36 Popular Hipster Haircut For Men(2023 Trends)

The modern hipster haircut is a combination of the classic hipster style that people had in the past, but it is much more modern this time. If you’re a man who’s all about embracing a unique blend of vintage charm and modern trends, then hipster haircuts might just be the perfect match for your sense of style. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore 36 amazing hipster haircuts for men. From V-shaped designs to textured fades, we’ve got you covered with the trendiest options that will help you stand out in a crowd.

Hipster Haircut

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36 Amazing Hipster Haircut For Men

1. V-shaped Hipster Haircut With Design

v-shaped haircut with design Hipster Haircut

The V-shaped haircut is one of the hottest hairstyles for men in 2020. This haircut has a beautiful cross design. It can be applied to any men’s haircut, including long and short. This haircut looks creative and simple. You can ask your barber to design some extra patterns in your hair.

2. Top Knot and Beard with Textured Hipster Haircut

.Top Knot and Beard with textured hair Hipster Haircut

Combining a top knot and a well-groomed beard with a textured hipster haircut exudes confidence and rugged charm. The top knot adds a touch of rebellion, while the textured cut provides depth and dimension to your hair.

3. Taper Fade with Sponge Twist Hipster Haircut

Taper Fade Hipster Haircut with Sponge Twist

For those who want a distinctive look, the taper fade with sponge twist hipster haircut is a fantastic choice. The sponge twists add a playful texture to your hair, making it a head-turning style that perfectly complements your charismatic aura.

4. Afro Taper fade with Twist Hipster Haircut

taper fade afro with twist Hipster Haircut

Embrace your natural curls with the afro taper fade and twist hipster haircut. This style celebrates your unique hair texture, creating a visually stunning contrast between the tapered sides and the voluminous twists on top.

5.Spiky Hair + High Fade Hipster Haircut

Spiky Hair High Fade Hipster Haircut

Spiky hair paired with a high fade is a classic hipster haircut that never goes out of style. The contrast between the spiked hair on top and the faded sides creates a visually striking look that screams confidence and attitude.

6. Slick Back with Taper Fade Hipster Haircut

slick back Hipster Haircut with taper fade

Elegance meets edginess in the slicked-back hair with taper fade hipster haircut. The sleek, polished appearance of the slicked-back hair contrasts beautifully with the faded sides, making it a versatile choice for both casual outings and formal occasions.

7. Long Hair with Side Swept Bangs Hipster Haircut

side swept bangs long hair Hipster Haircut

Long hair with side-swept bangs captures the essence of the hipster aesthetic. This style exudes an effortlessly cool vibe, allowing you to flaunt your lengthy locks while maintaining a sense of refinement.

8. Sharp Fade with Hard Part Hipster Haircut

sharp fade haircut with hard part Hipster Haircut

Precision and style come together in the sharp fade with hard part hipster haircut. The clean and defined lines of the hard part create a striking visual impact, making this haircut a testament to your attention to detail.

9. High Fade + Hard Part + Pompadour Hipster Haircut

pompadour high fade with hard part

The high fade, hard part, and pompadour combination is a bold choice that commands attention. The high fade adds a contemporary touch, while the pompadour provides a classic vintage flair. This haircut is the epitome of timeless sophistication.

10. Modern Hipster Haircut

Modern Hipster Haircut

If you’re all about embracing the latest trends, the modern hipster haircut is tailored for you. With its mix of asymmetrical elements, textured layers, and creative styling, this haircut showcases your willingness to experiment with your look.

11.Mid Razor Fade + Pomp + Line Hipster Haircut

Mid Razor Fade with Pomp and line

Unleash your inner rebel with the mid razor fade, pomp, and line hipster haircut. The razor fade adds an element of toughness, while the pomp and line lend a dash of artistic flair to your appearance.

12.Mid Fade + Side Part + Long Fringe Hipster Haircut

mid fade with side part and long fringe

The mid fade, side part, and long fringe hipster haircut strike a perfect balance between classic and contemporary. The side part adds structure, while the long fringe allows for versatility in styling.

13. Messy Quiff + High Fade and Beard Hipster Haircut

messy quiff with high fade and beard

Effortless and stylish, the messy quiff with high fade and beard hipster haircut is a go-to option for those who want a laid-back yet polished look. The messy quiff adds a touch of spontaneity, while the high fade and beard bring refinement to the style.

14. Medium Length with Bangs Hipster Haircut

medium length hairstyles with bangs Hipster Haircut

Medium-length hair with bangs is a versatile choice that gives you room to express yourself. Whether you prefer a tousled appearance or a sleek and refined look, this haircut adapts to your styling preferences.

15. Hipster Haircut For Thick Wavy Hair

medium length haircut for thick wavy hair

Thick wavy hair takes center stage in this hipster haircut, celebrating your natural hair texture. The style embraces volume and movement, allowing your waves to create a captivating visual effect.

16. Low Taper Fade + Brush Up Hipster Haircut

Low Taper Fade with Brush Up Hipster Haircut

The low taper fade with a brush-up is a stylish option for men who want a clean yet effortlessly chic appearance. The brush-up adds volume and texture to your hair, while the low taper fade offers a polished finish.

