50 Chocolate Brown Hair Ideas & Styles For Women

Are you looking for a way to make a bold statement with your look? The chocolate brown hairstyle is the perfect way to do that! This timeless shade of brown is an excellent option for women of all ages.

Chocolate brown is a versatile color that can be worn in various ways, from sleek and straight to wavy and voluminous. Its dark hue adds a touch of sophistication to any look, and its warm undertones make it a flattering choice for any skin tone.

Whether looking for a classic look or something more daring, the chocolate brown hairstyle will make you stand out in a crowd. With its timeless appeal and versatility, this trend will surely be a hit for years. This article will discuss the 50 best chocolate brown hairstyles for women.

50 Chocolate Brown Hair Ideas & Styles For Women

  1. Copper-tinted ombre hairstyle

Copper tinted ombre hairstyle


The first hairstyle in our detailed enumeration is an awesome old ombre. If just by looking at the image above, you cannot help but fall head over heels in love with the warm tones, then the hairstyle is undoubtedly what you could be looking for.

The chocolate brown shade fades aesthetically into copper. This is also the perfect hairstyle shade for ladies with brown eyes and warm skin tones.

  1. Warm espresso

Warm espresso


Hair that is not glossy should be illegal. Have you ever loved the shades in your espresso when taking a drink in a well-lit area? This gorgeous hairstyle seems to award you that same warm espresso shade.

Another great thing about this hairstyle is that it looks great on all skin tones and is assured to complement all eye colors.

  1. Chocolate root melt

Chocolate root melt


This is, without a doubt, one of the most attractive chocolate root melt hairstyles I have ever come across. If your goal is to keep your hair’s natural chocolate brown shade but wonder what you would look like if you went blonde, this is the hairstyle you could look for.

The color fades slowly into a creamy blonde with the gorgeous milk chocolate brown shade at the top. Place this hairstyle on the top of your options list, especially if you have a cool skin tone.

  1. Hazelnut Balayage

Hazelnut Balayage


It is practically impossible not to fall in love with a good balayage. This hairstyle is a perfect combination, transitioning from a dark chocolate brown color to a rich, creamy hazelnut color.

As you can see in the image above, the highlights start at the mid-length of the hair and have also been shrewdly placed toward the front side to deliver some meticulous framing.

Like all the hairstyles we have looked at above, this hazelnut balayage will blend in with all eye colors and skin tones.

  1. Textured chocolate brown

Textured chocolate brown


Dark and milk chocolate colors come together in the hairstyle above to create a perfectly textured chocolate brown hairstyle shade. The long bob will require minimal maintenance, making it the perfect hairstyle for those who tend to leave their houses in a hurry each morning.

The two-toned style also makes the haircut more dynamic, which we should all strive for.

  1. Honey Glaze

Honey Glaze


When I lay my hands on this hairstyle, the first thing that comes to mind is “sun-kissed.” This honey caramel glazed chocolate brown hairstyle shade is a deadly cause of envy. As you can see, the shade is vibrant, warm, and rich simultaneously.

The chocolate brown lowlights and honey highlights create serious dimensions that leave the entire hairstyle voluminous and dynamic.

  1. Brunette somber

Brunette somber


For those new to the realm of hairstyle colors, a somber is nothing but a subtle ombre, and the hairstyle above is the best example I could find. If you have long hair and are looking for a natural look, this is the hairstyle you should go for.

The gradual lightening of the hairstyle is very smooth, leaving no need for you to execute a touch-up. Ladies best wear the hairstyle with olive and cool skin tones.

  1. Two-toned dark chocolate hairstyle

Two-toned dark chocolate hairstyle


Did somebody say dark chocolate? I think this shade is its impeccable embodiment; sense in the image, the black in the hairstyle ideally enriched brown tones. The shade is also bold and vibrant enough to turn heads wherever you go.

  1. Rich chocolate lob hairstyle

Rich chocolate lob hairstyle


A shaggy lob coupled with chocolate brown hair. If this is not one of the biggest causes of hair envy, I do not know what is. It is also the perfect hairstyle for those like me who are super low maintenance.

Besides your occasional trims and touch-ups, you can rest assured you will spend close to no hours making your hair look great since it is practically impossible to go wrong with the hairstyle.

  1. Sleek Mahogany hairstyle

Sleek Mahogany hairstyle


Who doesn’t admire mahogany dark chocolate lowlights that perfectly display this rich, warm hair shade? If you boast straight hair, you should try out the hairstyle because it will go a long way in ensuring that your hair looks more textured.

  1. Chocolate brown fondue

Chocolate brown fondue


Have you ever encountered a hairstyle shade that feels like it will melt every time you stare at it for too long? This is undeniably one of them. The final gorgeous and smooth style looks like the hairstyle gained its shade after being dipped in the creamiest bucket of chocolate fondue.

