36 Popular Hipster Haircut For Men(2022 Trends)

One of the things that you should realize right now is that the hipster haircut is one of the hairstyles you would like when you want something versatile. This type of hairstyle has already become popular in the ’20s. There are a lot of people who consider this as their favorite hairstyle. You can get to know more about this, and who knows, you might start considering this as your favorite style too.

Hipster Haircut

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What is the Hipster Haircut?

The modern hipster haircut is a combination of the classic hipster style that people had in the past, but it is much more modern this time. This is known to be very trendy and fashionable. Some would choose this with the undercut. Some would choose this with the comb-over hairstyle. It will depend on you what type of haircut you would pair this with. What matters is that your personality will show.

How This Hairstyle Became Popular

Some people choose to have this hairstyle because they know that it looks amazing with facial hair. They know that the contrast will look amazing and can improve their appearance greatly. This fits a lot of men well, so there is no wonder that this has become popular. It is projected to become even more popular, especially since people bring back the past hairstyles with a modern twist.

Best for People

If you love the hipster hairstyle, you would like to check if this looks amazing. The good news is that there are different styles of this hipster hairstyle available. There is definitely a hairstyle that will look great for your overall look. This popular hair trend will probably last for a long time. This is not the best choice for people who are in the corporate setting.

How to Get

You first need to choose the type of haircut that you would pair with this hairstyle. Once you have made a choice, you can go to the barber about it. It would help if you let your barber know how long or how short you would like your hair to be.

You may need to wait for a while so that your hair can grow just enough to be cut properly. Some would wait for months because they know that they need to have hair that goes past their shoulders to achieve this hairstyle. If you are determined to get this style, then you are willing to wait that long.

How to Style

One of the things that you should remember about this hairstyle is that it would need some effort to style. These are the things that you can do:

  • Make sure that your hair is hydrated by using the right shampoo and conditioner.
  • Once you have towel-dried your hair, you can use hair oil that can make your hair soft.
  • You can leave your hair down, or you can style it in such a way that it will fit your overall appearance.

36 Amazing Hipster Haircut For Men in 2021

1. V-shaped Hipster Haircut With Design

v-shaped haircut with design Hipster Haircut

The V-shaped haircut is one of the hottest hairstyles for men in 2020. This haircut has a beautiful cross design. It can be applied to any men’s haircut, including long and short. This haircut looks creative and simple. You can ask your barber to design some extra patterns in your hair.

2.Top Knot and Beard with Textured Hipster Haircut

.Top Knot and Beard with textured hair Hipster Haircut

3.Taper Fade with Sponge Twist Hipster Haircut

Taper Fade Hipster Haircut with Sponge Twist

4. Afro Taper fade with Twist Hipster Haircut

taper fade afro with twist Hipster Haircut

5.Spiky Hair + High Fade Hipster Haircut

Spiky Hair High Fade Hipster Haircut

6. Slick Back with Taper Fade Hipster Haircut

slick back Hipster Haircut with taper fade

7. Long Hair with Side Swept Bangs Hipster Haircut

side swept bangs long hair Hipster Haircut

8. Sharp Fade with Hard Part Hipster Haircut

sharp fade haircut with hard part Hipster Haircut

9. High Fade + Hard Part + Pompadour Hipster Haircut

pompadour high fade with hard part

10. Modern Hipster Haircut

Modern Hipster Haircut

11.Mid Razor Fade + Pomp + Line Hipster Haircut

Mid Razor Fade with Pomp and line

12.Mid Fade + Side Part + Long Fringe Hipster Haircut

mid fade with side part and long fringe

13. Messy Quiff + High Fade and Beard Hipster Haircut

messy quiff with high fade and beard

14. Medium Length with Bangs Hipster Haircut

medium length hairstyles with bangs Hipster Haircut

15. Hipster Haircut For Thick Wavy Hair

medium length haircut for thick wavy hair

16. Low Taper Fade + Brush Up Hipster Haircut

Low Taper Fade with Brush Up Hipster Haircut

17. Low Taper Fade + Man Bun Hipster Haircut

low taper fade man bun Hipster Haircut

18.Low Fade + Long Textured Comb Over

Low Fade with Long Textured Comb Over

19. Taper Fade + Long Ponytail Hipster Haircut

long ponytail with taper fade

20. High Taper Fade +  Bun Hipster Haircut

high taper fade man bun Hipster Haircut

21. High and Tight Comb Over Military Hipster Haircut

high and tight comb over military Hipster Haircut

22.Long Fringe + Short Sides High Fade Hipster Haircut

haircut long fringe short sides high fade

23. French Crop Top Hipster Haircut

french crop top Hipster Haircut

24.Forward Styled Fringe + Textured Messy Curls Hipster Haircut

Forward Styled Fringe textured messy curls Hipster Haircut

25. Faux Hawk Fade Haircut For Black Man

faux hawk fade haircut black man Hipster Haircut

26. Disconnected Undercut with Beard Hipster Haircut

Disconnected Undercut Beard Hipster Haircut

27. Curly High Top Fade with Design Hipster Haircut

curly high top fade with design Hipster Haircut

28. Comb Over Taper Fade with Beard Hipster Haircut

comb over taper with beard Hipster Haircut

29.Medium Comb Over + Side Part  Hipster Haircut

comb over side part medium Hipster Haircut

30. Colorful Hipster Haircut

color Hipster Haircut

31. Clean Wave Hipster Haircut

Clean wave Hipster Haircut

32. Classic Hairstyles for Hipster Men

Classic Hairstyles for Hipster Men

33. Caesar Cut + Taper Fade Hipster Haircut

caesar cut with taper fade Hipster Haircut

34. Brushed Up Hair + Classic Taper Fade Hipster Haircut

brushed up hair with classic taper Hipster Haircut

35. Bald Fade + Cool Textured Hipster Haircut

bald fade with cool textured Hipster Haircut

36. Angular Comb Over + Tapered Sides Hipster Haircut

angular comb over with tapered sides Hipster Haircut