25 Best Slicked Back Undercut Styles For Men in 2022

A slicked-back undercut hairstyle is a modern cut that combines faded sides or short tapered with the hair brushed backward on top for a stylish and cool appearance. These manly hairstyles display sophistication, elegance, and professionalism. Some men opt for slicked-back undercut styles as these provide more contrast than slicked-back fade.

The slicked-back undercut is one of the most popular and stylish types of undercut hairstyles today. It was the type of style used in the 1930s by men. It works not only for business professionals but also for parties, dates, and any casual settings. The classic slick back can be achieved by simply combing the hair backward continuously until you are satisfied with the smoothness and flatness of your hair.

If you want to learn how to achieve a slicked-back undercut, here is a guide that will show you how to style the cut.

Getting Modern Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle

You will need at least three to five inches of hair on your crown to get this style. Ask your barber or stylist for an undercut on all sides with a long layered top. You may also request a lineup on your forehead and around your temples for a sharper appearance. Because the slicked-back undercut hairstyle is versatile, you can easily style the cut with any hair texture or type except for curly hair. It works great with straight, thin, thick, and also wavy hair.

The best thing about slicked-back undercuts is that they are fast and easy to style. The only part that requires styling is the top, as both sides are shaved clean or trimmed short.

The modern, slick back undercut hairstyle can be achieved by slicking the hair back using a comb. Then, use fingers or a comb to slick your hair back while building some volume on the crown. Once you are satisfied with the volume, you can use a hairdryer while continuously styling your hair back with a comb or your fingers.

The ideal hair product to style the hair is oil-based pomade, as it offers the strongest hold while dampening the area. If you want a textured, natural finish, we recommend a matte styling product. Follow these simple steps to achieve hair slicked back style:

  1. Start with slightly wet hair.
  2. Scoop some pomade using your fingers. Rub the hair product between your hands and apply it to your hair evenly. If you want to achieve a textured style, use less pomade. For a shiny, sleek appearance, add more pomade.
  3. Use a brush or comb to style your hair. Start from the forehead and comb your hair back. You can decide whether you want it to look flat or you want some volume on the top.
  4. For a classic slicked-back undercut, comb your hair until satisfied with how flat the top is. For a modern slicked back, use your fingers to add volume.

25 Most Popular Slicked Back Undercut Styles For men

If you need some inspiration in getting a slicked-back undercut hairstyle, check out these effortless styles that you can create within a few minutes. As long as you have a nice undercut haircut on both sides and the back and you have 4 to 6 inches of hair on top, you will be ready to show off a grand slicked back undercut hairstyle!

1. Layered Locks with Side Part

Layered Locks with Side Part

One of the best slicked-back undercut hairstyles you can try is the Layered Locks with Side Part. Try giving your layered bangs on the crown a side part with a great fade on all sides to achieve an attractive appearance. You can also pair it with some facial hair to finish.

2. Neat and Tapered

Neat and Tapered

You can easily get this hairstyle by making sure that the top has a refined appearance. With both sides trimmed short and medium length in the middle, the hair on the crown is combed back while adding some volume.

3. Finger Combed Layers

Finger Combed Layers

If you have long, voluminous, and dark hair, you might want to give it a high taper on both sides. With a small amount of pomade or wax, let your long hair fall freely on the side and finish your look by combing your hair back using your fingers.

4. Textured Blonde Bangs

Textured Blonde Bangs

This hairstyle features the blonde shade of bangs on the crown. In this style, all sides are trimmed short with faded effects around the temples. Instead of just combing the hair back, it adds some volume on top while sweeping slightly to the side.

5. Feathered Clipper Cut

Feathered Clipper Cut

The Feathered Clipper Cut can make your hairstyle look amazing. A beautiful skin fade design and a hard part razor line are hard to miss! Couple it with a feathered clipper cut bangs on top, and you will get all the attention anywhere you go.

6. Faux Hawk with Slicked Back Undercut

Faux Hawk with Slicked Back Undercut

This faux hawk-slicked-back undercut hairstyle does not require you to do much. You can create this attractive hairdo by simply getting an undercut around the temples, leaving the middle and top long enough to make a faux hawk. Use a comb or brush to style the crown, and use your fingers to create depth.

7. Tapered Sides and Wavy Top

Tapered Sides and Wavy Top

If you have wavy hair, you can pull off this hairstyle easily. The upswept wavy bangs on top of the crown look fascinating, and the style is completed with skillful tapering on the sides. This style is perfect for casual wear and office settings, formal events, and other special occasions.

8. Skillful Layering and Tapering

Skillful Layering and Tapering

This hairstyle is not just a classic slicked-back undercut. Its unique appearance comes from tapering all sides creatively, while the top has subtle layers brushed back for a clean and fresh look. This style is great with or without facial hair. It is also perfect for attending any event.

9. Lose Bangs

Loose Bangs

If you are looking for the right hairstyle for your next summer vacation, you might want to try golden blonde highlights on your slicked back undercut to catch the attention of all people around you. The beautiful fade effects on the side make loose bangs even more appealing.

