the beautiful angle of the bangs falling beautifully and seamlessly into her long flat ironed hair giving this hairstyle a cool futuristic vibe.

28. Cool Bob with Fringe

Cool Bob with Fringe
This beautiful avant-garde look is a great look that works well even in your everyday lifestyle, it seems like a lot of maintenance but a cut like this is fairly easy to maintain and gives such a cool mysterious and sexy style.

29. Mysterious Avant-Garde Bob

Mysterious Avant-Garde Bob
Here we have a perfect avant-garde rendition of a bob hairstyle, meticulously letting the fringe overlay half of the models face giving her such a cool, sexy mysterious vibe.

30. Cute Layered Bob Cut

Try something new with your hair, like this super cute short layered bob which is a great look for any women looking for something different and short. This cut works well with most facial shapes.

31. Cute Bob Cut

Cute Bob Cut
This bob looks stunning, the way it is angled and parted at the top giving a nice effect to the fringe just seems to work perfectly. This style of bob works particularly well with women that have diamond or heart face shapes.

32. Cute Short Bob

Here is a great variation of the oh so beautiful bob that we all love. This is a cross between a bob and short pixie that looks cute and works perfectly with smaller facial shapes.

33. Short Curled Casual Bob

What a lovely and casual short bob cut worn to perfection by this beautiful model. Bobs are great haircuts for women with square faces and round faces, it complements women with strong jaw lines.

34. Straight Bob Cut

Straight Bob Cut
Bobs are here to stay no matter what! We just keep seeing more cool and creative variations of some short bob hairstyles, like this one cut straight at the bangs fading into a nice straight line towards the back.

35. Short Cross Between a Bob and a Pixie Cut

Short Cross Between a Bob and a Pixie Cut
What makes this cut so special is that she kept one side into a short bob with some length at the fringe and went full on pixie on the other side.

36. Short Curly Bob Cut

Short Curly Bob Cut

A lot of women fear going short in spite of their curly hair not looking proper without all that length. Well in 2018 short and messy with curls is a bonus, not only is this trend in but looks extremely sexy and sassy. Try turning your short bob into a messy curly one for a change.

37. Messy Bob with Curled Fringe

Messy Bob with Curled Fringe
Curl your fringe and the ruff up your mane to achieve this stunning and cute short bob! The great thing about this cut is that it suits most face shapes, it just takes the proper attitude to sport it.

38. Sexy Short Curly Bob

Sexy Short Curly Bob
Tired of the conventional bob cut, just curl it up and ruff it up a little to give it a new style, there’s nothing sexier than a women with nice untamed and exotic curls.

39. Barely There Waves Bob Hairstyle

Barely There Waves Bob Hairstyle
How do you like this lighter shade, medium length bob? For the Golden Globes she wore her hair with minimal waves giving her bob just enough body to match the volume of her dress.

40. Cool and Unconventional Bob

Cool and Unconventional Bob
From the stunning yellow colored tips to the creativity cut brushing the hair in such a cool and unconventional brushed forward manner falling then into some nice straight bangs which really gives this bob such a uniqueness.

41. Short Sexy Curls Bob

Short Sexy Curls

When it comes to curly hair a lot of women are scared of venturing down with shorter hairstyles due to the complexity in maintaining the curls and making it look right. Well it’s not all that hard it’s more of an illusion when you are struggling in the morning to get them to look right. This short curled out bob worn by the sexy Janet Jackson is just one of those reasons why women shouldn’t be scared to venture down that path.

42. Creative White Pixie Bob Hairstyle

Creative White Pixie Bob Hairstyle
What an amazing avant-garde look, the stylist behind this one nailed it spot on with the amazing platinum white color accentuated by some hints of flashy red and purple.

43. Creative Bob Cut

Creative Bob Cut

When it comes to bob cuts and pixies this is one creative cross between both. We love how the hairstylist kept some length at the nape of her neck layering down towards the front giving her fringe such a cool asymmetrical feel.

44. Slick Pixie Bob Hairstyle

Slick Pixie Bob Hairstyle
What a gorgeous pixie, the way the fringe falls to one side just looks absolutely amazing and really gives this short pixie bob hairdo a cool and mysterious vibe.

45. Layered & Thin Pixie Bob

Layered & Thin Pixie
An amazing and creative rendition of a pixie. Layered and thinned out to give almost a flat look works so well on this model.

46. Layered Pageboy Bob Haircut

Layered Pageboy Bob Haircut
Pageboy bob cuts have been around since the early 60’s but this is such a creative take on this retro cut. It’s almost as if pageboy cuts met the emo trend from a couple years back. The layers are done to perfection giving this hairstyle such a uniqueness to it.

47. Straight Bangs Bob Hairstyle

Straight Bangs Bob Hairstyle
One of our favorite looks from Christina has to be her medium lenght bob cut with her bangs cut straight. This look suits her perfectly and really gives her a fun and playful vibe.

48. Edgy Pixie Bob Hairstyle

This pixie bob haircut is absolutely amazing. The way she pointed out the fringe hiding one side of her beautiful face give her that mysterious and sexy look. The color is just phenomenal going from a platinum white with hints of blue, puple and greens.

49. Cute Pageboy Bob Cut

Cute Pageboy Bob Cut
We’ve said it before and we will say it again, the 50’s will are back and seem to be here for quite a while. The pageboy bob cut was a great style back than and is a great style today.

50. Sexy Pageboy Bob Haircut

The pageboy cut has been around for quite a while and never really died out nor made a big comeback but with the whole hipster movement that has been going on in the past year we are seeing a lot more of this sexy geeky look.

51. Short Messy Pageboy Bob Cut

The key to creating the perfect bob pageboy look regardless if it’s straight or messy is all in the bangs meshing into a perfect rounded shape around the face. This cut looks adorable if done properly and works well with round facial shapes.

52. Gorgeous Avant-Garde Bob

What an amazing avant-garde hairstyle, the coloring on this mane is on point and to add to this already amazing futuristic cut with edgy bangs.

53. Kinky Blond Curls Bob

Kinky Blond Curls Bob
Definitely a seductive and sexy hairdo! Curls on a short mane simply has that attractive and hipnotique effect where you cannot walk by without noticing! So to all the lucky ladies that have natural curls why not cut off a little length and try something different such as this style!

54. Very Short Messy Pixie Bob

When it comes to pixies the key to keeping it looking proper is all in the attitude and the fringe or bangs. Toss your bangs slightly to one side giving the cut that extra edge and movement.

55. Asian Bob Hairstyle

Asian Bob
If you think of it the structure of the different hairstyles around the globe is sheer genius, methods are revolutionized every minute with only one goal in mind: to flatter your face. Asian hairstyles are meant to bring out the best features of an Asian face thus Asian bobs are usually cut at the neckline and bobbed up around the edge, very subtle layers are also added to give the haircut a lightweight and refreshing look.

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