46 Amazing Wedding Hairstyles For Women

The happiest day of your life is near, and you have not yet chosen a hairstyle that will make you look your best. In addition to the most beautiful dress you will ever wear, every woman who keeps to herself is aware that the hairstyle is of particular importance for an overall impression. Usually, when it comes to short hair and wedding hair styles, most brides are having a problem and that is their hairstyle.

Since the wedding day is the most important day in every little girl’s life feel free to try something you never tried before to give your hairstyle a dose of glamor. Whatever the length of your hair, you can shape it so that it looks sophisticated and irresistible. We are bringing you 46 beautiful, attractive and popular hairstyles for wedding.

46 Amazing Wedding Hairstyles For Women

1. Side Braid for Wedding

Side Braid for Wedding

The side braid is a hairstyle that no matter how many times we have seen it, it just never gets old. Get in on the braid act, learn it, love it, and do it for that special occasion that you have been waiting for so long, it will work perfectly for a wedding or cocktail.

2. Unique Bridal Hairstyle

Unique Bridal Hairstyle

How about going for something a little more extravagant on that special day of yours. Who ever said that a wedding hairstyle needs to be princess-like with long loose curls.. Well here is one unique approach for women with long hair who want something totally different or even fake the short hairdo by throwing everything up into a beautiful pushed forward updo.

3. Gorgeous Bouffant Wedding Hairdo

Retro looks are all about getting the right amount of volume to your hair. This looks is such a great look for any bride to be walking down the aisle it looks extremely sexy and classy. A good way to get that kind of volume on the front is to tease your hair before slicking it back which will give it such a nice raise. To top off this look Throw the excess hair at the back into a nice bun which just ads tremendously to this look.

4. Wedding Braids

Wedding Braids

Looking for a cool braided hairstyle that will make you look just like a beautiful princess on your wedding day? Try this amazing medieval halo braid that not only goes around the head but also passes along the center of the head complimented by a beautiful white bow. It seems we are seeing more and more cool braids on wedding or special occasions which is not only a great hairstyle that stands throughout the evening but also looks fabulous.

5. Wedding Updo

Wedding Updo

Need a little inspiration for that special day of yours when you will finally walk down the aisle? Why not go with a gorgeous curled out updo? A sure attention grabber and definitely looks stunning on a bride, especially when topped off with a beautiful diamond tiara. There is nothing more elegant than an updo done right leaving more all the attention around the neck line and the dress one picks where as longer hair often hides the shoulders and some details on the dress depending on the length.

6. Retro Wedding Updo

Retro Wedding Updo

Why not go for a gorgeous vintage look for that special wedding day, this hairstyle might be an avant-garde look from a magazine but regardless looks amazing and would looks amazing on a bride with a heart or diamond shaped face.

7. Original Wedding Hairstyle

A wedding is a perfect way for a bride to express who she is through fashion and hairstyles. On one of the most important days in a women’s life it is important to feel comfortable, sexy and be able to move around and party without looking like a total disaster at the end of the night. This gorgeous updo is a perfect example of a wedding hairstyle that will stand through the night and looks totally unique and sexy.

8. Bridal Flowers

Adding hair-like flowers to your updo will add a romantic feel to your wedding! Customize your look and be a unique bride !

9. luscious Wedding Waves

luscious Wedding Waves

Dear brides to be, if you are looking for a voluminous and timeless hairstyle for your big day, you can never go wrong with this cascade of beautiful waves pinned to the side with a voluminous pompadour-like effect and a 50’s feel to it. All eyes on you!

10. Stunning Retro Waves

Stunning Retro Waves

This looks is not the easiest hairstyle to achieve but is quite a memorable look especially on any very special occasion such as weddings, formal soirées or even prom nights. Ladies if you do venture out with this gorgeous retro and wavy hairstyle, one thing to keep in mind is not overdoing it with accessories or even makeup. Try wearing maybe one beautiful shiny piece or 2 and leaving your neckline open which really puts the focus on the hairstyle your beautiful facial features.

