15 Cute and Groovy Emo Hairstyles for Girls

You may think that emo hairstyles are mainly for girls who have a lot of angst and they would like to release that through the way they look but what if girls would simply want to express themselves, should it be automatic that girls with emo hairstyles are different from the rest?

You first have to ask yourself what emo is. Emo is actually a genre of music wherein the singers try to look different from the rest of the singers that are available. Emo hairstyles are usually characterized by having a lot of bangs that tend to frame and cover up the face a bit. Over the past years, the type of emo hairstyles that people wear has changed tremendously.

One thing to be remembered about emo hair is that it does not necessarily have to be straight like what some people may think. Emo hair can also be wavy. What matters is how people would wear their emo hairstyle. If you are currently searching for an emo hairstyle that you think will look great on you, perhaps you can check out some of these hairstyles that are available.

15 Cute and Groovy Emo Hairstyles for Girls

  1. Side Parted Hairstyles

Side Parted Emo Hairstyles for Girls

This hairstyle can actually be worn by girls who do not even consider themselves emo but because it is worn mighty straight with very sharp, side-swept bangs then it can be considered as one of the emo hairstyles for girls. Of course, this hairstyle can also look sweet immediately just by adding a bit of headband or other colorful hair accessories.

  1. Blonde with Pink Highlights

Blonde with Pink Highlights
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You may be thinking at this point how can a hair color like blonde look emo? Usually, you can achieve this look if you would try out a platinum blonde look. You may want to personalize it by having the hair color that you want but if in case you want something that never fails to look amazing, you know that you can never go wrong with having pink highlights. You may choose to add the highlights from the crown of your hair up to the ends.

  1. Wavy

Wavy Emo Hairstyles for Girls

It has been said that a lot of people have always assumed that having emo hair requires their hair to be pin straight but this time, having wavy emo hair is possible. This can actually add a lot of texture to the hair which can be perfect with having an emo-looking hairstyle.

The best way to do this is to color your hair a color that you know others will never be able to carry well. The longer layers should be on the sides of your head while some portions may be shorter. This will work better for people with longer hairstyles.

  1. Braids with Side Swept Bangs

Braids with Side Swept Bangs

Gone are the days when braids can be associated only with people who are always nice dainty and ready for summer. Those who are emo can now enjoy normal braids too usually situated on each side of the head. This will look perfect for girls who have a unique and bright-colored hairstyle. Just imagine if you have purple hair and you will braid it well. It can look great with the rest of your clothes.

  1. Colorful Emo Hairstyles for Girls

Colorful Hairdo for Girls

Do you find your current hairstyle boring? You know that you can always do better if you would have a colorful hairdo available. One nice color that you can try out is the color blue.

Katy Perry has done it before and it can be done by girls who would like to have an emo hairstyle again and again. Pair the bright color with a deep part on the side of the hair, a lot of layers, and a bit of fullness to get the perfect emo-looking hair.

  1. Half Colored Hairstyle

Half Colored Hairstyle

There are some things that you would like to achieve but you are unable to do so because you lack the willpower to continue. Having a half and half-colored hairstyle can be amazing for you.

You may choose colors that you think will complement your skin tone. You may also choose to have pink and purple hair or blue and green hair. Just make sure that you will part it exactly in half so that this can work well for you.

  1. Medium and Choppy Emo Hairstyle

Medium and Choppy Emo Hairstyle

If you want to have hair that is not too long but will still show your personality, you may choose to have a medium hairstyle that you can style depending on what you think will work best for you. You can choose to have a wavy or a curly hairstyle as long as you will chop it up properly. There are usually some longer layers that are near the back portion of the hair while the shorter layers will be in front.

  1. Hair Buns

Hair Buns

When was the last time that you have placed two hair buns on your hair similar to what other characters used to have? If you have not done that in a long time, perhaps this is one emo hairstyle that you may want to try. Of course, this can look perfect if you would have colored hair to boot. Try out something colorful and bright such as pink or neon green.

  1. Dipped

Dipped Emo Hairstyles for Girls

Do you want to have a unique-looking hairstyle that will make people wonder if you are emo or not? This is one such hairstyle that can be appreciated by a lot of people. This can also work well for any hairstyle and hair length. If you are wondering how this is done, it is pretty simple, you just need to make sure that you will have different colored ends from the overall color of your hair.

  1. Rainbow

Rainbow Hair

The colors of the rainbow are not only available in the sky. Right now, you can see rainbow hair anywhere. Just imagine how your hair would look like if you would have it. This is actually a staple that can be perfect for both girls and boys although it is evident that girls tend to wear it more. This can be perfect for any hair length although most women would choose to have big curly hairstyles along with the colors of the rainbow.

  1. Pixie Haircut with a Twist

Pixie Haircut with a Twist

Do you want to have a hairstyle that looks different from all the rest? You know that you will not be disappointed when you choose this type of hairstyle. In order to make the pixie cut look more emo, you may choose to put some angled layers on the side of the hair. Color the hair portion underneath a much darker color than the hair color that you have at present time. The proper hair colors will help accentuate the hairstyle.

  1. Front Bangs

Front Bangs

Even though it is not really accurate that all hairstyles that have bangs can be considered emo, there are a lot of girls who are truly emotional who would like to make sure that they will have a great-looking hairstyle that looks amazing.

There is a chance that you would have a different preference as compared to others who may have the same hairstyle. You may choose to have front bangs that are cut bluntly or you may choose to have side-swept bangs. Make sure that you will secure it with a bobby pin in order to complete your emo look.

  1. Hot Pink Hair

Hot Pink Hair

Even though pink seems to be an extremely girly color, this can also be considered emo, especially with the right hairstyle. The hairstyle can be the simple emo haircut but all the hair will be all pink. It can even become even more interesting with the right hair accessories. Floral headbands will always manage to look nice with the rest of the hair.

  1. Formal

Formal Emo Hairstyle

Some people might think that there is no such thing as a hairstyle that can be worn to formal events but perhaps things have changed drastically right now. There are a lot of emo girls who love going to formal events with their emo hairstyles and they do not look bad especially with the frocks that they have.

  1. Colored Shoulder Length Bob

Colored Shoulder Length Bob Emo Hairstyles for Girls

Having a bob hairstyle may seem to be boring but you do know that you can always change it up by making sure that you will have a lot of colors on your hair. You do not necessarily have to follow the colors of the rainbow. Instead, you may choose to have pastel colors on your hair. Just imagine how great it would look. You know that your bob hairstyle will not be boring anymore.

There are different types of emo hair that are available and for sure, you can choose one that will be perfect for your personality and your preferences. It does not matter what color you would choose as long as you are happy with what you need. Whether you would like your hairstyle to be overwhelming or not will be up to you.

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