What are the Best Haircuts and Hairstyles For Long Necks?

Long necks are actually considered as a plus point that adds to a woman’s beauty. Sometimes, it can turn out to trouble – especially when you cannot find the best haircuts and hairstyles that go well with a long neck.

Finding the Right Haircut and Hairstyle for Your Long Neck

If you have a long neck, you can choose dresses with simple necklines and a hairstyle with a suitable length to attract attention.

When you choose a hairstyle for yourself, you need to keep your body’s needs in mind. Your hair can help you achieve that perfect look. All you need to do is put a pin on the hairstyle that suits you. It will do great when it comes to your normal appearance, and you won’t need to spend much on maintenance.

With that said, let’s look at some of the crowd’s favorite hairstyles from last year for women with long necks!

Best Hairstyles and Haircuts for Long Necks

What are the top hairstyles when it comes to long necks? It’s 2020, and we tried to find you some that can stick around in trend for a while.

  • Short Haircuts

Short Haircuts for Long Necks


Short haircuts that range in length from reaching your jawline to brushing your shoulders are the ideal ones that suit most women with long necks. These haircuts frame your face nicely so that you can show off your beautiful neck.

Focus on your lean neck also creates the illusion that you have grown taller. You can choose from a wide range of hairstyles, such as long bobs or mini shags. The only thing you have to be ready for is to expose your neck, which will bring out the elegance in your profile.

  • Layered Hairstyle

Layered Hairstyle for Long Necks


If you love your hair long and do not want to cut it short, that is okay too. You can get a nicely crafted layered hairstyle to adorn your long neck.

Adding smooth waves and curls to it, along with appropriate highlighting, can work like magic in creating a subtle texture to your hair. If you have bulky hair, try not to get too many layers as it would ruin the proportion in look. These hairstyles will contour your facial features as well as your neck to gift you an ethereal look.

  • Pixie Haircut

Pixie Haircut for Long Necks


The pixie haircut is quite a picky one, as it would not suit most women even if you have a long neck. It requires cutting your hair really short, which in turn brings all the focus to your facial features and your neck.

If you have a medium body shape that is neither too skinny nor curvy, you can choose the pixie haircut. It will accentuate the actual size of your eyes, ears, and neck, so it is important to check if your proportions are of a satisfactory ratio to be presented. You may decide whether to expose your forehead or not according to how it looks on you.

You can choose a natural shade to color your hair accordingly and go for a natural look that is matched with a suitable hue of lipstick, and voila! Nothing says simple and flattering like a good pixie style.

  • Curling your hair

Curling your hair for Long Necks


The curly hairstyle is most apt when you have a long neck and thin hair. Curling your hair will make it look longer in length, but it will also add thickness to its look. You can add highlights or streaks of different shades to increase its texture.

Go for simple soft curls and not compact ones to look too chunky when paired with your long neck. Curls are always a head-turner, and with a good parting of the hair, it can give you a photogenic profile.

  • Deep Partings

Deep Partings for Long Necks


A deep side parting is one of the easiest styling techniques that you can get. It divides the hair into two and redirects the focus of an onlooker from the center of your face to your side. Almost one-third of your face will be covered with hair, making it look longer and much more attractive. It works well on round and oval-shaped face structures.

When you have a long neck to go with a deep side part, it invokes an illusion that will make you look taller than your normal height. Thus, this is one of the best ways to make the most out of your long neck with minimum effort.

  • Soft Bangs

Soft Bangs for Long Necks


Bangs are an option you can consider if you have a big forehead. The haircuts that complement long necks attract all the attention towards the neck, but a big forehead could hinder this process by diverting this attention to it. That is where soft bangs can help you. Not only does this styling hide your forehead, but it also gives a few breaks in your face to invoke a dramatic effect. You can pair it with a curly hairstyle or layered haircut to give off a subtle sultry look.

  • Smooth Blonde

Smooth Blonde for Long Necks


You can get a long smooth blonde hairstyle if it matches your skin tone and facial features. You may go for either a blunt haircut that will invoke uniformity or soft curls that compliments the frame of your face. Either way, it will pair well with your long neck to enhance a gorgeous look.

Apart from these hairstyles, you can decorate your long neck with simple necklaces to bring others’ focus towards it. Pair it with these techniques, and you will get a flawless look that you can flaunt on any given occasion. And don’t forget to love yourself more and accept your body as it is! Which one are you going to try out first?