17. Low Taper Fade + Man Bun Hipster Haircut

low taper fade man bun Hipster Haircut

Combine a low taper fade with a man bun for a distinctive look that blends sophistication with casual charm. The man bun adds a touch of bohemian elegance, while the low taper fade maintains a sharp and refined edge.

18.Low Fade + Long Textured Comb Over

Low Fade with Long Textured Comb Over

The low fade and long textured comb-over strike a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. The long textured hair on top creates a sense of movement, while the low fade adds a modern touch.

19. Taper Fade + Long Ponytail Hipster Haircut

long ponytail with taper fade

For those who want to make a bold statement, the taper fade with a long ponytail is a unique and captivating choice. This style showcases your individuality while maintaining a sleek and polished appearance.

20. High Taper Fade +  Bun Hipster Haircut

high taper fade man bun Hipster Haircut

The high taper fade with a bun combines the best of both worlds – a modern taper fade and a classic bun. This fusion of styles creates a distinctive and captivating look that’s bound to turn heads.

21. High and Tight Comb Over Military Hipster Haircut

high and tight comb over military Hipster Haircut

The high and tight comb-over military hipster haircut is a nod to classic military styles with a contemporary twist. The high and tight cut exudes discipline and order, while the comb-over adds a touch of sophistication.

22. Long Fringe + Short Sides High Fade Hipster Haircut

haircut long fringe short sides high fade

The long fringe paired with short sides and a high fade is a trendy choice that’s all about contrast and balance. The long fringe draws attention to your facial features, while the high fade maintains a sharp and modern appearance.

23. French Crop Top Hipster Haircut

french crop top Hipster Haircut

Simple yet stylish, the French crop top hipster haircut is a minimalistic option that speaks volumes about your taste. The cropped top adds a touch of refinement, making it a versatile choice for various occasions.

24.Forward Styled Fringe + Textured Messy Curls Hipster Haircut

Forward Styled Fringe textured messy curls Hipster Haircut

Elevate your curls with the forward-styled fringe and textured messy curls hipster haircut. This style allows your curls to take center stage, creating a charismatic and charismatic look that’s truly captivating.

25. Faux Hawk Fade Haircut For Black Man

faux hawk fade haircut black man Hipster Haircut

The faux hawk fade haircut for black men is a testament to self-expression and style. The faux hawk adds a rebellious touch, while the fade adds a sense of sophistication to the overall look.

26. Disconnected Undercut with Beard Hipster Haircut

Disconnected Undercut Beard Hipster Haircut

The disconnected undercut with a beard is a modern and bold choice for those who want to make a statement. The contrast between the disconnected top and the beard creates a captivating and unconventional appearance.

27. Curly High Top Fade with Design Hipster Haircut

curly high top fade with design Hipster Haircut

Curly hair takes center stage in the curly high top fade with a design hipster haircut. The high top fade adds structure and height, while the intricate design showcases your artistic personality.

28. Comb Over Taper Fade with Beard Hipster Haircut

comb over taper with beard Hipster Haircut

The comb-over taper fade with a beard is a timeless option that exudes sophistication and charm. The comb-over adds a sense of refinement, while the beard adds a touch of ruggedness to the style.

29.Medium Comb Over + Side Part  Hipster Haircut

comb over side part medium Hipster Haircut

The medium comb-over with a side part is a classic choice that’s always in vogue. The side part adds a touch of elegance, while the medium comb-over creates a sense of volume and depth.

30. Colorful Hipster Haircut

color Hipster Haircut

For adventurous souls, the colorful hipster haircut is a playful and eye-catching choice. Whether you opt for vibrant highlights or a rainbow of colors, this style allows you to express your creativity and individuality.

31. Clean Wave Hipster Haircut

Clean wave Hipster Haircut

The clean wave hipster haircut is a refined and polished choice that celebrates the beauty of naturally wavy hair. The waves create a captivating visual effect, while the clean styling adds a touch of sophistication.

32. Classic Hairstyles for Hipster Men

Classic Hairstyles for Hipster Men

Sometimes, classic hairstyles are all you need to make a statement. Embrace traditional cuts with a hipster twist, allowing you to showcase your appreciation for timeless elegance with a contemporary edge.

33. Caesar Cut + Taper Fade Hipster Haircut

caesar cut with taper fade Hipster Haircut

The Caesar cut with a taper fade is a versatile and stylish choice that complements a range of face shapes. The Caesar cut adds structure and texture, while the taper fade creates a modern touch.

34. Brushed Up Hair + Classic Taper Fade Hipster Haircut

brushed up hair with classic taper Hipster Haircut

Elevate your style with the brushed-up hair and classic taper fade hipster haircut. The brushed-up hair adds volume and movement, while the classic taper fade provides a clean and polished finish.

35. Bald Fade + Cool Textured Hipster Haircut

bald fade with cool textured Hipster Haircut

For a striking and modern look, the bald fade with a cool textured hipster haircut is an excellent option. The bald fade adds a contemporary touch, while the textured hair on top creates an intriguing visual contrast.

36. Angular Comb Over + Tapered Sides Hipster Haircut

angular comb over with tapered sides Hipster Haircut

The angular comb-over with tapered sides is a bold and angular choice that commands attention. The unique angles of the comb-over create a visually captivating look, while the tapered sides maintain a clean and polished appearance.