40 Cool Waves Haircut For Men to Try Out(2021 Trends)

The waves haircuts are very trendy among men these days. These haircuts have kinky curls that define a spiral around the gentleman’s head. Also regarded as the 360 waves, these short haircuts will look good on anyone regardless of their head shape or hair type. In addition, the wave’s haircuts do take quite a while to create and maintain as well. You can also combine it with a whole lot of other hairstyle variations. This article will list 40 excellent waves haircuts for men.

Waves Haircut For Men

40 Amazing Cool Waves Haircut For Men(2021 Trends)

  1. 360 Waves Haircut plus a lineup

360 Waves Haircut plus a lineup


I will begin this enumeration on a high note with the 360 Waves Haircut that has been perfectly trimmed all over. This hairstyle is also the best example of a clean shape-up and cleans hairline with a thick shave part in the wave pattern.

Feel free to top it off with a well-groomed beard design.

  1. 180 Waves Haircut

180 Waves Haircut


Not all black gentlemen want to style 360 waves like in the image above. If you would rather have very short hair on the back and sides, you will most likely want to ask your stylist or barber for a high bald fade haircut like in the image above.

But just like the 360 waves haircut, the 180 is also easy to style and maintain in the long run.

  1. Young black boy with a waves hairstyle

Young black boy with waves hairstyle


Waves work wonders for black men and boys of all ages as well. With a lineup, part, and a low taper fade, this kid’s wave looks badass.

  1. Half-moon hairstyle

Half-moon hairstyle


The half-moon hairstyle is a curved part that a barber shaves into the top part of your hair. Get the wave fade, create a wave pattern, then complete the look with the half-moon part.

  1. Waves with a beard

Waves with a beard


Doesn’t a wave haircut couple with a nicely groomed beard look immaculate? In my opinion, it is one of the most badass haircuts you will ever come across.

  1. 360 waves haircut with a creative design

360 waves haircut with a creative design


If you like getting creative, this is the haircut for you. Better yet, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of designs you could try out there.

  1. 360 waves with a part

360 waves with a part


A fade hairstyle coupled with a 360 wave creates a very stylish look. Focus on the deep waves that offer texture on the topside.

  1. Deep 360 waves

Deep 360 waves


Deep 360 waves like the ones in the image above take dedication, regular brushing, and time. But you can rest assured the result will leave awe on your face.

  1. Cool waves

Cool waves


The best waves should spiral all around the gentleman’s head with clean and deep ridges. But ensure you invest in the right hair products if you want to style this haircut.

  1. Taper fade with waves

Taper fade with waves


Don’t you agree that a taper fade and waves create an extremely fashionable black man’s haircut?

  1. Blad fade plus waves

Blad fade plus waves


Bold and modern, a bald fade with waves is a fantastic cut to try if you want a very short haircut but still turn heads wherever you go.

  1. A high fade plus waves

A high fade plus waves


This wave alternative looks stylish and edgy. The fade begins near the top of the head and tapers down the skin to create an excellent cut.

  1. Mid fade plus waves

Mid fade plus waves


Attaining a mid-fade with waves is a perfect balance if you have an oval face like the dude above.

  1. A low fade plus waves

A low fade plus waves


This is an excellent example of how a low fade hairstyle can accentuate the deep 360 waves’ pattern.

  1. Drop fade with waves

Drop fade with waves


This drop fade with waves delivers a tight, excellent cut that is short on the sides.

  1. A temp fade with waves

A temp fade with waves


A temp fade with waves on a black man results in a fresh, clean look that is hard to beat. Highlight the temple fade with a line up along the hairline.

  1. deep waves with a short beard

deep waves with a short beard


These 360 waves have spiraled all the way around with only a quick fade at the sideburns. Top it off with a short beard

  1. long waves for curly hair

long waves for curly hair


Even though tightly coiled kinky hair is easier to create into waves, the haircut can also work wonders with curly hair like the image above.

  1. Wave plus two half-moon parts

Wave plus two half-moon parts


Once you have established our waves, go ahead and add the shaved part and a fade.

  1. Waves plus a full beard

Waves plus a full beard


You can use a temple fade to divide the waves on top with the full beard you created.

  1. Waves on top plus a short part

Waves on top plus a short part


This fantastic cut will contrast the waves to create a blurry fade and a shaved part.

  1. Super short waves

Super short waves


The gentleman above is just starting to define waves where his hair is long on the top side. More wolfing is required to create more visible waves.

  1. High fade waves for light skins

High fade waves for light skins


Some light-skinned guys like to wear only waves on the top side. This implies less brushing and only needs one to brush in one direction.

  1. Waves haircut plus neck taper

Waves haircut plus neck taper


Clean up the edges of your waves with a fade at the neckline and the sideburns.

  1. Low skin fade with waves

Low skin fade with waves


Waves have lots of impact up top when you couple them with this low skin fade.

  1. High skin fades with waves

High skin fade with waves


In the image above, the waves taper off both sides of the gentleman’s head to create the high skin fade.

  1. Mid skin fade for children

Mid skin fade for children


The waves continue down parts of the back and sides, ending in a mid-skin fade.

  1. Great waves

Great waves


Great looking waves all over. What else is there to say?

  1. Waves + sideburn + a beard + a creative cut

Waves + sideburn + a beard + a creative cut


Nothing beats good waves that have been coupled with a nicely groomed beard and sideburns and cut at the back. What’s more? The haircut will look great on you regardless of your head shape or hair type.

