60 Trendy Short Hairstyles for Classy Black Women

Most black women think that short hair makes them masculine. However, that is not true. Black women usually have hair that comes with a special texture. That is why long styles won’t go well with it. A short hairstyle has lots of advantages. This hairstyle will give you a youthful look and it is also easy to style. You can choose from bob style to the extra – mini buzz.

But there are lots of beautiful short hairstyles for black women out there. How to choose the best short haircut for you?

The journey to choosing the best hairstyle starts by considering the shape of your face. Short hairstyles can highlight the shape of the face. It also showcases your facial features, especially the eyes. Therefore, if you can boast beautiful skin and an oval face, you will become a goddess with any short hairstyle.

But if you have something to hide you shouldn’t adopt this hairstyle at all. Round faces will appreciate hairstyles with volume on top with thin sides. For those with oblong or long faces, the best way is a volume on the sides, and long bangs.  In this article, we have collected 60 trendy short hairstyles for classy black women.

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60 Trendy Short Hairstyles for Classy Black Women

1. Layered Pixie Haircut

Bright pixie haircut with highlights

Adding highlight to your hairstyle can change your appearance. The layers as well as the bright colors work like a charm. When the style is your only concern, this is the hairstyle for you. It is also a quick one to maintain.

2. Short Pixie Cut 

Short pixie cut black women

Short Pixie Cut is so easy for you to take care of. So you don’t have to spend long minutes in front of the mirror before leaving for work. Simple brushing is enough.

3. Short blonde hairstyle

Short blonde hair black women

When you put a short cut and a customized blonde color together, the result is a look full of glamour. It leaves women looking gorgeous. Some women after experiencing the confidence boost of this particular hairstyle give refuse to change to another. It is so trendy and gives that youthful appearance that we all love.

4. Black hair with highlight

Black hair with highlight

Often the highlight here is blue in color. It gives an impressive sigh when the blue is on the black base of the hair. You should try it. From personal experience, it is worth a try. It is one of the latest hairstyles carried by black female celebrities. It gives that cheerful and fun look that we like once in a while.

5. Shot black finger waves

Shot black finger waves

The main thing here is to cut the back of the hair very short. Then get a curly hairstyle. It will amaze you with the attention it brings.

It is one of my favorite hairstyles. Simple and stylish. It is trendy as well. Although many people don’t appreciate the beauty of the hairstyle, those who have had it can attest to its value.

6. Razor cut hairstyle

Razor cut hairstyle

One thing that makes this hairstyle impressive is the contrast between the skin and the hair. The hair strand is well defined which produces an elegant look with glamorous flair.

It is easy to get hooked by this hairstyle. It is perfect for older ladies and younger ones too. You should give it a try.

7. Red mohawk for ladies

Red mohawk for ladies

One thing ladies love about this hairstyle is that it gives them confidence in a man–dominated world. A look at a lady with a hairstyle like this will have you thinking she is not afraid of anything or anyone else for that matter.

This hairstyle makes a real statement of intent. It gives that bossy look that some ladies love to show. With this hairstyle,  it is like you are telling the world, hey am in charge of my life.

8. Buzzed side pixie Bob  

Buzzed side pixie Bob  

This hairstyle is what you need when you wish to frame your face. All you need to do is to keep a side of the face covered with the bangs and cut the other side extra short. For women with a round face, this is what you need. This style is ageless. It looks great on cougars and looks great on the under -21 other as well.

9. Pin curls

Pin curls black women

To avoid colors and hairstyles that make you look older than you really are, you need to spice up your haircut. The best way to do this is through bright magenta and style the hair with sassy pin curls. These will make your hair looking awesome. The truth is this style is full of glamour.

10. Messy curly black pixie

Messy curly black pixie

This trendy hairstyle lets you show off your curls. It is a great way to make a statement among your friends and colleagues in the office. The texture of the hair is also preserved through this style. Hence, you don’t have to be afraid of the hair texture changing because of this particular hairstyle.

11. Perfect curls

Perfect curls

For this hairstyle, you will need some hair wax to ensure that the shape is maintained. The sophisticated hairstyle will make you dye the hair and define them with a curling iron. The good thing about this hairstyle is that it doesn’t need you to arrange it often. Once done you may not need to tamper with the hair for a long time. Perfect for those who are always running a tight schedule.

