Everything You Need To Know About Havana Twist

Choosing a protective style might be pretty easy, but looking for the best way to wear it could be tricky. The good thing is that the protective style gives room to choose from various styles like cornrows, buns, crochet, and lots more.

Today I’m going to introduce to you one of the best protective twist styles, and that style is called the “Havana twist.” Havana twists are one of the easiest and fastest hairstyles to install. This hairstyle requires less effort, but they have the power to make you look chic and pretty at the same time.

What are Havana twists?

Havana twists are protective styles that involve combining your hair with lightweight Havana extensions to give you beautiful chunky twists that look natural. It is often worn by people with Afro-textured hair and can be styled in several ways.

The Havana Twist got its name from the Cuban city of Havana. This hairstyle is also sometimes called the Havana Twist Out. It is a great way to wear your natural hair, and it is also a protective style. This haircut can be done on any hair type, but it works best on hair that is medium to thick in texture.

Havana twists are easy to work with as they take less time to install. This twist can be easily washed and does not get so heavy when wet. This gives room for moisturizing your hair so that your hair won’t get too dry before the twists are taken off.

What Are Havana Twists

15 Havana Twist Hairstyles Ideas To Try

1. Havana Twist in Low Bun 

Havana Twist in Low Bun

I love the classic woman look, and I recommend this style to anyone who loves to look elegant. It’s easy, perfect, and excellent for any occasion (Work, School, Church, etc.)

 2. Short Bob Havana Twist

Short Bob Havana Twist

Short hair is fabulous, and it’s just the best hairstyle if you don’t like the stress of much hair hanging around your shoulders. It’s trendy, enhances your facial features, and is very easy to maneuver.

 3. Long Havana Twist

Long Havana Twist

Instagram: inpuffitrust

This twist style is a confidence booster making you feel young and alive, and you can never get bored of this style. Make sure your hair is stretched and well moisturized before installing it.

 4. Half Up, Half Down Havana Twist

Half Up, Half Down Havana Twist

Source @melaninhairstyles

I call this style the “princess-look” beauty. It’s easy to style, and I recommend it to people who don’t like hair around their faces but still want to flaunt their protective style. It is perfect for any outing. 

5. Havana Twist With Cornrows

Havana Twist With Cornrows


Adding a little conrow to the front or side of your hair takes your protective style to another level of beauty. Now, imagine that you add a few cornrows to spice up your Havana twist; how cool will it be?

Ensure that the cornrows are firm but not tight because you don’t want to suffer your edges.

6. Havana Twist With Accessories

Havana Twist With Accessories

Beads, hair rings, customized hair pins, and other hair accessories are used to make the best of your protective style. Trust me, they work, even when your hairstyle seems like it’s getting older.

When you try on Havana twist, they will make you look more pretty. In addition, they’ll work for any occasion. 

7. Havana Twist in Ponytail

Havana Twist in Ponytail


Whether high or low, ponytails allow you to play around with the strength of this hairstyle, giving you a younger look and a unique type of beauty.

Get an “ouchless band,” tilt your head a little and pack your twist in a high Ponytail before starting your morning exercise.

8. Havana Twist Crochet

Havana Twist Crochet


 Fortunately, Havana twist has also been able to satisfy people who prefer crochet hairstyles. It is lightweight and easy to wear and maintain.

Before installing, ensure your scalp is clean, your hair is free from buildups, and in good condition.

Use the “Invisible Method” to make your crochet look more natural and undetectable. 

9. Havana Twist Up-Do

Havana Twist Up-Do

source: PINTEREST 

Up-do’s are elegant, simple, and easy. The versatility of Havana twist gives you a chance to turn your twists into a beautiful “up” style that would almost bring no one to resist your beauty.

You can wear this style as a wedding guest or when attending formal/ semi-formal occasions. 

10. Havana Twists With Curly Ends

Havana Twists With Curly Ends


 It’s unique, sophisticated, and looks different from the others. As you go around, enjoy the gentle feel of those curls. 

11. Havana Twist in Shoulder Length

Havana Twist in Shoulder Length


 Add accessories, create different styles out of it, and nail the shoulder-length Havana look using a color that blends with your skin. 

12. Flat Twist Havana Twist

Flat Twist Havana Twist

Instagram: game_of_fros

Ask your hair stylist to Flat twist some sides of your hair to make it beautiful, then combine with a Marley twist. Creativity is needed in this style, so choose according to preference.

