How to Choose the Best Hair Color for You

Are you currently unhappy with your hair color? How to choose the best hair color for you? There is a big chance that you would like to have a nice-looking hair color that you can wear with ease. When you are faced with many choices, it is only normal that you will become overwhelmed because there are so many things you need to choose from.

There will be moments when you are unsure if you would like to have lighter or darker hair. It does not matter what color you would choose as long as it will fit you well. Do you already know the basic things that will allow you to make the right decision? Remember that changing your hair color can improve your current look. To learn more, you may want to know more about the tips that will be mentioned below.

How to Choose the Best Hair Color for You-Before Having Your Hair Colored

How to Choose the Best Hair Color for You

You first have to decide whether you would like the change in your hair color to be drastic or not. Do you want to change your look drastically, or do you want a subtle change that other people may not notice immediately? You also need to think about the place where you are currently working. Your place of work may not allow you to have radically colored hair.

You may also want to make sure that you will have pictures of the hair color and the hairstyle you have in mind. You may want to cut some pictures from the magazine, or you may also choose to save some images when you go online. This will give you an idea about how you may look like. Make a decision also if you are going to make your hair professionally colored or not. If you choose to color your hair yourself, this might be a problem.

Consider how many times you would need to get some touch-ups. If the hair color that you are going to get is so much different from your natural hair, you would have to do a lot of touch-ups, but if the hair color is not that different from your natural hair color, it will not be too evident when your hair color changes. Ask yourself how much money you are willing to spend on your hair?

If you have a hard time narrowing down your search, you may want to eliminate hair colors that you know will not look good on you. If you choose brown, you know that different types of brown hair will look amazing on different people. This is probably because there are so many brown shades available. Another universally acceptable hair color is red. There are different types of red hair shades that are available. It is all about making the right choice.

Skin Tone

Skin Tone

Make sure that you will know what your skin tone is. If you are not sure how you will know your skin tone, it is best to check your veins. If the veins you see on your skin are color blue, you have a cool skin tone.

If the veins you see on your skin are color green, you have a warm skin tone. There may be times when you will have some trouble with determining your skin tone. What you can do instead is to make sure that you will do the paper test.

  • You need to have several pieces of paper in different colors.
  • Look at the mirror while you are placing the paper near your face.
  • If you know that you look good with red and yellow paper, then you are warm-toned.
  • If you look good in white, blue, and green, then you are cool-toned.

Eye Color

Eye Color

Aside from your skin tone, you also have to consider your current eye color. Do you realize how your hair would look will also determine how bright your eyes will look? You may research online about the type of hair color that will look good with your eye color, but ask an expert if you are unsure. Some stylists know immediately what you need to have. Darker eye colors will look best with dark hair, while lighter eye colors may look perfect with light and cool hair tones.

Having Your Hair Colored

 Color of Your Hair

It is best that you would choose a professional who can change your hair color for you. You may be tempted to do it yourself to save up on money, but there are times when the hair colorant you can get from the local drugstore will be highly different from what professionals can do. If you would like to get a great-looking color, look for a professional who can do it for you.

You may want to ask for recommendations from some of your friends who have already had their hair color changed. They may know some experts you know you can trust to do the hair coloring appropriately.

Become prepared for the hair coloring session. Depending on how drastic your hair color will be, you would need to exercise patience because it might take a long time, especially if you have all of your hair colors. It is evident that compared to having some highlights, having your whole head colored will take longer. Consider how much you are willing to spend on the salon as well.

Choose if you would like your hair styled as well. Most people opt for this because having a hairstyle will make the hair easier to maintain in general. The moment you decide, the next thing you have to do is make sure that you will make your hair smoother and softer.

Maintaining the Color of Your Hair

Are you confused about how you are going to maintain the color of your hair? This is a bit hard to do especially if you do not know what you should do. You should also consider your diet because this will have a huge effect on how good your hair will look. If you constantly eat healthy food products, you know that your hair will also improve constantly. The nutrients will fuel hair growth and will make your hair shinier and smoother. Taking care of your scalp is highly important as well.

It does not mean that just because you have already changed your hair color will remain and stay the same for a long time. This is not true. Your need to touch up your hair color if in case the color is too evident. Still, you need to make sure that you will follow these other tips so that you can properly maintain your hair’s appearance:

  • In the first place, there is a need for high-quality hair color to be used on your hair so that your hair will not become too damaged.
  • If you have decided that you would like to color your hair red, you must be prepared that the dye may not stay on your hair for a long time. You would probably lose this type of hair color immediately, which means that you need to have this even better maintained than other hair colors.
  • Do not shampoo too frequently. Some people are fond of shampooing, especially if they feel that their hair is already dirty, but when you shampoo your hair frequently, this will result in color loss.
  • Use dry shampoo. If you would like to maintain the great condition of your hair, you can use a dry shampoo instead of the normal shampoo that you use to clean your hair. Of course, there is a proper way to use dry shampoo on your hair. Just do this in-between washes.
  • Do not use super hot water. Even if the weather is extremely cool, try your best to stick with water temperatures that are warm or even cool. When the water is hot, there is a big tendency for the hair color to fade faster than before.

Now that you already know the proper tips available for your color-treated hair remember that you need to use the best shampoo. Different shampoos are supposed to be used for color-treated hair. Do your research so that you can properly choose.

If you are wondering if you should wash your hair immediately after coloring, the answer to this is no. You would have to wait a bit so that the color will rest well with your hair. After a few days, you can already shampoo without any worries.