40 Cool Box Braids For Men to Try Out(2022 Trends)

Box braids can be traced back to 3500 BC and are believed to have originated in South Africa. Back then, box braids and the jewels, beads, and shells decorated symbolized women’s wealth and readiness for marriage. Today, box braids have become popular with men and women, even non-African people.

Box braids differ from other braids with their square-shaped hair divisions (although sometimes triangle or diamond) and not being attached to the scalp. This type of hairstyle is usually divided by small squared-off parts or boxes. Many people, especially women, love to add synthetic or natural hair to the braid for thickness, fullness, and length.

Box braids are beautiful and easy to maintain. In addition, they can be manipulated into different styles. It can also protect the ends of hair, letting it grow naturally. Once completed, they can last a long time (6–8 weeks) because they are not attached to the scalp like cornrows. Today’s article will highlight some of the fascinating box braids for men.

40 Cool Box Braids For Men(2022 Trends)

1. Box Braids with Blond Dreadlocks

Box Braids with Blond Dreadlocks

Why not make your short braids stand out from everyone else in the crowd with some cool blond dreadlocks? The hairstyle is also perfect if you want to add texture and variety to your cut.

2. Shaved sides with Short Braids

Shaved sides with Short Braids


Box braids automatically result in a triangle or square section on your head. So, instead of shaving your head, create a thin line around the box braids. This neat trick will make you look like you are exuding more braids than you are.

3. Waist Long Braids

Waist Long Braids


Styling box braids that go past your waist or even your shoulders can be quite a challenge initially as you try to get them under control. To get around this, you can keep half down and half up by wrapping them in a loose man bun around the back of your neck, as shown in the image above.

  1. Highlighted Edges Braids

Highlighted Edges


As you can see above, skinny braids allow you to create a refined look that is free to flow at your shoulders or be swept up into a ponytail. Feel free to cap off your braids’ edges with a highlighted color, such as copper or natural brown.

  1. Skullet Braids

Skullet Braids


The 70s might have inspired box braids, but this kind of skullet hairstyle is undeniably the newest trend, thanks to the way it’s being worn. The haircut looks like the dude has a minimalist buzz cut from the front. Not until you spot the back do you notice the glossy braids erupting in a half Mohawk.

  1. Blond Highlight Braids

Blond Highlight Braids

Synthetic hair’s main appeal is the bold colors you can pick. With this haircut, step out of your comfort zone with the platinum blond that allows you to create a dynamic contrast against your natural locks.

Braid as many plants as you can to create more volume.

  1. Thin and Thick Braids

Thin and Thick Braids


Work with what you have, regardless of whether your hair is long enough with synthetic extensions or on its own. With this in mind, create as many braids as possible, irrespective of their size, and allow them to curl at the ends.

To create an appealing middle part, braid from the center outwards.

  1. Thick Bun

Thick Bun


When your hair is an amalgamation of long and short synthetic braids, there is no limit to areas where you can elevate the hairstyle. For instance, you can cluster the smaller box braids into jumbo chunks on your head.

  1. Mini Twin Braids

Mini Twin Braids


As shown in the image above, the staggered sections of boxed braids (as shown in the image above) award you the freedom to let them fall in a purposeful pattern or even naturally. The further apart you ask your hairstylist to braid your hair, the fewer braids you will need to style.

  1. Shoulder Length Braids

Shoulder Length Braids


Why not match cute braids with a sharp beard to create the alluring and dashing look above? You can also punctuate each braid by shaving a curve with your beard around the jawline.

  1. Double Box Braid

Double Box Braid


This hairstyle involves weaving two rows of box braid into the jumbo braid with synthetic hair that runs from your forehead to the back of your head. You can also feel free to tie both jumbo braids into the looped ponytail.

  1. Cornrow and Jump Rope Twist

Cornrow and Jump Rope Twist


Also known as a Havana Twist, a jump rope twist fosters a polished and smooth braid. Start by twirling both strands of hair individuals, then crisscross. To attain the soft jump rope look, as shown above, it is essential to twist the leg of each hair before crisscrossing.

  1. Box Braids with Design

Box Braids with Design


This hairstyle pairs two equally attention-grabbing concepts – the red synthetic extensions to elongate the brads and the Greek wave pattern etched to the dude’s head’s edges.

  1. Loose Symmetric Twists

Loose Symmetric Twists


If your braids are tidy (effortlessly), why not allow them to fall proudly? Weave every braid sufficiently tightly so it doesn’t slag but at the same time remains relaxed and loose.

