60 Best Disconnected Undercut For Men(2023 Update)

If you want a stylish and sleek appearance, the disconnected undercut may be your right hairstyle. This haircut is one of the trendiest hairstyles today. It is striking to look at and create an appealing visual statement at the cutting edge of contemporary fashion. Many celebrities enjoy having disconnected undercut hairstyles, such David Beckham and Brad Pitt. This article will list the 60 best-disconnected undercuts for men.

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What is a disconnected undercut?

The disconnected undercut is distinct from the standard undercut in the crown’s long hair. It does not gradually fade into the closer-cut hair on the back and sides. Instead, there is a visible separation or “disconnect” between the two. In a conventional undercut, the cut of the crown and the sides is gradually and subtly blended. However, the separation between the two is boldly emphasized in the disconnected undercut.

Disconnected Undercut For Men
Disconnected Undercut For Men

60 Best Disconnected Undercut For Men

1. Textured Waves Undercut

Textured Waves Disconnected Undercut

This textured wave disconnected undercut is ideal for men with naturally wavy hair. There is no need to apply hair products to let your natural waves create a style for you. Use your fingers to arrange the top, and you’re ready. You won’t have to worry about the sides and back as you can keep them shaved clean or cut short.

2. Slicked Back Disconnected Undercut

Slicked Back Fade Cut

One of the best-disconnected undercut hairstyles is the Slicked Back Undercut if you want a clean and elegant look. Apply some high-quality gel or mousse on top and comb your hair backward for a smooth appearance. You can also grow some facial hair with a round face shape.

3. Quiff Style

Quiff Style

The Quiff Style disconnected undercut has exciting elements that can turn heads around you. Keep the top hair long enough so you can create a high volume. Style your hair upwards using a comb or your fingers. You will need to apply a small gel to keep the textured wave in place.

4. Long Curls with Disconnected Undercut

Long Curls For Men

This long, disconnected, undercut hairstyle for men with natural curls stands out, with its bangs falling naturally on one side. A razor line is also visible, which catches your eyes as you stand in the crowd. This hairstyle also looks great with a short beard, giving your face a beautiful and stylish frame.

5. Fringe Disconnected Undercut

Undercut with Long Fringe

Another great disconnected undercut hairstyle you can try to keep your bangs is the Fringe Undercut. In this hairstyle, both sides and the back have faded effects, while the top is long enough to comb it forward. This allows you to style your bangs as a perfect frame for your face.

6. Bowl Cut

Bowl Cut Disconnected Undercut

If you want an excellent version of the disconnected haircut, you might want to try the Bowl Undercut. This short hairstyle is becoming a trend as it is perfect for men who wish to reflect their creativity with their hair. Maintaining this hairstyle is also easy, and there is no need to use much hair gel or foam.

7. High Pompadour with Disconnected Undercut

High Low Fade Pompadour

The High Pompadour undercut is one of the best-disconnected undercut hairstyles. It requires a significant amount of hair on top to create a friendly, huge wave for a fresh and clean appearance. Razor lines on both sides are also visible to separate the sides from the hair on top. Apply your favorite hair product to maintain the style throughout the day.

8. Long Side Flipped

Long Side Flipped Undercut

If you are looking for a trendy but straightforward disconnected undercut hairstyle, you would love the Long Side Flipped Undercut. This style highlights longer hair on top combed creatively to one side. The back and both sides are trimmed short for a fresh feeling. This hairstyle is excellent for men with straight hair that is not too thick.

9. Brushed Up with Designs

Brushed Up with Designs For Men

Here is another disconnected undercut hairstyle that might inspire you for your next haircut. To achieve this hairstyle, you will need to grow your hair on top longer to brush it up and create falls to one side. The other side has a manly design that draws attention to your hairstyle. This undercut looks great with or without facial hair.

10. Mid Height

Mid Height Disconnected Undercut

If you do not want to cut your hair too short, opt for Mid Height Disconnected Undercut. This hairstyle also does not require a significant amount of hair. This style is ideal for men who like the undercut appearance and want something that will stand out from familiar undercut styles.