11. Bridal Luxe Waves

Bridal Luxe Waves

Romance is in the air ! And rich, well-defined curls simply speak for themselves, they are like an aura of luminosity and finesse that wraps around the bride. The half-up style is elegant yet casual like a breath of fresh air, here it adds more volume to the top of side-swept curls elongating the face and neck.

12. Fish Tail Bun For Wedding

This is an elegant and easy bun that is different from the usual messy side buns. The classic french braid that ends in a high bun hairstyle can be the perfect choice for a wedding, prom or night event. Don’t let the complex look intimidate you from trying it out for yourself!

13. Finger Waves For Wedding

Finger Waves For Wedding

This vintage hairstyle is amazing as it is timeless and classy. You can wear these slick finger waves for an elegant wet look wether for your a wedding or your prom. The side swept fringe brings lots of finesse and softness to the features and frames the face. It is not an easy look to achieve on your own, but it’s definitely worth getting a professional hairstylist for your big day!

14. Unconventienal Braid For Wedding

Unconventienal Braid For Wedding

How bout trying to switch up your braids with this cool snake like wavy braid flowing from the top going down in a cool S shape. It might not be the easiest braid to achieve but i’m sure you can find a stylist who can easily do this and well worth the time and effort on that special day. There are no wrong ways to braid your hair on your wedding as long as you keep it classy and go for something you will feel comfortable through out the entire day and evening.

15. Wedding Braided Bun

Wedding Braided Bun

A lot of women will opt for the medieval look with good reasons on their wedding day, here is the perfect example why. This beautiful hairdo is braided into a messy bun at the back pinned down by some lovely flowered pins to add to the beauty of this look.

16. Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyle

Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyle

Get inspired for that special day you walk down the aisle, this look is bound to leave your future hubby and guest out of breath when they first glance at you. This looks is complimented by some lovely flowers strategically placed through out the sleeked back wedding hairstyle.

17. Stunning Braided Updo

Stunning Braided Updo

When it comes to updos here a gorgeous idea for a special occasion. Try braiding the center of you hair all the way to the back into a nice little bun, leaving the fringes on both sides loose to than braid around into a beautiful halo braid.

18. Dazzling Wedding Hairdo

Dazzling Wedding Hairdo

Here comes the bride with a ravishing voluminous wedding hair style, garnished with an exquisite halo of flowers to top off the subtle bee hive and lovely curls.

19. Wedding Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braids are the hairstyle of choice it seems in the past few years when it comes to weddings with good reason as they look absolutely fabulous.

20. Beautiful Medieval Wedding Hairstyle

Beautiful Medieval Wedding Hairstyle

These amazing butterflies add such a gorgeous touch to to this already beautiful medieval wedding hairstyle.

21. Cute Wedding Bun

This cute bun wrapped with a white ribbon is the perfect hairstyle for that perfect wedding day for any women looking to seduce their man with elegance.

22. Romantic Wedding Braid

Romance your man with this beautiful side swept braid garnished with flowers on your wedding day walking down that isle.

23. Messy Wedding Halo Braid

Messy Wedding Halo Braid

Want something different on that wedding day of yours, try on this gorgeous messy and natural halo braid.

24. Victorian Wedding Hairstyle

Victorian Wedding Hairstyle

Springing into summer, thousands of women are planning their wedding, picking their dresses and trying to figure out what hairdo they are going to walk down the isle with. This beautiful long Victorian hairstyle is sure to get your future husband in total awe as you exchange your vows!

25. Amazing Wedding Hairstyle

Amazing Wedding Hairstyle

This wedding hairstyle is just fabulous, we aren’t quite sure how the hairstylist pulled off such a perfect rose with her hair but we can definitely appreciate the work and visuals on this one!

26. Gorgeous Side-Swept Fishtail Ponytail Braid

Gorgeous Side-Swept Fishtail Ponytail Braid

The perfect fishtail braid garnished with flowers for that special wedding day.