12. Texture cut

Texture cut black women

This is another of my favorite. One thing about this hairstyle is that it shows that short bangs are very comparable with pixie haircuts. It is perfect for women with a round face too. It is suitable for black women irrespective of their ages.

13. Highlighted fauxhawk for black hair

Highlighted fauxhawk for black hair

This is a simple, yet attractive hairstyle. It allows you to play with the shape and texture, and color of the hair. It gives you a youthful look as well. A simple hairstyle, perfect for every occasion.

14. Blonde bombshell

Blonde bombshell black women

For lovers of blonde styles, this is perfect for you. It is a style you will fall in love with instantly. Some of my customers have declined the chance to alter their hairstyle since I introduced this one to them. It is simple, classy, and stylish. What every woman, not just blacks will want to be recognized for.

15. Short weave hairstyle

Short weave hairstyle black women

The addition of a beautiful front highlights perfectly the style perfectly with the amazing weave. Fix them with hairspray and you have the perfect look to last you the entire day. A simple, elegant, and beautiful hairstyle for all face shapes. You can never go wrong with this hairstyle. It gives you a flawless look.

16. Layered pixie cut

Layered pixie cut black women

A look at these highlights, breathe because you will find them breathe – taking. The blend of the bright upper part of the hair with a darker base is perfect. You can’t go wrong with this hairstyle.  It is amazing and perfect for all face types. It is good for older and younger ladies as well.

17. Short easy curls

Short easy curls black women

The best thing about having short hair is that it gives you options. You have a choice to straighten or curl it. Whatever option you take will give you a resounding result that will leave you looking stunning. However,  this style is among the best option to take when it comes to curling. Beautiful and simple.

18. Black textured bangs

Black textured bangs

For those who are always short of time and can’t afford to spend time on their hair, this is the hairstyle for you. All you need to do is straighten with iron and condition the hair. It won’t stop shinning. Giving you a perfect look all day long.

19. Dark-blonde hairstyle

Dark blonde hairstyle

This is a marvelous way to put a short haircut tether with breathtaking color. It is one of the oldest short hairstyles for women and it never gets old. Also perfect for women with round faces.

20. Platinum hair

Platinum hair black women

Use some wispy layers and platinum blonde hair color and the result is a great hairstyle. Most black ladies love this hairstyle because it gives them the confidence to take – on the world. It also sends a message that they bossy and winners. To get more breathtaking views.

21. Purple shades

Purple shades black women

When you want to get attention from male or female admirers, this is one of those hairstyles for you. Heads will turn literally when you carry this hairstyle. The dark purple fathers are breathtaking. It will give you one of the best looks in town. You will be the envy of an event you step into.

22. Short hairstyle with shaved design

Short hairstyle with shaved design

If you want a beautiful hairstyle with an amazing back view, this is the hairstyle for you. All you need to do is to visit a local barbershop and get a trendy design. Perfect for the young generation of black Women.

23. Black hair with a mohawk

Black hair with a mohawk

If you don’t want the normal boring haircuts, you should take a bold step and try something different. This beautiful mohawk is a bold step when it comes to hairstyles. However, it is worth it.

24. Extremely short back 

Extremely short back black women

A look at this hairstyle will attract you to it immediately. For those women who want to feel sassy, this one is for you. All you need to do is to visit your local barber and let him shave the hair at the back. The top shouldn’t be touched at all.

25. Short hair with bangs

Short hair with bangs

When you want to display your beauty without drawing so much attention, this is the hairstyle for you. It allows you to show your forehead with short bangs. Drawing attention to your amazing facial features. Allowing to feel like a queen all day long.

26. Pastel pink balayage bob

Pastel pink balayage bob

When you use a pink dye, the short bob goes perfectly with the balayage. All you need to do is to make sure that the pink is warm and light. The hairstyle is perfect for all face types.

27. African American short blonde hair

African American short blonde hair

This hairstyle leaves you breathless, and you will applaud this combination when you look at it. We are talking about the combination between platinum hue and piece -y pixie haircut. The hairstyle is gorgeous to look at.