11. Side Swept Disconnected Undercut

Side Swept Hair

Another stylish disconnected undercut is the Side Swept Hair. This features long hair on top that falls on one side of your head. It is combined with a slicked hairstyle as the center hair is combed backward. The sides and back are trimmed close to the skin. You can also grow a thick beard to complement your hairstyle.

12. Caesar’s Haircut

Caesar Disconnected Undercut

Caesar Style disconnected undercut is also one of the great styles you might want to try. This hairstyle shows that even the classic haircut of Julius Caesar can evolve for the 21st century. It has an ultra-long fringe hanging over the eyebrows and has an undercut around the sides and back. This hairstyle is excellent with or without short facial hair.

13. Long Combed Over

Long Combed Over

The Long Combed Over is another great hairstyle for men with naturally wavy hair. All sides are trimmed short, and the top is combed or brushed backward. There is no need to use a lot of gel or mousse to style, as you can let your natural waves do the trick. You can also pair this hairstyle with facial hair for a more masculine look.

14. Soft Disconnected Undercut

Soft Disconnected Undercut

This hairstyle comes across as very natural and soft-looking. It has a perfect placement at the top of the head, and the hair grows toward the front. This hairstyle is excellent for men interested in the undercut trend but does not want to appear as if they have just come from a fashion editorial. If you have thick, straight hair, try this one out!

15. Faux Hawk with Disconnected Undercut

Thick Faux Hawk Mullet

What makes disconnected undercut great is combining it with other hairstyles available. For example, this undercut is coupled with a faux hawk. Both sides and the back are trimmed short, while the top is a couple of inches long. To achieve this hairstyle, use gel or mousse to create spikes and keep them in place.

16. Low Undercut with Curls

Low Disconnected Undercut with Curls

Do you want to achieve curly hair while having a disconnected undercut hairstyle at the same time? You might want to try this haircut. A long cascade of curls falls on one side of the face in this hairstyle, eye-catching enough to steal the show. A low disconnected undercut matches well with the curls.

17. Man Bun

Man Bun + Disconnected Undercut

One of the popular hairstyles this year is the Man Bun. You can combine it with a disconnected haircut and have that hairstyle that most girls would love to see! In this style, both sides and the back are trimmed short with faded effects, while the top is long enough so you can tie your hair. This gives you a fresh and excellent appearance.

18. Long Pushed Back

Long Pushed Back Disconnected Undercut

You can try the Long Pushed Back if you dislike the comb-over hairstyle popular among most disconnected undercuts. While slicked hairstyle depends on lots of gel or mousse to keep the style in place, this particular hairstyle does not require liberal use of hair products. You can quickly fix your hair with your hands without needing a mirror.

19. Wavy Comb Over with Disconnected Undercut

Wavy Comb Over Disconnected Undercut

The Wavy Comb Over is another excellent hairstyle that can increase your handsome points. To achieve this style, have both sides and back trimmed with fading effects. Keep the top hair long enough so you can comb it backward. Consider growing some facial hair for a nice facial frame.

20. Super Quiff

Super Quiff

If quiff is your style, you might want to try the Super Quiff disconnected undercut. Allow your hair on top to grow longer while keeping all sides shaved clean. With the help of a high-quality gel, style your hair to the front going to one side. This hairstyle allows you to get the most out of your thick hair!

21. Shape Up Undercut

Shape Up Disconnected Undercut For men

If you are looking for something unique, here is another excellent disconnected undercut hairstyle that you might want to add to your to-try list! In this hairstyle, numerous hair divisions are fixed with styling gel. All sides and back are trimmed very short for a fresh look.

22. High Disconnected Cut

High Disconnected Cut

This flipped-back style starts high up on the head. It gives a dramatic detail that will surely catch the attention of all people around you. This hairstyle is also easy to style, reducing some of the heavy hair on top. Comb your long hair backward for a seamless look, and add some gel to keep your hair in place.

23. Faux Haux + Natural Curls

Faux Haux Curls Disconnected Undercut

This hairstyle has two visible curve lines on both sides that start from the forehead for men with natural curls. Both sides are trimmed with faded effects, while the top is cut short to keep the curly style. This undercut style can also be coupled with facial hair for additional visual effects.