The micro highlights included are in place to ensure the warmth of the shade pops as required. To top it off, the hair color will look great on women with olive skin tones.

  1. Cappuccino Balayage

Cappuccino Balayage


This sun-kissed cappuccino balayage hairstyle boasts the perfect melt from a dark chocolate brunette to an excellent cappuccino. If you have a cool skin tone, you can rest assured that styling this hairstyle will turn heads wherever you go.

It also pairs perfectly with both brown and jewel-toned eyes. The only slight downside is that the smooth transition means few touch-ups from time to time, but the hairstyle, in general, is easy to maintain.

  1. A chestnut and chocolate shade blend

A chestnut and chocolate shade blend


Chocolate and chestnut. These are the two favorite brown tones for hairstyles, and they have been blended to make one style. The vibrant shade combination is perfect for ladies with olive and warm skin tones.

The dark lowlight in the image adds dimension and depth to the hairstyle.

  1. Copper highlights

Copper highlights


Copper is a favorite skin tone, mainly if you boast smooth hair that requires sprucing. One of the best ways to acquire copper highlights is to go micro and make sure they are perfectly blended.

This is the perfect hairstyle for fine hair because it adds volume and texture.

  1. Cool honey balayage

Cool honey balayage


This gorgeous haircut is quite similar to a chocolate brown balayage hairstyle. The only difference is that the transition on this haircut is less smother since the highlights do not begin in the middle of the hair strands and have been more focused on the hair ends.

  1. Warm chocolate brown hairstyle

Warm chocolate brown hairstyle


This is another preferred chocolate brown shade that I think everyone should try out at least once. The warm shade looks aesthetically molten and can be further styled with beach waves. Even though the hairstyle looks great when worn with all skin tones, it will look best on women who boast warm-toned skin tones.

  1. Milk chocolate melt hairstyle

Milk chocolate melt hairstyle


We have looked at many dark chocolate melts that combine rich caramel colors. So I thought it would be fair to include at least one thing for milk chocolate lovers. If you choose this hairstyle, do not forget to detail the gorgeous light brown transition into a creamgoldenght color. It’s what completes the hairstyle, after all.

  1. Cool milk chocolate highlights

Cool milk chocolate highlights

SourHave youing difficulty deciding between milk chocolate and dark chocolate brown hair colors? Then go ahead and do both, just like in the image above.

  1. Dark chocolate waves hairstyle

Dark chocolate waves hairstyle


Dark chocolate was,ves such as those in the image above are an all-time favorite for me. As a general rule of thumb, the best way to rock this hard-to-beat color is to style subtle micro highlights that can make the style more dynamic while at the same time making the color pop.

  1. Milk chocolate swirl hairstyle

Milk chocolate swirl hairstyle


If you love chocolate brown hair color like me but are unsure whether you would like to dive right into it now, then this hair shade could be what you are looking for.

  1. Piecey Balayage

Piecey Balayage


If you boast cool-toned skin, getting these chunky balayage pieces of hair and dark chocolate hair color could be your best decisionmaker.

  1. Cocoa goodness hairstyle

Cocoa goodness hairstyle


If you want your hair to look like it was dipped in cocoa, this hairstyle has covered you. This is also the perfect way to show your love for chocolates.

  1. Rich caramel twists

Rich caramel twists


Allow me to present to you burnt caramel sauce. I know it may not sound appetizing at the moment, but I think that is probably because you have not tried it yet.

  1. Smooth dark chocolate

Smooth dark chocolate


This is one of the most decadent chocolate brown hairstyles I have ever encountered. The invisible layers place the hairstyle’s smooth texture on the show while at the same time adding depth.

  1. Chocolate brown hair color with cinnamon

Chocolate brown hair color with cinnamon


Here comes another excellent hair color that all cool-someone lovers of chocolate brown could try out.

  1. Dimensional Brunette hairstyle

Dimensional Brunette hairstyle


I think this is the only hairstyle in this enumeration that has dimension and, at the same time, screams out chic. If you plan to execute a massive hair change, I urge you to try out this masterpiece and let me know if you love it.

  1. Cherry ripe haircut

Cherry ripe haircut


Would you like to spruce your natural brunette hairstyle with dark cherry tones? Then I have included this hairstyle in this enumeration with you in mind. The cherry and chocolate combination is the perfect way to transform your brunette locks.

  1. Molten Caramel Hairstyle

Molten Caramel Hairstyle


This hard-to-beat melt from a rich chocolate brown hair color into a molten caramel hair color is the combination that dreams are made of. The warm shade looks stunning when paired with brown or hazel eyes and warm-toned skin.