10. Scruffy Pompadour

Scruffy Pompadour

A scruffy pompadour like this hairstyle is impossible not to notice as it looks very majestic. Its messy appearance gives additional handsome and cool points along with long textured bangs on top. By fixing the layers on the crown, it provides more depth and volume.

11. V-Shape


Another cool slicked-back undercut hairstyle that might inspire you is the V-Shape cut. You can copy this eye-catching style by creating a V-shape at the back. Trim the sides and have a skin fade below. Brush your long backs from the forehead towards the back and keep the style by applying gel or pomade.

12. Wavy Taper Cut Style

Wavy Taper Cut Style

The great thing about having naturally wavy hair is that you can easily style it in numerous ways. In this hairstyle, all you have to do is brush your hair on the top and apply a small pomade or gel. There is no need to create the design more time as your natural wave can do the trick.

13. Messy and Wavy Slicked Back

Messy and Wavy Slicked Back

Here is another excellent slicked-back undercut hairstyle for men with naturally wavy hair. You can easily achieve this hairstyle by adding some depth to your top. Brush it back from your forehead and allow your natural waves to create a nice messy design that most women love.

14. High and Tight

High and Tight

Instead of having a traditional high and tight haircut, you can make your hairstyle unique. In this particular style, spice it up by brushing the strands back. The nice skin fade on both sides complements the design. You can also add some facial hair to complete the look. A clean area around the temples will give a fresh and cool appearance.

15. Slick Back and Taper

Slick Back and Taper

This undercut, combined with taper, has stylish brushed-back hair that can steal a lot of attention. All sides are trimmed short, shaving the area around the temples clean. You can copy this particular style by keeping your bangs long and brush them back, creating a classic slicked back undercut.

16. Fancy Pompadour

Fancy Pompadour

This modern pompadour looks way different from the traditional one. This hairstyle has long textured hair on the top that allows you to style with a comb or brush. Both sides and the back have bald fade, which diverts more attention to the hair on top. You can also dye your hair brown or blonde to highlight your strands.

17. Silver Gray Style

Silver Gray Style

Nowadays, silver-gray is becoming a trendy and unique hair color. It gives a fresh look, making this slicked-back undercut fantastic and pleasing to the eyes. In this hairstyle, long hair on the top and center is dyed silver-gray while the back and sides are trimmed short.

18. Layered V-Cut

Layered V-Cut

There is no doubt that V-shape haircuts are adorable, but this particular style takes the whole thing to the next level. Both sides and the lower back are shaved clean to emphasize the V-shape. With the help of some pomade or high-quality gel, the hair on top is brushed back in V-form for a sleek and tidy look.

19. Man Bun Slick Back

Man Bun Slick Back

Man buns are attractive, and having this hairstyle can make you stand out among the crowd. To achieve this hairstyle, have an undercut on both sides and back, leaving enough hair on top so you can tie it into a tight bun. You can also couple this hairstyle with some facial hair and watch women turn their heads toward you.

20. Tuck Back Slick

Tuck Back Slick

Slicked Back Undercut hairstyles allow you to be creative. For instance, this particular hairstyle has an undercut, but what makes it unique is that the long hair on the crown can be brushed back in a way that can also be tucked back behind the ears. If you are looking for a slicked-back undercut that is slightly different from the familiar ones, you might want to try this!

21. Stylish Choppy Bangs

Stylish Choppy Bangs

The Stylish Choppy Bangs is one of the best slicked-back undercut hairstyles as it highlights the pattern of the top hair. It also has a subtle skin fade on all sides and an amazing texture. This hairstyle can be easily achieved using your fingers or a big comb and some pomade or gel.

22. Fashionable Undercut

Fashionable Undercut

You might want to try this one if you are looking for an effortless hairstyle to maintain and still popular. This hairstyle has taper sides for a disconnected appearance, while the hair on the crown has gorgeous blonde locks.

23. High Bald Fade Slick Back Haircut

High Bald Fade Slick Back Haircut

What makes this hairstyle unique is the high bald fade on both sides and the back. Without shaving all sides clean, it would be just a normal slick back. You can achieve this hairstyle by having a high bald fade and comb your hair back while adding some volume and depth. You can also couple it with some facial hair for a nice facial frame.

24. Tidy Skin Fade

Tidy Skin Fade

Another great slicked-back undercut that might give you some inspiration is the Tiny Skin Fade. This style has a skin fade that matches the brushed-back blonde hair on the top, creating an eccentric hairdo. If you want to look trendy with a slicked-back undercut, you might want to try this one and bring out the creativity in you!

25. Undercut Blonde Locks

Undercut Blonde Locks

With blonde hair, you can never go wrong! This hairstyle has an incredibly beautiful undercut and textured bangs on top that allow you to comb or sweep back. You can also create messy layers using your fingers for more visual effects and handsome points.