24. Long Hair with Disconnected Undercut

Long Hair Disconnected Undercut

If you want to keep your hair long and have a disconnected undercut, here is a great hairstyle that lets you have both! Both sides are shaved clean in this hairstyle, while the top to the bottom is the left song, so you can let it flow or tie it back.

25. Textured Ginger

Textured Ginger Undercut

Do you have natural ginger hair? You might as well want to try the Textured Ginger Undercut! In this style, all sides are trimmed short with faded effects. Apply enough hair gel, wax, or mousse to create texture and spikes on top. You can also couple it with some facial hair to complete the look.

26. Sculpted Quiff

Sculpted Quiff

Disconnected undercut hairstyles do not have to look rugged or edgy. You can always couple it with a sculpted quiff. In this style, the sides and back are cut short, leaving a significant amount of hair on top. Brush your hair towards the back while adding volume. Use gel or hairspray to keep your hair in place throughout your day.

27. Basic Disconnected Undercut

Basic Disconnected Undercut For men

If you want a simple haircut with an undercut style, you love to have the Basic Disconnected Undercut.  It has a simple cut on top to style your hair without using too many hair products. You can also grow some facial hair for additional handsome points!

28. Vintage Comb Over

Vintage Comb Over

This hairstyle lets you keep a strong vintage vibe in your look. Try this side-parted comb-over hairstyle with a disconnected undercut if that is exactly what you are after. The slick styling and fringe make the whole thing classy, fresh, and elegant.

29. Blonde Fohawk with Disconnected Undercut

 Blonde Fohawk

Another fantastic, disconnected undercut hairstyle for men looking for adventures is the Blonde Fohawk combined with a disconnected undercut. This great style can catch all the attention of people around you. The top hair is styled with a gel or wax while both sides are kept short. A line also divides the shaved part from the area with short hair.

30. Loose Pompadour Disconnected Undercut

Loose Pompadour

Another way to change the appearance of pompadour is by reducing the stronghold of your favorite product. You can make it more loosely coupled with a disconnected undercut to make your styling faster and easier.

31. The Jake Gyllenhaal Undercut

The Jake Gyllenhaal Undercut


Through this sleek, cool, and faintly connected disconnect, Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal took the undercut haircut and made it his own. Even though it is a technical undercut, it will work amazingly nicely since it fits the triangle head shape of any individual.

32. The Scruff Pompadour with pierced ears

The Scruff Pompadour with pierced ears


Are you trying to attain a sexy look? Then feel free to go for this sexy cut of a scruff pompadour, as seen in the image above. Start by sporting a cropped front and a messy top. Before trying out this haircut, ensure you give your hair some heavy texturing.

To top off the look, sport a high skin fade on your sides and ensure you make it blend at the backside of your head.

33. Military Undercut

Military disconnected undercut


Why not settle for a military buzz and add texture to your long top?  With this haircut, let it flow forward and finish it with a permed quaff.

34. Slicked Back Undercut with a Folded Bun

Slicked back disconnected undercut with a folded bun


For this haircut, sport a short buzz undercut using your textured hair locks. Isolate the top side by settling for the comb part that will dip toward the backside. Consequently, texture the long top and then award it a slick back.

Secure the locks into a bun that will be positioned at the crown.

35. Straight Front Messy Pomp

Straight Front Messy Pomp with a Disconnected undercut


Here is a chance to add more drama to your undercut by sporting a different front that will be combed up and textured to create a messy, straight towering look. Texture the top side to complete the hairstyle, then style it into a sexy deconstructed pomp.

36. Messy, wavy, and blonde pompadour

blonde pompadour with a disconnected undercut


Award your disconnected undercut the classic and cool combo of a wavy pompadour that sports the disheveled but cool look. In addition, finish off the look by wearing a nice sweep-up look on the front.

37. A top braided knot Disconnected Undercut

A braided top knot


Why not settle for buzzed sides and a backside? Leave the long hair on your head’s front side to the crown. Subsequently, style the long hair into slim cornrows and hold them into a nice top knot that you will position at the height.

38. Top Knot with a full beard

Undercut Top Knot with a full beard


With this top knot haircut, you need to isolate the top side of your hair with a comb and then drop it into your tapered side and back. After that, pull back your long hair at the top and hold it into a nice knot that you will position at the crown.