27. Amazing Waterfall Braid

Amazing Waterfall Braid

Perfect for any type of formal event, whether it be for a wedding or Prom night this beautiful waterfall braid is bound to get peoples attention and showered with compliments!

28. Chignon Bun Wedding Hairstyles

Chignon Bun Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

For this hairstyle you will have to have at least shoulder length hair, even though it’s possible to make a beautiful bun with a few centimeters shorter hair. A perfect chignon will create the impression that you have more (longer) hair than you actually have, and at the same time you will look nice and elegant. Simply comb your hair to the back and then pull it into a ponytail and simply wrap it on the back of the head. This short bob bun is a classic look that many women love because it fits perfectly to each face shape plus all veils look perfect on chignon buns.

29. Fake Bun Wedding Hairstyles

Fake Bun Wedding

Many people don’t believe that short hair can not be pulled out in a beautiful bun and many people are wrong. Short hair can be pulled out in a bun. Take the small sections of your hair and make small curls to get the illusion of a complex and rich bun. You can either add some bling in the shape of a hairclip or not, either way this simple “fake” bun will leave your guests thinking how beautiful you are.

30. Curly Bob Wedding Hairstyles

curly bob wedding hairstyles

The best thing about this hairstyle is that it is perfect for any event or occasion, and it is no different when it comes to a wedding. It is enough to curl your hair, add a nice addition in the form of a beautiful comb or pin and you are ready for the big event!

If you want to make glamor curls more romantic, loose couple of curls and put a classy flower headband on your head.

31. Vintage Wedding Hairstyles

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles

If you have short hair, you can opt for a straight or wavy style, depending on the effect you want to achieve. If you choose wavy hair, you will achieve a look that no one will forget. Vintage hairstyles are attractive to men and it will surely be a pleasant surprise to your future husband to see you in something “different”, add a hair accessory, a little bit of colour on your lips (preferably red) and you are ready to go.

32. Extremely Curly Hair

Extremely Curly wedding hairstyles

If you have naturally straight hair and want to look completely different for your wedding, then extreme curls are just what you need. Add some ravishing, oversized, gold hair piece accessory and you are ready to go.

33. Messy Hair Wedding Hairstyles

Messy Hair Wedding Hairstyles

If you have short hair, a messy hairstyle is very easy and convenient choice. If you want to look extra cute opt for the right accessories and makeup. Be a different bride! We’re sure everyone will talk about your look for years after the wedding.

34. Sweet Wavy Bob Wedding Hairstyles

Sweet Wavy Bob Wedding Hairstyles

When you want a simple hairdo that will make you look cute and nice at the same time, then select a wavy bob. It’s a bit different from the curly bob because here you want to achieve a look like you didn’t care for your curls when you made your hair that day. It is very easy to achieve loose curls and thus the look that you have always wanted.

If you’re saving big time and don’t have enough of a budget to hire a hairstylist this is the perfect hairstyle for you as it is really simple to make on your own. Wash your hair, let your hair down a couple of times while drying and you will have gorgeous beachy air-dried look.

You can combine this look with golden accessories and gold accents and you will shine like a Greek Goddess.

35. Short Pin-up Wedding Hairstyle

Short Pin-up Wedding Hairstyle

You can simply backcomb your short hair and make a pin-up curl in the front of your head with a well known twist and the only thing you will need is a few bobby pins. To emphasize the pin-up look even more add some red or pink lipstick and some pink shaded colour on your cheeks.

36. Dark Vintage Look Wedding Hairstyle

Dark Vintage Look

When you hear the word “dark”, do not immediately think of a goth look! We really mean beautiful brown hair with gorgeous curls in vintage style. It is always nice and elegant! Combine this hairstyle with a dark colored lipstick (purple is currently popular) and an extraordinary piece of hair pin, hair comb or beautiful vintage birdcage veil.