28. Extra short hairstyle

Extra short hairstyle

Short hair doesn’t look better than this. For black women, this hairstyle should be the top on their list because it defines the face, and gives you an effervescent glow. No matter the shape of the face, this hairstyle will be perfect for you.

29. Perfect pixie hair with bangs

Perfect pixie hair with bangs

If you want to style you are fine hair, this is probably the best way to do it. Also, short bangs are trending right now. It enhances the facial features of women, and it is perfect for women with a round face.

30. Shiny black hairstyle

Shiny black hairstyle

The combination of texture and shine blends perfectly to give you a gorgeous look. This hairstyle makes aa a bold statement of confidence and class. You should try it for the summer.

31. Black Women’s gray short hair

Black Women's gray short hair

You can also call this hair the ice queen. Though it is difficult to achieve a gray hair color. However, it looks so perfect after it is done. It is so beautiful to look at when you see a woman wearing this hair look.

32. Easy waves

Easy waves black women

Use a weave to add new lengths and color to your hairstyle. To increase the length, you can make use of waves that will give your hair a light tone. You will have a pretty, elegant, and attention-grabbing look. Moreover, the easy weave is becoming trendy among ladies.

33. Taper fade for natural curls

Taper fade for natural curls

Here is another haircut that looks perfect on black women. As long as you have naturally curly hair. It will save you time because you don’t have to style the hair in the morning.

34. Short straight hair with bangs

Short straight hair with bangs

This is the quickest way to look and feel French. A choppy cropped bob, red lips, and blunt micro bangs are the way to go.

35. Shaggy hairstyle for short curly hair

Shaggy hairstyle for short curly hair

Another great style that allows you to volumize the top of your hair while complementing your long neck. Hence, the hairstyle is perfect for women with long necks. Giving you that classy look we all desire.

36. Curly hair with a nape undercut

Curly hair with a nape undercut

Here is a modern and exciting way to wear your short curly hair as a woman. It is a hairstyle that makes great statements, and great for warm days.

37. Dark blue highlight

Dark blue highlight

Keeping the root of the hair black, and adding a dark blue color to the ends gives you a lot of options. It will also give you texture, and dimensions. Excellent for any facial shape.

38. Blonde highlight in bangs

Blonde highlight in bangs

The current trend shows us that hair ends which are dyed blonde are compulsory. Though it is a major change, it is an effective one. You can’t go wrong with this hairstyle. From experience, women find this style easy to carry and it saves the boss ladies time.

39. Edgy chop

Edgy chop black women

The best words to describe this hairstyle are sexy, cool, and attractive. You will fall in love instantly with this hairstyle. It is a sweet hairstyle to carry any time of the year.

40. Short black bob

Short black bob

With precise layers and cut hair, it is a pleasure to see. It is so perfect for a black woman, and you can’t go wrong with this hairstyle.

41. Short natural haircut

Short natural haircut

Retain your bangs long, and try the color ombre. The best part is the hairstyle doesn’t need styling in the mornings with this haircut. This is why most women are in love with this hairstyle.

42.Golden blonde ombre

short Golden blonde ombre black women

No matter the length of your hair, using a balayage can bring a great change. To give your hair a more classy look, try layers. You won’t regret your choice.

43.Sexy waves and undercut

Sexy waves and undercut

Having an undercut with a long wavy top provides an unforgettable experience. This hairstyle is amazing, the undercut gives you a youthful look.

44. Short black hairstyle with a shaved line

Short black hairstyle with a shaved line

You won’t be afraid to cut your hair short if you can have a look as hot as the picture below. This hairstyle will have heads – turning when you walk on the street.

45. Stylish short black pixie

Stylish short black pixie

A short layered haircut will boost the volume. In addition, it is so easy to style it in the morning. One advantage of this hairstyle is that it gives you a youthful look.

46. Tapered black cut

Tapered black cut

After carrying this hairstyle, you will never want to ask your stylist for long hair again. The hairstyle is amazing. It is also very easy to style the hair in the mornings. You can’t go wrong with this hairstyle.