  1. Interlaced Braids

Interlaced Braids


The image above shows that short braids can ideally alternate between different styling techniques and patterns. Use hair gel to matte them down and create a cool twist on your scalp. You can also take it further and interweave the longer braids higher on your scalp.

  1. Low Braided Ponytail

Low Braided Ponytail

Why not award your natural locks a dash of color and variety with synthetic copper hair? And then, once they are set, you can use two-tone combinations to twist the braids into a low ponytail at the back of your head.

This should be sufficient to keep your locks out of your face while at the same time flushing the braids against your scalp.

  1. High Top Box Braids

High Top Box Braids


There are many ways to boost your attractive box braids, one of my favorites. The high-top man bun will be laidback for casual wear and polished for work. Also, feel free to couple the style with a clean geometric shave around the temples and on the board.

  1. Super Short Braids

Mini braids with Short Hair


This is one of the most creative ways to blend the crew cut’s classic simplicity with braids’ artistry. Who thought the 90s staple of bleached blond braids could be effortlessly brought back with gravitas and class?

The hairstyle is perfect for those who want to express their personalities subtly.

  1. Edge Updo

Edge Updo


Have you heard how they say that opposites tend to attract? Well, it’s true. This amalgamation of a manly, stern buzz cut with the romantic high bun will work precisely due to the contrasting elements.

  1. Interactive Box Braids

Interactive Box Braids


Box Braids, unlike loose hair, are essentially architectural. They allow you to pull off structures and even textures that you couldn’t have otherwise—the box braids above a couple of unconventionally angled shapes with a basket-like surface.

  1. High Ponytail Braids

High Ponytail Braids


Thin braids boast an excellent body and strength to sculpt and retain the flowing grace of loose hair. This allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Better yet, these box raids will look just as good if worn down to frame one’s face.

  1. Bejeweled Braids

Bejeweled Braids


One would think that a head full of hair jewelry would turn out dramatic, but this hairstyle has remained easy-going and casual. As you can see from the image, the braids should be chin-length so they can fall around your face for a nonchalant, relaxed effect.

  1. Single Box Braids

Single Box Braids


Braided haircuts were explicitly invented to protect hair types that row in tight curl patterns – but as you may have learned earlier, braids also boast the ability to highlight the silky texture that straight hair types have.

This minimalist style is all about simplicity and shine.

  1. 90s Box Braids

90s Box Braids


This amalgamation of bleached blond hair with decorative, colorful beads is a fantastic throwback to the 90s. Thanks to its expressive, fun, and casual nature, the hairstyle would look entirely at home at any beach on the West Coast.

  1. Clipped Braids with Accessories

Clipped Braids with Accessories

Braids naturally flowing are an opportunity to take them from basic to unique. In this hairstyle, you get to add clips to a few (or all) of them to act as a statement piece that perfectly complements the entire style.

  1. Box Braids with Fade

Box Braids with Fade


These box braids have been awarded a soulful, elegant update by getting pulled into the massive but gentle French braids and adorned with Silver hair cuffs around the dude’s crown. It’s undeniably a strikingly poetic look that can rule in any environment.

  1. Half Down, Half Up Braids

Half Down, Half Up Braids


If you believe that updos like these are only for girls, then I’m confident this gentleman has proved you wrong. Since his thick hair is too heavy to get contained in a ponytail, he has decided to wear the rear segment of his braids in a cascade over his shoulders.

As you can see, it is surprisingly regal.

  1. Braids with a Thin Hairline

Braids with a Thin Hairline


Instead of letting your tiny braids fall in front of your face, why not wrap them to the back? The thin hairline around your forehead will foster a smooth transition from where your hairline has started to where the brads start.

  1. Reverse Dyed Ponytail Braids

Reverse Dyed Ponytail Braids


This hairstyle has been shaved close all around the gentleman’s sides, seamlessly blending his hair with his beard. Like he, you can also pull back the shoulder-length braids into a loose ponytail at the back of your head. This should sufficiently keep them out of your face for the relaxed summer vibe.

  1. Dyed Top Knot Braids

Dyed Top Knot Braids


High ponytails are not just for cheerleaders. With that in mind, why shouldn’t you get to have fun with your hair? This exceptionally balanced style has been coupled with delicate blonde braids and a sharp fade.

  1. Two-Tone Box Braids

Two-Tone Box Braids


This hairstyle entirely depends on artificial hair extensions. You can also use extensions of two colors to attain stunningly gorgeous colors, just like the gentleman above.

