40 Best Bryce Harper Haircuts You Should Try Out

If you want to groom your hair more stylishly and like a perfect gentleman, then you are at the right place. Bryce Harper, a right fielder of the Washington Nationals, has trending hairstyles known as his baseball talent. He is famous for his trending hairstyles on and off the ground. It is natural to desire to sport his wavy Mohawk, or brush up on haircuts, even if you are not a baseball fan.

Can you believe that it takes only 30 minutes to groom his perfect hairstyle for your good? Every hairstyle he tries is a definite hit among men, as it carries beauty and perfection. You can never go wrong in trying one of his haircuts, as it makes you look like a perfect gentleman. This article will walk you through the best of his trending hairstyles. But before that, let us stop for quick tips on grooming your hair after getting the desired haircut.

Best Bryce Harper Hairstyles

40 Best Bryce Harper Hairstyles

Wondering what the top Bryce Harper hairstyle options are for you? Here is a look!

  1. Signature backflip

Signature backflip


You can never miss this celebrity backflip fashion, which is exactly why we are starting it with this hairstyle. This beautiful haircut has a brush undercut on the sides and a medium backflip at the top. You must have thick hair to style this haircut.

  1. Long-styled Top Haircut

Long styled Top Haircut


This hairstyle is another best version of Bryce Harper’s hairstyle. You can achieve this hairstyle by shaving the sides and bottom of the hair. Then by applying the gel, you can set the thick volume of your hair at the top of the head.

  1. Smooth Harper Undercut Fade

Smooth Harper Undercut Fade


How can someone not like this smooth, undercut fade version of Harper’s trendy hairstyles? The length of the hair is crucial here. If you have lengthy hair, you can try this hairstyle definitely to sport your stylish looks.

  1. Sassy undercut haircut

Sassy undercut haircut


This sassy hairstyle can go well with any attire or event with side partitioning. It enhances the facial features and gives a rugged personality to the person.

  1. Harper’s Subtle Layered Fade

Harper’s Subtle Layered Fade


This hairstyle is more convenient for you if you don’t want to shave or brush-cut your sides completely. The gradual fade of the sides gives a more stylish outlook to this hairstyle.

  1. Harper’s simple faded side haircut

Harper’s simple faded side haircut


Harper prefers simple yet gorgeous hairstyles like the one in the picture. As you can see, you require thick hair on the top and shaved sides to sport this hairstyle.

  1. Asymmetric fade haircut

Asymmetric fade haircut


You can sport a trendy outlook with the same faded haircut but asymmetric hair lengths on the top. Who doesn’t want to become an excellent person like Harper, right?

  1. Voluminous Harper Haircut

Voluminous Harper Haircut


This hairstyle is perfect if you want to style that lengthy hair into something stylish. The only catch to this hairstyle is you need voluminous hair growth.

  1. Pulled back Harper’s haircut

Pulled back Harper’s haircut


This pulled-back Harper’s haircut is a hit for the elegant outlook. You can style it with gel or go to your barber once in two weeks for gelling.

  1. Spiky top haircut

Spiky top haircut


The spiky haircut with a not-smooth hairstyle at the top gives a vibrant personality to your outlook. You can also style it smooth with a gel after the haircut. But spiky hair and a rugged beard give you the energetic outlook you want.

  1. Bryce Harper’s Mohawk haircut

Bryce Harper’s Mohawk haircut


The Mohawk version of the hairstyle never goes out of trend. Also, Harper’s Mohawk is a stylish version that one can never miss to sport.

  1. Harper’s Caramel Hairdo

Harper’s Caramel Hairdo


Harper is a stylish icon; to think of different ways to highlight his hairstyles. One subtle yet elegant way he chose was to highlight his hairdo with caramel color.

  1. Teased Top haircut

Teased Top haircut


You can sport this hairstyle by using gel to style the top perfectly yet teasing some hair in the top to give a few spikes here and there. A well-groomed beard is a perfect combination for this hairstyle.

  1. Subtle Blond Highlights with Fade undercut

Subtle Blond Highlights with Fade undercut


This natural subtle blonde outlook is super cool and gives a chic outlook to a person. Otherwise called a sun-kissed outlook, this style ensures that the style quotient knows how to attract attention.

  1. Puffy Top Haircut

Puffy Top Haircut


Who can say no to this cute yet flirtatious outlook? A mid-length hair and a bubbling personality are enough to sport a beautiful hairstyle in the picture.

  1. Edgy Harper’s Mohawk

Edgy Harper’s Mohawk


This style quotient knows how to highlight his facial features. Looking at this edgy Mohawk, you can see why he is a pro for stylish hairstyles.

  1. Hipster Outlook Haircut

Hipster Outlook Haircut


Look more like a Hipster and show your reckless personality outside; why don’t you try this rugged hairstyle? It is more beautiful with a rough beard and mustache.

  1. Smooth, Faded undercut with a hair bun.

Smooth Faded undercut with hairbun


To reveal that gentleman inside you is the more elegant way of doing it. It requires regular maintenance and grooming after the haircut.

  1. Natural Blonde look with groomed beard Haircut

Natural Blonde look with groomed beard Haircut


Harper kills the blonde outlook with his natural blue-colored eyes. You can use a contact lens and fancy this hairstyle like Harper.