47. Natural curly haircut

Natural curly haircut

You can define the fauxhawk with a shaved line and keep your curls natural. If you go for the pixie cut, you won’t remember those long minutes you spend in front of the mirror. It will be totally worth it.

48. Mod pixie cut

Mod pixie cut black women

This twiggy – inspired hairstyle is a modern interpretation that gives you a pretty look, especially with chocolate skin. The mod pixie cut gives you a youthful look. You won’t regret your decision if you go for this hairstyle.

49.Grey Mohawk with Curls

Grey Mohawk with Curls


Short haircuts for African Americans can never get better than this. Go ahead and try out the Mohawk you have always desired since you were young.

To make it look even better, feel free to splash a grey color dye on the top side, and somewhat curl your hair. I assure you will be the fashion icon in your neighborhood.

50. Edgy Curls

Edgy Curls


This edgy haircut boasts red curls on the top side alongside a tapered cut as well as a shaved design on the sides. The designs on the sides can be whatever you want them to be.

51. Short Pink Hair

Short Pink Hair

In case you are looking for a change of color and do not mind sporting a bold color such as pink, then maybe shifting to the haircut you see on the image above is the perfect movie for you.

52. Blue Tapered Hair

Blue Tapered Hair


If pink and all other colors I have reviewed on the preceding numbers are not your favorites but you would still like to sport something that is undeniably bold, then I urge you to go for purples or this color blue.

53. Curly Double Ponytails

Curly Double Ponytails


What do you think about the haircut above? Doesn’t it look just cool? To sport this haircut, all you need to do is pull up your hair and then divide it into two different parts and then create curly ponytails or simply small burns.

54. Red Tapered Curls

Red Tapered Curls


It seems that the list of colors you can match up with your short haircuts is quite endless. This is for those who would like to sport a red color. But as you can see, this haircut goes a step further. And to sport it, you will need to have hair that is a bit long like the lady in the picture.

55. Soft Waves

Soft Waves


When it comes to sporting a short haircut with finger waves, the list is quite endless. This is another vintage soft finger wave pixie that will shout Hollywood glam the moment you sport it.

56. Shaved Blonde Cut

Shaved Blonde Cut


In case your hair on the top side is extremely short and you want to simply chop it off, then this buzz cut would be a great choice. It is sufficiently stylish and edgy. Better yet, with the right color, you can look better than ever.

57. Burgundy Pixie Mohawk

Burgundy Pixie Mohawk


The burgundy hair color is among the most trending and hottest hair colors in the realm of haircuts right now. So I urge you to spice up your hair cut with a bold color that will leave you looking like the nice lady above.

58. Flattering Layers

Flattering Layers


Are you scouring the internet to find a perfect amalgamation of a bob cut and a pixie cut? Then this short haircut will work just fine if you boast the right amount of layers to create a natural volume. Ensure you keep your hair parted to the sides in order to permit the bangs to help frame your face.

For an extra dash of perfection, simply try adding a bold and shocking color. I think ocean blue and cherry red are perfect colors for that situation.

59. Asymmetrical A-line Bob

Asymmetrical A-line Bob


The stacked layers you can see at the back of this bob allows you to boast a sophisticated look accompanied by lots of volumes. It also helps you to emphasize the A-line silhouette. You can play up hair that is longer on one side of your head with a deeper side part. This will make the bob haircut as dramatic as it can get.

60. Flat Twist Out

Flat Twist Out


Would you like to put some extra texture to your short and natural curls, then I urge you to try out this flat twist. Treat your natural short hair using a moisturizing cream every time before you begin your twisting procedure. Then divide the hair into some long rectangular sections. Subsequently, begin a two-strand twist on one end of your head and gradually add hair from the section.

To finish the setting procedure, leave your twists overnight and then when morning comes, gently unravel them and reveal the mesmeric style that you created. But note, if you think the process is too complicated, feel free to visit a salon so they can do it for you.

Final Words

Even though all of my picks are great options, you ought to choose carefully based on your hair length as well as head shape. Most of these haircuts will not need consistent maintenance, but some of them may. Just ensure you choose carefully based on the time you have to spend on your haircut.

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