Show the world how much a black girl can look her best in a Havana twist. 

13. Havana Twist Locs

Havana Twist Locs


Havana hair can be installed In different forms. If you prefer it locs, ask your stylist to use this method. Instead of using the twisting technique, the “Havana hair” would be wrapped around your hair.

Locs are the real deal because they bring back memories of our roots. Feel free to express your locs in different forms and styles.

14. Havana Twist Stylish Bun

  Havana Twist Stylish Bun


After achieving a low or high bun, let three to four strands twist down, in front, or at the back of your hair to get another stylish look. You can also add accessories to spice it up. 

15. Black and Brown Coloured Havana Twist

Black and Brown Coloured Havana Twist


There are two shades of colors in this type of twist black and brown. This style makes you look cute and gives your protective style a touch of two colors at once.

Sometimes what we call protective styles affect our hair and later cause breakage, but with Havana twists, you can rest assured your hair is safe.

Ensure you go to a well-trusted salon to get it done or if you love doing your hair yourself, make sure you’re as gentle as possible when making it. You could also spice them up a little by adding accessories (like beads, rings, clips, etc.)as much as you want.

Avoid stressing your hairline. Instead, opt for edge control to keep them in place neatly as you want. Don’t forget to take pictures to keep a record of your beautiful Havana twist.

Now it’s time to show the world how beautiful you can look in your protective style. Write your comments if you found this article helpful.


How to style Havana Twists?

There are many ways to style Havana Twists, but one of the most popular is the rope twist method. To achieve this look, start by dividing your hair into two sections.

Take a small section of hair from the top of one section and twist it clockwise around your finger. Then, take a small section of hair from the top of the other section and twist it counterclockwise around your finger. Continue this pattern until you reach the end of your hair. Once you reach the end, tuck the ends of your hair under and secure it with bobby pins.

What is the difference Between Havana Twists and Marley Twists?

 Marley and Havana twist have several similarities. If you don’t look closely, you might be unable to tell the difference. The significant difference between them is that you use different hair extensions to make them. 

To tell them apart better, I gathered some valuable information to help guide you.

For Havana Twists:

 You can quickly get fuller and larger twists with just a few strands of Havana twist extensions.

  • Although expensive, it requires less quantity of extensions to make a complete twist.
  • The extension used in making Havana twist has a more coarse texture, making it look more like natural hair.
  • Usually, before finishing a twist style, you either burn or tie the ends so that they don’t slip off, but in Havana twist, you don’t have to worry about that since it has a natural hair texture that can seal itself.
  • Havana twist is much lighter, so you don’t have to worry about a headache or carry a heavy weight on your head.

 For Marley Twists:

  •  Using a few strands of Marley extensions would give you thinner twists.
  • Marley twists extensions are cheaper, but it requires more to get thicker and fuller twists.
  • The extension used in making Marley twists has a more refined and smooth texture, making it look less natural. 
  • The twist made from Marley’s hair requires you to seal the ends to prevent it from unraveling because it cannot seal itself like that of Havana.
  • Although Marley twists might look thinner, they could be heavier, especially when wet. If you love swimming, it might not be the best choice.

How Long Does Havana Twist Last?

The Havana twist can last up to 8 weeks.

Two months is good, but I will advise you to take it off after 4 to 6 weeks so your hair can have a little breathing space. (taking off your protective style after 4 to 6 weeks helps its health).

If you’re going to leave it for up to 8 weeks, then make sure to deep condition it after about 4 weeks of carrying the protective style.

What Are the Things Needed for the Installation Process?

Before getting Havana twists, you’ll need to prepare a few things to make your installation process much easier and less stressful. 

Things To Be Done (Preparations)

  • Wash your hair and scalp and ensure that it is properly clean
  • Do a thorough Deep conditioning
  • Stretch hair using the “low heat” or “non-heat” process
  • Moisturize hair with hydrating cream.

Tools Needed

  • 5-7 packs of Havana hair
  • Comb
  • Edge control
  • Hot water
  • Bowl
  • Hair clips

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair in These Twists?

I would advise that you wash your hair before the installation process.

  • 3 or 4 weeks after the installation, if you plan on rocking the hair for about two months
  • 7 or 8 weeks after the installation if you’re going to leave in the twist for a more extended period.