  1. Mocha hairstyle with highlights

Mocha hairstyle with highlights


I understand that finding the ideal shade of chocolate brown hair is a little cumbersome when you boast a cool skin tone introduceduce this unusual combination of milk chocolate brown locks and aice-blonde nude highlights.

  1. Smooth chocolate hairstyle

Smooth chocolate hairstyle


A chocolate hairstyle and a micro ombre to add dimension are perfect ways to make your fine hair appear voluminous and full, like the lady in the image above.

  1. Dark chocolate pixie

Dark chocolate pixie


Why not play up your dark pixie haircut using the best styling wax to attain the bold, funky look in the image above? This is the best option if you want a haircut to show off your pretty face shape.

  1. Dark and medium chocolate brown hairstyle

Dark and medium chocolate brown hairstyle


If you have dark eyes and pale skin like Mila Kunis, then a combination of medium and dark chocolate brown hair color will add a gorgeous contrast to your entire look while at the same time making your eye color pop.

  1. Chocolate brown hair with a center-parted ponytail

Chocolate brown hair with a center-parted ponytail


You should try this style if you have long, dark brown hair. As you can see in the image, it is more glammy than a typical pony but, at the same time, way simpler than an average updo.

  1. Full chocolate brown hair

Full chocolate brown hair


Pretty and full curls will look lovely when styled in a single, deep chocolate brown shade without any jewelry or complex styling.

  1. Subtle ombre

Subtle ombre


If you are looking to attain a teensy bit of deviation from your natural hair color while at the same time attaining a low-maintenance look, then this subtle ombre look could be what you are looking for.

  1. Vibrant chocolate brown hairstyle

Vibrant chocolate brown hairstyle


A long but blunt cut will look amazing with this exclusive dark brown hair shade.

  1. Wavy chocolate brown hairstyle

Wavy chocolate brown hairstyle


Quickly get this pretty wavy hairstyle by blowing your hair using a round brush for shine and volume.

  1. Shiny chocolate brown hairstyle

Shiny chocolate brown hairstyle


If your hair strands are nearly midnight black and you want to amp up their sheen, feel free to apply a little shine serum and finger comb it through.

  1. Dark chocolate brown hair on a short haircut

Dark chocolate brown hair on a short haircut


Short hair coupled with a dark chocolate brown shade will look great, just like this attractive pompadour that looks strikingly modern and old-school cool at the same timMedium-length chocolate brown hairstyle.

Medium length chocolate brown hairstyle


Not all ombre hair needs to transition from brown to blonde. Why not defy the odds and try out the ombre in the image above next time/

  1. Peachy blonde gradient highlights on short hair

Peachy blonde gradient highlights on short hair


This is a more natural look coupled with the ombre coloring to deliver a more natural blonde. The hairstyle would suit women of all ages as well.

  1. Short bob hairstyle

Short bob hairstyle


A sporty bob is a charming haircut for young adults. The bob you style does not need to be dainty, either.

  1. Bright golden blonde highlights

Bright golden blonde highlights


Dark chocolate brown hair can look lifeless and flat if no other color is to supplement it. Introducing these bright golden blonde highlights is such a great idea.

  1. Dark ashy highlights on dark chocolate hair

Dark ashy highlights on dark chocolate hair


This pre,tty ashy blonde shade delivers chic and modern vibes. Even though it is not the most natural hair color, it fits any season and occasion.

  1. Café Au Lait Highlighted brunette layers

Café Au Lait Highlighted brunette layers


Layers are hard to bring out in dark chocolate hair, but highlights like those in the image above can quickly fix this issue.

  1. Beach blonde highlights

Beach blonde highlights


Reminiscent of the warm days we spend on the beach, this hairstyle looks perfect with messy beach waves. The shade has also been mainly concentrated on the ends, making the hair look dripping with sun rays.

  1. Chocolate brown hairs with cool frosted highlights

Chocolate brown hairs with cool frosted highlights


This frosty and cool blonde hair shade is perfect for style during winter since it impeccably mimics the season’s weather.

  1. Dark chocolate brown hair with fair amber-blonde highlights

Dark chocolate brown hair with fair amber blonde highlights


If you are into fair amber-blonde highlights, this style will look astounding. I also noticed that the dark chocolate hair color amalgamated with the fair amber highlights mimics a bite of a mocha truffle.

  1. Bright golden blonde highlights

Bright golden blonde highlights


This cute hairstyle shows you exactly what you can achieve with highlights. Even though not much needs to be done to parade blonde highlights on brown hair, this hairstyle shows how much distinction the colors can make.

  1. Cream soda highlighted long waves.

Cream soda highlighted long waves


Finally, but by no means least, the hairstyle in our enumeration almost looks like a dripping cream soda in an old-fashioned diner. They also perfectly merge into the natural hair color to give off the intricate facade of volume that dark chocolate brown colors normally fail to accomplish.