37. Brown Pixie Wedding Hairstyles

Brown Pixie Wedding Hairstyles

For most brides a pixie haircut is not an option, but nothing says cute elegance like a simple pixie hairstyle. Brides with boyish face features are the best at pulling off this style and if you want to be a different bride, then you can shorten your hair and just watch as others admire your new fresh appearance! Pixie haircuts will look perfect with simple braided headband or a short birdcage veil plus bold red lips are necessary for this occasion as red lipstick will emphasize your sensuality and feminine look.

If you want to emphasize your pixie haircut opt for jeweled headband because they are made for short hairs.

38. Boho Wedding Hairstyles

Boho Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

After seeing so many flower crowns these days we almost forgot about the popular boho look that will look perfectly on short hair. Delicate headbands with lots of details will provide that boho flair if you wear them on your forehead. You can even add more layers to get that extra luxurious bridal look.

39. Short Braid Wedding Hairstyles

Short Braid Wedding Hairstyles

You really don’t have to have long hair like Rapunzel to have a braid on your wedding day. One small, elegantly wrapped braid will help your short hair look festive enough for the wedding day and is perfect for an outdoor weddings.

40. Sleek Bob Wedding Hairstyles

Sleek Bob Wedding Hairstyles

Complete opposite to curls is a straight sleek bob that will go perfectly with a simple tiara. Although this hairstyle already looks simple, it fits perfectly with the white wedding dress! You will get that clean, elegant and sophisticated look like those brides from magazines. This is the perfect opportunity to be a princess for a day. Tiaras really can look elegant and sophisticated if you choose the right design, shape and size.

Don’t choose a large tiara that looks like you are wearing a crown. A simple, small, elegant tiara will do in order to get that princessy look every girl dreams of. You can even combine the tiara with a veil just like Kate Middleton did with her long hair and we are sure you will look stunning as much as she did on her wedding day. She could have chosen the biggest tiara there but she opted for a small sophisticated tiara that we will all remember.

41. Low Chignon Wedding Hairstyles

Low Chignon Wedding Hairstyles

Same as chignon bun only placed a bit more between your head and your neck. We suggest you leave your chignon bun a bit messy to get that rustic look everyone’s into in the wedding industry. How you are going to achieve the perfect rustic look is to wear a simple flower crown made of baby’s breath flowers (and you can add a couple of white roses if you like). This flower crown will be a knockout with a simple low chignon.

42. Knotty Hairdo Wedding Hairstyles

Knotty Hairdo Wedding Hairstyles

Is there any better way to tell everyone you are tying the knot than wearing a knotty hairdo? This is a little bit different than French braid because it looks more fun and has a bunch of loose knots that go around your head. Wedding worthy, fun, simple and pretty.

43. Bouffant Bun Wedding Hairstyles

Bouffant Bun Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

For this hairstyle all you need is one skinny coloured headband and a couple of bobby pins and you’re totally ready to pull this hairstyle by yourself. Add some backcombing, pinning and twisting and your “boring” short hair will pass through the complete make over with all this backcombing volume.

44. Side Part Wedding Hairstyles

Side Part Wedding Hairstyles

This hairstyle is possibly the easiest hairstyle to create wedding “drama” with a short hair. Simply accent your side part of the hair with a bulky hair-slide to add even more wow factor to your hairstyle.

45. Slicked Hair Wedding Hairstyles

Slicked Hair Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

If you’re a bride that has short hair but are tired of your hair falling into your face this hairstyle is a perfect solution. This is a fierce look where you can gel your hair back and it will hold until the reception is over. Even if it looses down you can always go to the toilet and add more gel and fix your hair. To get a really elegant and extravagant look add some hair accessories to the one side, like a hair clip with a big feather.

46. Accessories Free Wedding Hairstyles

Accessories Free Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

At the end, you really don’t have to have ANYTHING on your head on your wedding day. You will look absolutely beautiful even if you don’t wear any hair accessory. You have something that is special and will stand you out from the crowd. You are a bride, your smile, confidence and the person you love standing next to you.