30 Most Popular Ponytail Hairstyles for Men 2023

Are you looking for the most popular ponytail hairstyles for men? Long hair on men is now gaining more popularity. Guys from different professions and walks of life let their locks grow, as this style makes any man more attractive.

In addition to the obvious fact that most women like men with ponytails, these hairstyles provide a quick and simple alternative to styling and blow-drying long hair. Although a ponytail is similar to a half ponytail or man bun, it is not gathered up in a ball. However, you can always be creative regarding ponytail styles for men.

Learning how to do a ponytail is simple. You must collect your hair and tie it to the top or base. If you have long hair and want an excellent ponytail style to pull off, check out these unique hairstyles that choose one that you find attractive and adaptable for your hair type.

How to style Ponytail Hairstyles for Men?

Styling a ponytail hairstyle for men is a great way to switch up your look and add some extra flair to your style. Here are some tips on how to style a ponytail for men:

  • Start by shampooing and conditioning your hair. Make sure to use a product that’s suitable for your hair type.
  • Once your hair is clean and dry, use a comb to detangle it and get it ready for styling.
  • To create the ponytail, tie your hair back with an elastic band at the base of your neck. Ensure the elastic band is tight enough to keep the hair secure but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable.
  • To create a more voluminous look, you can use a teasing comb or a small round brush to backcomb the hair around the elastic band. This will help create more texture and volume.
  • Once you’ve achieved the desired look, you can use some styling products like hairspray or wax to set the style in place.
  • To finish off your look, you can accessorize with a headband or ribbon to add a little extra flair.

These steps should help you achieve the perfect ponytail hairstyle for men. With some practice, you’ll be able to master this look in no time!

30 Most Popular Ponytail Hairstyles for Men

1. Tight Curls with Color

Tight Curls with Color

Keeping your curly hair long may get in the way sometimes, but one of the best ways to control your hair is by keeping them together on the top of your head. Allow your natural curls to create a style for you. You can also accentuate the style by adding bright colors underneath. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, try this one out! You can also add some facial hair to complement the style.

2. Twist-In Bun

Twist-In Bun

Twist-In Bun is one of the best simple ponytail styles for men that you can try for casual or formal wear. You can easily copy this hairstyle by creating two sections. Divide and twist them loosely and combine them into a low pony. Twirl it in to make a sloppy knot, allowing the tips to stick out.

3. Laid Back Ponytail

 Laid Back Ponytail

Here is another cool ponytail style that can highlight your facial features and hair color. In this photo, we see dark brown hair collected and held in a high ponytail. Some strands have been tucked behind the ears for additional texture and a manly appearance. If you also have a tattoo, here is a brilliant way to show it off.

4. Summer Style

Summer Style

You can quickly achieve this hairstyle if you have naturally straight hair. The bright color is perfect for summer vacation. In this hairstyle, chestnut brown has been applied for the base, and dark ash blonde highlights were added. The hair has been collected loosely and secured at the back.

 5. Messy Ponytail

Messy Ponytail

One of the best ponytail styles for men is the messy one. In this photo, the model has a layered haircut, which allows some strands to fall around the head while the rest of the hairs are secured at the back. This messy ponytail creates an appealing look that many women would fall for! If you have a layered haircut, this style might be the right one for you!

6. Short and High Ponytail For Men

Short and High Ponytail For Men

If you have short hair but long enough to tie your hair, you can try this hairstyle for a refreshing and sharp look. The hair is brushed back in this style and exposed to a high undercut. You can copy this style by pulling your hair into a high ponytail, and you’re ready to rock this hairstyle anywhere.

7. Half High Ponytail

Half High Ponytail

There is no need to secure all your locks at the back of your hair when it comes to ponytails. Like the hairstyle, you can always leave some of your strands above your shoulders. In this photo, only half of the hair has been tied at the back, while the rest is combed down for a more masculine look. You can also couple it with some facial hair to complete the style.

8. Double Braids Ponytail

Double Braids Ponytail

Here is another excellent ponytail style you might want to try before you hit the beach. This hairstyle has summer written all over it. You can achieve this by creating two French braids on top, parallel to each other. Secure those in a loose bun at the back, and you’re done! This style is perfect for summer getaways.

9. Mass of Curls Ponytail

Mass of Curls Ponytail

Here is a cool hairstyle that can let you show off those natural curls if you have curly hair. You can keep those hairs out of the way by pulling them back and cover with a dark-colored hairband or bandana. Those curls secured at the back are beautiful enough to create a stunning view. Like other hairstyles, a mass of curls can also be coupled with a long beard.

10. Amber Style Ponytail For Men

Amber Style Ponytail

Another excellent ponytail hairstyle for your next travel destination is the amber style. You can achieve this by having amber highlights over the top sections of your hair. Collect the top part and tie it at the back to emphasize the bright color. Allow the rest of your naturally curly hair to go well with this hairstyle.

11. Folded Top Knot

Folded Top Knot

This hairstyle displays straight and shiny tresses collected loosely at the back. They are folded into a messy top knot, creating a more masculine appearance. Loose strands hide the undercut style tucked neatly behind ears. This ponytail style is perfect not only for casual wear but also for formal gatherings.