To complete the look, you must boast a full beard like the gentleman above.

39. The Medium Length Undercut

The Medium Length Undercut


Sometimes, less hair is more, particularly if you contemplate acquiring the “sweet boy next door” look. All you ought to do is sport a casual undercut accompanied by a messy top, and you are good to go.

40. Extremely Long Hair

Disconnected Haircut with Extremely Long Hair


As you know, there is no defined hair length when designing the disconnected undercut. You can grow your head hair as much as you want without worrying that the outcome will no longer be considered a disconnected haircut.

41. A Disconnected Haircut with a Top Knot

A Disconnected Haircut with a top knot


Still, even though this is the era of the disconnected haircut, that does not mean we should forget about other big hits from the past, such as the man bun or top knot. These haircuts will undoubtedly look astounding if put together skillfully.

Try out the haircut, and let me know how it looks.

42. Short dreads with Disconnected Undercut

A Disconnected Haircut with Short dreads


The difference between this disconnected haircut and most disconnected hairstyles with dreads is that the bottom half of your hair does not have to fade. The lower half section should be a short haircut that has not been tapered, in simpler words.

You can choose a two, a three, or even a bald haircut. Whatever you do, ensure the sport’s haircut remains equal on both sides. If you do it right, this haircut will leave you looking splendid.

43. The Harry Styles

The Harry Styles disconnected haircut


The second celebrity in this enumeration is Harry Styles himself, who looked splendid with this haircut as he was starring in a movie named Dunkirk in 2017. The image above was captured as he was posing for a photo shoot with another man’s magazine. As you can see, he was also flawlessly styled and dressed.

44. The Quiff Disconnected Undercut

The Quiff Disconnected Undercut


I think this is as cool as it gets. I fell in love with how the gentleman’s top side goes over the sides a bit. Coupled with the Ray-Ban sunglasses completes the entire look in a way that is guaranteed to turn heads wherever one goes.

45. The Zayn Malik disconnected undercut

The Zayn Malik disconnected undercut


This list would be incomplete if I did not include a disconnected undercut from Zayn Malik. If you were a fan of Zayn Malik or One Direction, you know Zayn Malik has always been a fan of the disconnected undercut because it made him a bit more mature than he was.

The look also undeniably looked great with its incredibly finely carved features.

46. The Curl With a Middle Row

The Curl Disconnected Undercut with a middle row


This haircut is coming straight from a movie you have probably seen by the Wachowski brothers. To supplement the look, you can also include piercings.

47. The Hipster Messy Long Undercut

The Hipster Messy long Undercut


Leave your disconnected undercut to this hipster subculture that can take a haircut and bring out the best. It is also in the accessories when it comes to this specific haircut. Can you notice the stunning earrings, lip ring, and sunglasses complete the look?

Use accessories of your liking, and you may look better than him.

48. The disconnected undercut with blonde highlights

The disconnected undercut with blonde highlights


Here are one creative means to update your haircut: simply add blonde highlights. That said, once again, I advise you to leave such a haircut to the hands of a skilled professional. Doing it by yourself back at home could ruin your entire look.

49. Elegant Slick Undercut

The Elegant Slick Undercut


Here is sufficient proof that the disconnected undercut hairstyle can also be worn anywhere and during every occasion, including but not limited to business and office meetings. It can also be your go-to choice when you are the groom for any special event.

50. The Pineapple Texture

The Pineapple Texture disconnected undercut


This is when trendsetters decide to get truly creative with their haircuts. This is one way you can transform your disconnected undercut into a pineapple. But this is an overly technical hairstyle to sport, so I advise you to visit a skilled barber who can style it.

When you do, ask them to drag patterns and lines all over your head and then shape the top of your hair like the fruit. If you wish, you could also dye your hair into a color that will give it the complete Pineapple look.

51. The Afro Textured Undercut for Black Guys

The Afro Textured undercut coupled with a man bun for black guys



As you know, the man bun haircut has also met the most debate and controversy, making it one of the most notorious hairstyles for men over the last decade. However, that did not stop individuals from styling it worldwide. And now we ought to agree it looks fantastic.

