15 Cute and Beautiful Hairstyles For Little Black Girl 2019

looking forcute and beautiful hairstyles for little black girl 2019? It is not only fashion that is always changing in this world, there are a lot of changes that are happening with people’s hairstyles as well. There are always some styles that are better suited for adults and there are also some styles that will particularly look good on kids.

The black girl hairstyles right now are just so cute that you would like to try them on your child at all. Do remember that there are different styles that you can try out on your kid now. You will surely have a grand time as you change up your child’s hairstyle every day.

15 Best Hairstyles For Little Black Girl

  1. Fishtail Cornrows

Hairstyles For Little Black Girl

It is already common for fishtail braids to be worn by kids but if you want your kid to look different, try out fishtail cornrows instead. You can simply cornrows your child as before but make them into fishtail form so that it will all look cute.

You may choose to place just one part but if you want to place on each side of the head, this is possible as well. Of course caring for the puff may take some getting used to especially if it is your child’s first time but as long as you have oil and water, your child’s hair will look great.

  1. Twists

black girl hairstyles

Would you like to make sure that your child will have a classic hairstyle that can be worn anytime and anywhere? Having this cool hairstyle will make your child feel feminine because you have to place clips on the hair to keep the hair in place. This can also be perfect for your child if she always has dry hair. Wondering if you can mix the clips that you will be placing on your daughter’s head? Yes you can. Simply change up the clips whenever you feel the need to.

  1. Clean and Easy Ponytail

Clean and Easy Ponytail

Perhaps you want your child to have a very simple hairstyle with a twist. This clean and easy ponytail may be your best option. You would have to do a side part in order to emphasize your child’s bangs.

At the same time, you need to make sure that the hair will be puffy at the back and will swing to one side so that it will look fresh and classic. If your child’s hair is naturally thick, you do not need to make use of hair products anymore just to make this effective.

  1. Summertime Fun Hairstyle

Summertime Fun Hairstyle

You can be sure that this is one hairstyle that can be perfect for the summer season especially if your daughter usually feels uncomfortable because of the summer heat. When you take your child for a haircut, you can keep the back part and the sides short but keep the front part so that your child’s hair will look like it has extra volume. You can be sure that this cute hairstyle will keep your child comfortable and will still make her look and feel feminine at the same time.

  1. Kiddie French Braid

Kiddie French Braid

If in case your daughter would like to have braids, who are you to decline them of this hairstyle that is very easy to do? As long as you already know how to do the french braid then you will have no trouble doing this to your daughter’s hair.

You may choose to french braid her hair in two parts or you may choose to french braid one whole area. This can be perfect if your daughter is highly active and would like to do various sports as this can keep the hair out of her face.

  1. Twisted and Simple

Twisted and Simple

For your daughter who is already starting to become a lady, you cannot do over the top hairstyles anymore. You can opt for something simpler, something that can be done easier too so that if in case your daughter does not want you to do her hair anymore, she can do this easily.

Make sure that you will part your daughter’s hair into two parts. You will then twist the hair strands that are nearest to the face and place it at the back, do the same with the other hair strand and then secure with bobby pins or with elastics.

  1. Updo Beauty

Updo Beauty

If you would like to place your daughter’s hair in an updo, you will not have any problems with trying out this updo beauty hairstyle. You might need to put your daughter’s hair part in the center first before you can continue.

Once you do this, place your daughter’s hair in a normal ponytail. If your daughter’s hair is naturally curly then you can just tease the ends of the hair so that they will have more volume but if your daughter has straight hair, it will be best to curl the ends of the hair with the use of a curling iron.

  1. Curly and Short

Curly and Short

If your daughter has naturally curly hair as in with tight curls, you can make her life easier by making her have a short hairstyle. You do know that there will be moments when your daughter would need to feel more girly than usual so what you can do instead is make sure that you will have some nice looking clips that you can place on the side of your daughter’s hair for that instant more feminine look that she will surely love.

  1. Finger Twists

Finger Twists

This is a hairstyle that a lot of people thought was already dated but then again it came back after a few years. This time, you can make sure that finger twists will look look great again. Make sure that your daughter will have her hair up in a ponytail and make sure that you will be twisting the end portions so that they will look more puffy than usual. This can be great for kids who are about 3 – 6 years of age.

  1. Puffy For Sure

Puffy For Sure

Do you want to make sure that your daughter’s hair will not look like the hair of her classmates? You will not have any trouble with having this puffy hairstyle that will usually have puffs running along the middle portion of your child’s head. The longer your daughter’s hair, the better it would be for her as you can create more puffs along the middle portion of her hair. In order to make everything softer, curl loose strands.

  1. Two Strand Twists

Two Strand Twists

If you would like your daughter to have a hairstyle that is very versatile then this two strand twist hairstyle will not disappoint you at all. You can make the hair into several twists until such time when the hair will already be perfect. Once you have twisted all the hair strands, you can already style the hair whatever way you want. You may place the hair in a ponytail or a half up or half down hairstyle. It would be up to you and your daughter.

  1. Braided All Over

Braided All Over

Do not be scared by the name because your daughter’s hair will not resemble that of Medusa’s by the time that you are done. You simply need to start making a french braid along one side of your daughter’s hair and continue until you reach the ends. The moment that you end the braid, you will make the braid into a bun. You need to make sure that you will secure this properly with the use of proper hair tools as well as gels to keep the hair in one place for a long period of time.

  1. Jumbo Braid

Jumbo Braid

Perhaps now is the time for your daughter to show just how thick her real hair is. The best thing about this is that it is popular. Both kids and adults can make use of this hairstyle but this is usually more popular for adults. In order to dress up this simple hairstyle, you may use different colored scrunchies depending on what your daughter is wearing.

  1. Natural Curly

Naturally Curly

You have to remember that at times, it is bests for your daughter to let her natural hair shine through. If she naturally has kinky hair, you do not have to work against it. What you can do instead is to make the hair near her face manageable and then let her hair free flow near the back area. You can choose to cornrows her hair near the head and just let her natural hair strands thrive at the back portion. It can make your daughter look real cute too.

  1. Pre Teen

Pre Teen

If you would like your daughter to have great hair as she slowly transitions into being an adult, you know that this style can be perfect. Make sure that your daughter will have medium length hair. Straighten the bangs so that it will be emphasized. Make sure that the back portion of the hair will remain curly but gelled so that it will not look too puffy.

The various hairstyles that are mentioned above are all meant to be perfect for little black girls. You will have a nice and fun time trying out each hairstyle with your princess.

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