  1. Ear Length Box Braids

Ear Length Box Braids


With this hairstyle, you get to keep the box braids to the length of your ears around your head. Just like the dude above, you can rest assured you will look aesthetic and well-groomed with this hairstyle.

  1. Longer stripes with a bun

Longer stripes with a bun


Stripes can change the outlook of one’s hairstyle – and a hair bun can enhance beauty even more.

  1. Chevron Shapes Braids

Chevron Shapes Braids


If you are a man who loves hair designs, then I have included this unique box braid idea with your personal preferences in mind. Historically, Chevron shapes have always been an element of style and fashion – and their styling in this hairstyle is no exception.

Next time, try using the pattern while getting your box braids done.

  1. Undefined Patterns Braids

Undefined Patterns Braids


It is not written in any rulebook that the pattern of box braids needs to be defined (at least not in any rulebook I have come across.) with that in mind, why not adorn your hair with some undefined patterns of box braids just like the gentleman above?

  1. Extra Long Box Braids

Extra Long Box Braids


Some individuals love long hair regardless of the type of hairstyle they intend to wear. So, it makes sense to include at least one box braid hairstyle that perfectly demonstrates the longer styles.

  1. Extreme Style Box Braids

Extreme Style Box Braids


As lynoted in today’s guide, hair extensions are convenient if you want to make your hairstyle look more impressive and attractive. One needs to be highly patient while getting this extreme style to ensure one does not go too far.

38. Natural Long Braids

Natural Long Braids

You can try these long box braids if you have long and natural hair. This hairstyle is easy to maintain.

39. Straight Cornrows

Straight Cornrows

Straight cornrows are very common in black men. You can use box braids to make the rows.

40. Layered Box Braids

Layered Box Braids

A layered box braid hairstyle is the most popular haircut for men—a layered hairstyle suits well with a box braid hairstyle.

1. How to make box braids?

You need to part the hair into individual boxes one at a time. Then spilled them into even subsections and braided them down to the ends. Repeat this process until you braid the entire head into individual braids.

2. How long does your hair has to be to get box braids for men?

Typically, the longer the hair, the easier it is to braid because short hairs are difficult to grip and weave into braids. The shortest length of hair that can be braided is 2 inches. But to achieve your desired braids, you will need an experienced braider for your 2 inches of hair. A strand 3-4 inches long is easier to work with, but the ideal length is 5 inches and up. The longer your hair is, the more you can achieve the quality braid you desire for your hair.

3. Do box braids damage hair?

Box braids are meant to protect your hair and not damage it. The only instances that box braids can damage your hair are installed or removed incorrectly or negligence because you still have to take care of them after installation.

You should not keep the braids for too long, like more than 6-7 weeks, and you should regularly wash them. Not washing your braids can make dirt and bacteria build up in your braids which will cause damage to your hair.

Have your braids to an experienced braider so you minimize the risk of incorrect braids installation. Talk to your chosen stylist about your hair goals and consult on maintaining your braids for healthier hair. After installation, use a hydrating product to prevent your braids from drying and becoming brittle. Use a conditioner when removing your box braids. You must remember all these to help your braids do their primary purpose: to protect your hair and not damage it.

In the standard box braid, the immediate addition of hair extension can cause tension on the scalp because of the tugging and grasping of your natural hair. This is why many opt for the knotless technique than the standard box braids. You can ask your stylist for this if you’re scared of hair loss or breakage due to too tight braids of the traditional box braids.

4. Can you wash box braids?

Having your hair braided doesn’t mean you have escaped the tedious hair washing. You still have to continue washing your hair and scalp not to damage them. Also, not washing can cause a buildup of products and dry skin on your scalp, which can cause itchiness and flakes. You should wash your box braids every two or three weeks to keep your hair healthy.

Ask your stylist for specific instructions on how to wash your box braids. DO NOT USE DRY SHAMPOO because it will add to the buildup on your scalp and dry up natural oils in your hair needed by your box braids. Soak your braids with water before applying shampoo to them. Then, rinse it thoroughly, apply conditioner, fully dry your hair, and use products to make your braids look fresh.

5. How do you take care of box braids?

Every hairstyle needs proper care. Here are some tips on how to properly maintain your box braids and to maintain a healthy scalp and hair:

  • Moisture your braids to keep them shiny and neat
  • Avoid unnatural products; instead, use natural oils for your braids
  • Wash your hair and massage your scalp
  • Avoid over-styling your braids
  • Wrap your braids in a bonnet at night to preserve them and prevent them from frizz
  • Take your box braids down after seven weeks and let your hair breathe for 1-2 weeks before going to your next braid fix.