  1. Smooth undercut with spiky or Smooth top Haircut

Smooth Undercut with spiky or Smooth top Haircut


The versatile version of this haircut is to style the top of your hair as you wish. You can either keep it spiky or use gel to give a smooth backflip at the top of the head.

  1. Smooth, elegant backflip haircut

Smooth elegant backflip haircut


This hairstyle is an elegant way of highlighting your facial features. With a rugged beard a combination, Harper proves he is a stylish icon. It is no wonder in men. We are following in his footsteps.

  1. Platinum and Blonde Hairstyles

Platinum and Blonde Hairstyle


As we mentioned earlier, Harper creates versatility in his hairstyle experiments. This hairstyle proves our point once again.

  1. Blonde or Subtle Ombre Ends Haircut

Blonde or Subtle Ombre Ends Haircut


The stylish icon surprises his followers with simple yet subtle highlights like this one in the picture. You can see a tint of blonde or ombre highlights in the front portion of the hair, highlighting his hairstyle more.

  1. Sexy haircut with wet hair outlook

Sexy haircut with wet hair outlook


To spice up your sexy personality, try sporting this wet hair outlook proposed by Harper. We guarantee that you will receive admirable glances at the party.

  1. Tapered undercut with beard Haircut

Tapered Undercut with beard Haircut


A beautifully tapered undercut with a pointed beard is a deadly combination to draw second glances from the crowd. Harper is a pro in sporting tapered haircuts that matches his beard well. You can choose to highlight it with vibrant colors.

  1. Retro Style Haircut

Retro Style Haircut


To wear the classics like a man with few changes is sexier than it sounds. You would need lengthy hair to sport this hairstyle.

  1. Silver Haircut with Undercut

Silver Haircut with Undercut


The braver and more outrageous your hairstyle looks, your personality is more vibrant. A complete silver hairstyle adds youthfulness to your personality.

  1. Lumbersexual Haircut

Lumbersexual Haircut


This excellent haircut requires lengthy hair as you must sport asymmetrical hair lengths at the top. You can highlight the hair lengths at the top with blonde or ombre colors.

  1. Faded Undercut with Accessories

Faded Undercut with Accessories


The cooler way to style your hair is to add the appropriate accessories to your hairstyle. To sport a hairstyle like the one in the picture, you must fade the sides and bottom of your hair. Then add a cap of your choice to bring a vibrant personality to your outlook.

  1. Puffy top with patterned undercut

Puffy top with patterned undercut


To highlight the undercut, you can choose to draw a pattern or a simple line to highlight it from the rest of your hair. Also, adding thickness to the top of the head gives a youthful outlook to your personality.

  1. Side partitioned haircut with asymmetrical hair lengths

Side partitioned haircut with asymmetrical hair lengths


To sport that boyish personality in you, you can choose this hairstyle. It is easier to maintain and doesn’t require excessive grooming. Use gel to set the asymmetrical lengths of the hair, and you can sport this flirtatious outlook.

  1. Spiky haircut with no beard outlook

Spiky haircut with no beard outlook


Have you ever tried to sport the ‘no beard’ outlook? Our style icon Harper has a stylish solution if you don’t want to wear a beard yet look stylish. You can become the talk of the evening by voluminously spiking hair at the top of your head.

  1. Short Undercut with Trimmed Beard

Short Undercut with Trimmed Beard


You can try this hairstyle if you have short to medium hair length. It is a better option for someone who doesn’t want to maintain or groom the hair after the haircut. You can sport this fancier look by shaving the sides and bottom of the hair and keeping the hair short at the top.

  1. Braided outlook with a trimmed beard

Braided outlook with trimmed beard


This versatile hairstyle allows you to make cornrow braids in your hair. The length of the hair must be longer to sport this hairstyle. You can use a blonde or ombre color to highlight the hairstyle.

  1. Maximum Backflip with Undercut

Maximum Backflip with Undercut


Harper takes this hairstyle to a new level by retaining most of the hair in the top before the undercut on the sides. You need voluminous hair to sport this hairstyle. With thick volume hair backflipped towards the nape of the neck, this hairstyle gives a more youthful look.

  1. Topknot with Undercut

Top knot with Undercut


A professional barber can bring this style like old classic times. Again, the length of the hair plays a crucial role in this hairstyle.

  1. Pompadour Undercut

Pompadour Undercut


One can call this the signature hairstyle of Bryce Harper. An undercut with a backflip of the densest hair gives a vibrant touch to your personality.

  1. Side-partitioned hair with a trimmed beard

Side-partitioned Hair with trimmed beard


With this hairstyle, styling and maintenance are easy. The side-partitioning of dense hair with faded sides and bottoms adds elegance to the outlook.

  1. Wavy Haircut

Wavy Haircut


This beautiful haircut brings out your bubbly personality. You can either shave or perform an undercut on the sides.

  1. Wavy haircut with razor-cut sides

Wavy haircut with razor cut sides


This combination of wavy hair backflipped and razor-cut sides is a trend. Try to experience beauty by yourself.

As mentioned earlier, Harper keeps trying chameleonic options to style his hair. His versatility makes him a stylish icon in the town—grooming and regular maintenance help in styling the hair as per one’s desire.

It might damage your hair if you don’t take care of it with all these styling options. Regular grooming and a better selection of hairstyle that fits your personality can make you a stylish icon among your friends or workplace.