  1. Short taper with a back fade

Short taper with a back fade


31. Short Waves + High Fade

Short Waves + High Fade

32. Waves + Sideburn Fade

Waves + Sideburn Fade

33. Short Waves Haircut with Designs

Short Waves Haircut with Designs

34. Cool Waves Haircuts For Black Men

Cool Waves Haircuts

35.  Waves Haircuts with Half Moon

Waves Haircuts with Half Moon

36. Waves with Hard Part

Waves with Hard Part

37. Short Waves with Line Up

Short Waves with Line Up

38. 360 Waves Haircuts

360 Waves Haircuts

39. Modern Waves Hairstyle

Modern Waves Hairstyle

40. Waves Haircut with Cool Design

Waves Haircut with Wave Design

I will also end this enumeration on a high note, with the taper fade hugely famous among all African American communities. The hair is usually significantly short, also cutting down on the maintenance required in the long run. The main point of this hair cut the wavy top, which the clean lineup has brilliantly complemented.

How to Get Waves Haircut Step by Step?

If you keenly follow this guide (step by step), then you will never have to deal with that sinking feeling brought up by messy waves every morning.

  1. Step 1

Start by cleaning the slate. This is the best way to begin the process of styling a wave hairstyle. I usually recommend that people style the waves haircut start with short and fresh hair follicles. Note, I am not saying that one should go bald. All you want to do is go to your favorite stylist or barber and request them to award you a low trim—something like level-1.

  1. Step 2

After the trim, then start brushing. This is also the most continuous and essential practice when it comes to getting the waves. Start with a softer brush you can use during the low cut moments, then slowly transition to a harder brush once it has become longer.

Getting a great brush in the marketplace shouldn’t be hard.

  1. Step 4

Step four is all about moisturizing, moisturizing, and moisturizing. This is also the step that most of you gentlemen usually get wrong. Brushing will, without a doubt, be hard on your hair follicles. So as you are training your hair locks to lay down, you want to ensure that you’re nourishing and feeding your scalp as much as required.

Most old-fashioned wavers will swear by the best pomade. However, most pomades nowadays retail with a common ingredient regarded as petroleum, among other chemicals. Even though petroleum will do a great job of keeping your hair in place, it has also been reported to stunt the growth of one’s hair in the long run due to clogged pores.

So you need to ensure that you find a more natural moisturizer that can do the job just as well without the side effects.

The last thing under moisturizing is, make sure that you do not over moisturize your hair locks by loading them with too much moisturizer. Ensure you only apply moisturizer around once or twice a week. The maximum you should go is applying 3 times a week, depending on how your hair tends to get.

  1. Step 5

Go and get the best durag you can find. This is another essential tool that you’ll need to maintain your haircut. A durag allows you to keep your hair strands in position over the night. The tool also locks in the moisturizer so it can keep hydrating your scalp.

As you already know, the world is a dangerous place. So do not toss all your progress in the trash by not protecting your hair waves when in unforgiving environments, particularly when you sleep.

A gentleman that is dedicated to his waves will always ensure that he has his durag on. Only on rare and extraordinary occasions will you see such gentlemen’s obsessively curated waves.

Choose a great satin as it will help retain moisture better while at the same time causing less breakage. And after all, if you are going to enclose your head in fabric for six to eight hours straight, then it may as well be satin.

Velvet durags (even though significantly harder to find these days) could also do the job well.

  1. Step 6

Ensure you keep your waves haircut clean. At the same time, you need to ensure that you are not washing the hair too often using shampoos because they (shampoos) tend to wash out the essential oils that your body has already created.

I recommend that you cut down your washing cycle to around once a week. You also ought to ensure that you’re using the best conditioner. Alternatively, opt for a co-wash.

For those not accustomed to this term, co-washing is your hair strands using the conditioner alone. This allows it to remove grime and dirt without stripping the hair of its essential oils. This, in turn, keeps your hair shiny, strong, and healthy in the long run.

Furthermore, make sure that you always moisturize immediately after washing. A pro tip brushes your hair locks in the shower when they are easier and softest to tame.

  1. Step 7

Now we get to the fun part, wolfing. Wolfing is the agonizing act of abstaining from a hairstyle for long periods. I know, it doesn’t sound perfect. Your friends, loved ones, and barbers who have always been appreciative of your lineup will disown you and frown on you for the longest time.

But I want you to assure them that the end will justify the means. Amidst the wolfing period, it’s also essential that you ensure that you go even harder with your moisturizing and brushing regimen. You want to start switching to the hard brush to ensure that the brushing effectively penetrates your hair’s top layers to get down into the new growth hair strands.

This period is also essential because it lets you make sure that your waves connect and create a pattern you can recognize, rather than a disarrayed collection of ripples.

The longer you manage to wolf, the better the results will be. Most wolfing sessions usually last between four to six weeks: but others have been known to go even up to 12 weeks. If you’re like me, you cannot stomach the idea of looking like an actual wolf. So visit your stylist or barber from time to time to get a taper or lineup, but never a real haircut.

Now get all the extra wolf evidence cleaned up and unleash those amazing waves when you are ready.

Allow me to conclude this section with three of the most rules to note from the section above.

  1. Only ensure you brush your hair strands when the hair is moist. One thing you should always avoid is brushing the hair when it is still dry.
  2. Take sufficient vitamins. Taking care of your hair locks goes further than just applying the best products. An excellent tip for the healthiest hair is to consume adequate Biotin vitamins. This type of vitamin is known to make one’s hair healthier and thicker.
  3. Get you a good brush. The best one I have ever bought was 100 percent boar bristles. But do not let that limit you. You can also get another brush brand that best fits your personal preference. Just ensure that you get two different brushes, one with soft bristles and hard ones.