52. Disconnected Undercut with a dyed French braid

Disconnected Undercut with a dyed French braid


Here is a trend I love and am eager to try. The disconnected undercut with a French braid has been dyed into an excellent metallic platinum color with some teal insertions. This would quickly become anyone’s summertime color.

53. The High Top Pompadour

The High Top pompadour disconnected undercut


This is one of the best haircuts you can try if you boast a rectangular, diamond, or square-shaped face. The pompadour twist also awards a wild-looking fringe toward the back of the head, making it form a particularly edgy and acute-looking angle with the backside of your hair.

54. The Stormy Waves

The stormy Waves Disconnected Undercut


At times, your disconnected undercut styling is all in the details. If you have chestnut hair with red spiked through it and blue eyes like the gentleman in the image above, ensure you also accompany your disconnected undercut with as much blue as possible. This will highlight your haircut as well as your eyes.

55. The side-swept undercut with a short beard

The side swept undercut with a short beard


Most of us know that African American hair is challenging to manage and maintain. But with this haircut, all your problems will be solved. That said, as you style this haircut, do not forget to ensure you utilize a lot of moisture to keep the curls in place, particularly on days without humidity.

56. Long and Messy top

Long and Messy top that has been dyed


If you boast thick hair, you should not be afraid to show it off and make as much as possible by adopting this haircut and making it your own. To sport this haircut, grow your hair, then dye it in a lovely pastel shade like the pink in the above image.

57. Disconnected undercut with a neck tattoo

Disconnected undercut with a neck tattoo


On the other hand, this hairstyle is perfect if you boast thin hair and like to sport a neck tattoo. Ensure you trim or shave as much hair as possible on the sides and the backside.

58. Brush Top

The Brush Top disconnected undercut


Now let us look at a haircut from the 80s, which comes to you as a dyed brush top. If you decide to dye your hair in a non-conventional color, add a disconnected hairstyle; you will pass it off as a modern hairstyle. And let us not forget you will look amazing as well.

59. The Copper red undercut plus short beard

The Copper red undercut plus short beard


Copper is the shade that got rid of the push rose gold for the first time after many years. We got to see this haircut shine in all sorts of styles, from different shoes to clothes, hair colors, and other accessories.

60. The 2000s Revival Disconnect

The 2000s Revival Disconnect


Here comes another rival haircut, but it is from the 2000s. Do you remember when we were all trying to sport those crazy spikes? Then I urge you to fear not because they are back and look better than ever when coupled with the disconnected undercut hairstyle.


1. Who is a disconnected undercut suitable for?

The disconnected undercut is a versatile haircut that can suit a variety of men. It works well for those who want a modern and stylish appearance, enjoy experimenting with different hair lengths, or wish to showcase their unique personality. It can be tailored to different face shapes and hair types, making it a popular choice for men seeking a trendy and eye-catching hairstyle.

2. How is a disconnected undercut different from a regular undercut?

The main difference between a disconnected undercut and a regular undercut lies in the contrast between the lengths of the hair on top and the sides. In a traditional undercut, there is a gradual blend from longer hair on top to shorter hair on the sides. However, the transition is more pronounced in a disconnected undercut, creating a visible disconnection or contrast between the longer and shorter sections.

3. Can I style a disconnected undercut?

Yes, a disconnected undercut offers versatility in styling. The longer hair on top can be styled in various ways, such as slicked back, textured, or styled into a pompadour or quiff. The shorter sides can be left natural or further enhanced with a faded or tapered effect. Experiment with different hair products, such as pomade, wax, or styling cream, to achieve your desired look and hold.

4. How often does a disconnected undercut need maintenance?

The frequency of maintenance for a disconnected undercut can depend on the speed of your hair growth and the desired length contrast. On average, visiting a barber every four to six weeks is recommended to maintain the shorter sides and trim any excessive length on top. This ensures the haircut remains sharp and the disconnected effect remains prominent.

5. Is a disconnected undercut suitable for all hair types?

Yes, a disconnected undercut can be adapted to different hair types. Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or oily hair, a skilled barber can customize the length, texture, and styling techniques to suit your specific hair type. They can provide recommendations and suggestions to achieve the best version of a disconnected undercut that complements your natural hair texture and personal style.