12. Long, Low Pony

Long, Low Pony

In this hairstyle, the long hair has been dyed in shades of honey and blonde. It has been straightened and combed back to create a clean ponytail. The Long Pony is one of the simplest hairstyles you can try, and it does not require much time to pull off.

13. Dark Hair in High Pony

Dark Hair in High Pony

This dark hair in a high pony style gives out an intelligent look. You can copy this style by brushing your hair and securing the item into a high ponytail on your crown. Allow some of your strands to fall around your head. Couple it with some facial hair and get ready to stand out among the crowd. This hairstyle is suitable for both formal and casual wear.

14. Razor Sides Ponytail

Razor Sides Ponytail

This is also one of the best ponytail styles for men that can draw a lot of attention. You can also rock with this style by having a razor cut on both sides of your head. Allow your top hair and back to grow long, and dye the bottom part light brown while the base is an ash blonde.

15. Bad Boy Style

Bad Boy Style

You can achieve a bad boy appearance by collecting only half of your hair and tying them at the back. Comb the rest of your hair and allow your beard and mustache to grow long. This hairstyle emphasizes the beard, creating a manly facial frame. This style is perfect for attending parties and other special occasions.

16. Baby Ponytail

Baby Ponytail

Another relaxed style that might give you some inspiration for your next formal event or special occasion is the Baby Ponytail. You can secure them tight to create a baby ponytail if you have medium hair length. In this photo, the hair has brown roots blended into blonde tips collected into a loose ponytail.

17. Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail

If you have much dedicated time for your hair, you might also want to try the braided ponytail style. To achieve this, divide your hair into square sections and create braids. Pull those braids to your back and tie them, allowing some of the braids in front to fall on both sides of your head.

18. French Braid Design

French Braid Design

The French braid design is one of the best ponytail styles for men. This style may look complicated, but it does not take much time to pull off. The hair on top has been pulled and tied in a ponytail. The rest of the hair below is divided into sections and braided for additional effects to this style.

19. Voluminous Ponytail

Voluminous Ponytail

Men with natural curls can try this attention-grabbing voluminous ponytail. The natural texture already creates a head-turner effect. Pull all your hair and tie them at the back to keep your face free from those strands. This allows you to focus on your physical activities while feeling fresh.

20. Springy Top Pony

Springy Top Pony

Another great hairstyle for men with thick and natural curls is the Springy Top Pony. Pulling your hair on top and creating a bun gives additional depth, volume, and texture to your appearance. You can also partner it with a beard to continue your awesome hairstyle on the lower part of your face. This style is excellent for parties, formal events, and special occasions.

21. Dark Hair in Low Pony

Dark Hair in Low Pony

You can let your natural waves do the style for you if you have very long hair. Collect all your hair and tie them in a low ponytail to achieve this style. The combed and sleek hair on top gives authority, while the touchable locks at the back provide a delicate appearance.

22. Trendy Up-Do Ponytail

Trendy Up-Do Ponytail

If you are looking for a modern ponytail hairstyle, you might want to try this trendy updo that will surely turn all heads toward you. There is no need to search for the secret to getting this hairstyle. Brush your hair and curl it into a stylish ponytail or bun. This looks even better in different hues of brown for a manly and smooth appearance.

23. Smoky Hair Ponytail

 Smoky Hair Ponytail

Here is another inspiring hairstyle for men with very long hair. In this style, both sides have been razor-cut. The hair on top and back was pulled to the top and tied in a ponytail.

24. Sun Kissed Ponytail Hair

Sun Kissed Ponytail Hair

These gorgeous colored dark to light locks have been collected at the nape and tied into a loose ponytail. This allows the dyed blonde hair to descend gently at the back. This hairstyle is perfect for almost anywhere. You can rock with this hairstyle not only at the beach but also at informal gatherings.

25. Side Undercut Ponytail

Side Undercut Ponytail

The side undercut is one of the popular ponytail styles for men, where both sides and the back are undercut. The hair on top is long enough to be combed neatly and tied in a ponytail. This hairstyle also goes perfectly with a medium-length beard.

26. Ponytail with Bangs

Ponytail with Bangs

When it comes to cool hairstyles for men, you can never go wrong with ponytails with bangs. The hair is cut to medium length in this style and pulled to the back to form a ponytail. The other sections are wavy and messy, with bangs descending on one side of the head. This hairstyle looks clever and cool.

27. Low Ponytail with Headband

Low Ponytail with Headband

Here is another stunning ponytail style that many women would be attracted to. The low ponytail with headband suits perfectly with men’s dark hair. You can copy this hairstyle by wearing a low ponytail and wearing a headband.

28. Long Hair Ponytail

Long Hair Ponytail

You can easily copy this unique hairstyle by keeping your hair long enough to gather it at the top. Some inches from the neck are also secured to unite at the top. This style is suitable for those with dark, straight hair.

29. Basic Ponytail Style

Basic Ponytail Style

This is one of the basic ponytail styles for men that you can easily do if you are in a hurry. This is an excellent choice for those looking for a low-maintenance haircut who still want a stylish appearance. The hair is cut to medium length and tied with a knot.

30. Low and Messy Ponytail

Low and Messy Ponytail

The Low and Messy ponytail style is made of medium hair length. The hair is pulled and styled in a low ponytail, while some loose strands fall at the sides of the face for a messy appearance. This hairstyle can also be coupled with some medium-length beards.