What Hair Color Brings Out Hazel Eyes?

If you have hazel eyes, you are surely among the chosen few. The color is known for its beauty and gravity to attract attention, and you can flaunt it even better. Whether you are going to a party or that date, you can bring out your hazel eyes easily.

Whether it has green, gold, grey, or blue flecks, a pair of hazel eyes is always an attention magnet. What if you could enhance its beauty by pairing it with matching hair color? Yes, it is possible – and these are some of the best hair colors and shades that can help you with it.

What hair color brings out hazel eyes


Hair Colors that will compliment your Hazel Eyes

Dark hazel eyes will compliment mostly lighter hues than give of a softer shade, while light flecked eyes are well complimented by darker, more prominent hair colors. So the first task is to determine the hues that can contrast your eye color well.

  • Auburn



Auburn, namely deep auburn, is one of the best choices of hair color that goes well with hazel eyes. Even though a plain traditional red coloring would look good with your hazel eyes, it can never match the effect auburn has in bringing a certain personality to your tresses as well as your eyes. When paired with the right hairstyle and outfit, it will render you the head-turner of any event.

  • Bluish Tinges

Bluish Tinges


When we move aside from the spectrum of normal hair colors, shades that come under the different moods of blue has a special place. You can get blue highlights or brave an ombre shading of blur if you have naturally dark hair. If you have naturally light-colored hair, you can choose bluish tinges for your tips. These shads will invigorate a sense of confidence and otherworldliness – who wouldn’t want to be asked if they are a fairy or a mermaid by a curious toddler?

  • Hazelnut hues

Hazelnut hues


You can go with a classic hazelnut hue if you are not ready to experiment on your looks. Dark brown hues are always the best suited “natural” look when it comes to hazel eyes. The hazelnut shade is similar to dark brown but has a twist in it. It sports reddish tinges and streaks that will add texture to your hair and make it seem voluminous. Along with this, it induces a shine in your hazel eyes that can give you a special aura of royalty.

  • Cream Blonde

Cream Blonde


When we switch to the lighter hues, the cream blonde shade comes first into consideration, especially if you have tanned skin. The cream blonde hue will work with all flecks. You can either opt for a uniform hair coloring or choose a balayage technique for a change. It will contrast the darker flecks in your eyes and work well in contouring your face and framing it, accentuating your lips as well. It is the perfect shade that will give off a warm, friendly vibe to your overall appearance.

  • Dimensional Brown

Dimensional Brown


Most people consider brown as one of the most common, thus boring hair color to ever have. These people may have never seen anyone with a dimensional brown hair coloring.

This style of coloring mainly consists of creating random vertical layers of hair with different shades of brown. It is so beautiful and organized that your hair will look unique even if you were to style it with a normal plait.

This coloring technique works well on a person with hazel eyes as it matches the flecked brilliance of the said eyes. It is proof of how something normal can be rendered into unique when it is crafted well.

  • Gray Shading

Gray Shading


Before you squint your eyes in confusion, let’s make it clear that gray is an amazing shade that will work when it is paired with the right facial features and hairstyle. And if your eyes have gray flecks, that is a bonus.

The gray shade will accentuate your eyes and give them a silver tinge, giving you an ethereal look. If you do not want to color your hair completely, you can go for grayish undertones and choosing a bright lipstick that will go well with it.

  • Gold Streaks

Gold Streaks


No other colors can depict royalty better than red and gold. When it comes to hair, golden streaks will announce your presence in a crowded room. Cutting it close with blonde, it will bring out the aesthetic beauty of hazel hued eyes and will highlight the flecks in them from the backdrop. The streak will also have a glowing effect on your face that will make you look healthy. It provides a voluminous look to your hair as well.

  • Black



Black might seem like a normie color, but it can be a great shade that can act as a background to your hazel eyes – just like how silhouettes look on a starry night. It works best when your eyes have lighter flecks. If you were to pull your hair back or tie it up in a bun or a ponytail, the undivided focus of the onlookers will be on your facial features, especially your eyes. It will match any skin tone, making it the optimal natural hue of choice.

These hair colors will undoubtedly lift your self-confidence and make a difference in your outlook about yourself. No matter what your age or skin tone is, you are always free to try out things that will make you feel special. So what are you waiting for? Give yourself a boost and get your hair colored in your favorite hue that will match your beautiful eyes! Which one of these do you like the most?

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