72 Gorgeous Mid Fade Haircuts For Men(2023 Update)

A mid-fade haircut is a type of fade haircut line between low and high fade. It lands in the middle of the side of your head, just above the ear and below the temples. The medium fade haircut usually starts in the middle of the head, with the sides and back cut short. It can be cut on a curve or a straight line. The fade can also be changed from short shadow fade to skin bald fade.

A mid-fade works best on guys with naturally curly hair or a looser texture. You can style a comb-over to one side or a slick back with pomade. It’s an excellent option for guys who want to look stylish without drawing too much attention to their hair.

This article lists 72 gorgeous mid-fade haircuts to flatter your fashion style and overall looks. These amazing haircuts include comb-over, slick back, pompadour, quiff, textured, long top, etc.

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72 Gorgeous Mid-Fade Haircuts For Men

1. Mid-Taper Fade Haircut

Taper Fade Haircut


Classic, clean, and adaptable, the mid-taper fade hairstyle is characterized as a crowd-pleaser. It works well on your office desk when you are off duty. This cut is a fantastic look for anyone that needs a smarter hairstyle and would like it to look a bit more natural.

The taper starts from the nape of the neck and then extends to the parietal point, progressively getting darker as you take it higher. The parietal point is the top side of your head, also defined as the broadest region before the head starts to curve away.

2. Low Mid-Fade Haircut

Low Fade Haircut


The low, mid fade is one of the best ways to showcase your hair with more surface or attain a curvy look. A bit less subtle than the taper fade, the low fade places a little more skin on the show, giving one a clearly defined finish, but it is still nothing close to a skinhead.

The Low Fade will start very low, with skin showing at the bottom of your head. It then starts blending up from that point upwards. It will also follow the natural curvature of your head.

3. Combo Over + Mid Fade

Combo Over Mid Fade


This comb-over hairstyle exhibits a dramatic undercut and a larger-than-life mid-face hairstyle. A modern touch of the fade and the undercut style further softens the vintage style of the comb-over.

4. Dapper Mid-Fade Hairstyle

Dapper Mid Fade Hairstyle


This is the sort of hairstyle that will never go out of style. The styled top, perfectly trimmed, the layers, and the teased ends of this hairstyle can make any man with any hair stand out in the crowd.

5. Gorgeous Mid-Fade Cut

Gorgeous Mid Fade Cut


This haircut and the teased ends add volume to thin, fine hair. It is the perfect hairstyle choice for men who want more hair volume and to keep things on the elegant side.

6. Cute Mid Face

Cute Mid Face


This cute gentleman next door’s look sure deserves a chance in this enumeration. The style is a super easy cut, and the fade adds to the touch. In addition to that, the quiff on the front side looks like the icing on top of a delicious cake already.

7. Subtle Waves

Subtle Waves


A well-trimmed beard deserves to get supplemented by a perfect haircut. The subtle waves will add texture to the iconic look that boasts the beginning of a small pompadour on the front side. That is how you could start growing it out.

8. Long Curls and Midface sides

Long curls and mid face sides


Long curls also deserve the spotlight. Why don’t you highlight them with a faded sides haircut? This state-of-the-art hairstyle is one of the most preferred cuts by men with long, curly hair.

9. Messy, Spiky Mid-Fade Haircut

Messy Spiky Hair


Go for a spiky, messy hairstyle and a trending fade if you love edgier looks that go well with many different outfits. Furthermore, messy, spiky hairstyles were all the rage back in the 1990s and 2000s. But they have received a massive upgrade since then.

10. Retro hairstyle with Mid Fade

Retro hairstyle with Mid Fade


A retro hairstyle can be highlighted with a more state-of-the-art haircut. This haircut can draw attention to a sleek, retro haircut, particularly if you like to wear some startling classic glasses.

11. Fancy Mid-Fade Hairstyle For Thick Hair

Fancy Mid Fade Hairstyle


A trimmed fade and a spiked-up back medium top hairstyle can quickly go with any decorative fashion style. This haircut is very suited for men with thick hair.

12. Mid Fade with Hard Side Part

Mid Fade with hard side parting


This hairstyle is a simple fade hairstyle whereby your barber parts the hair to one side while the back and sides are trimmed slightly close to the skin.

13. Brushed-backed hair

Mid Fade brushed backed hair


Here is another fade hairstyle for men with medium hair and long beards. To attain this look, brush back all your hair to the backside and keep the back and sides nicely trimmed. You can pair the face with a beard, as it adds spice to the look.

14. Short Mid-Fade Hairstyle

Mid Fade on short hair


Short hair locks can also pull out this style since the mid-face hairstyle was initially kept with a crew cut. With that in mind, maintain very short hair locks with a faded back and sides.

15. Mid Fade with Quiffs

Mid Fade with quiffs


Note that a faded hairstyle can be easily coupled with many other haircuts. This is a very fresh hairstyle for all young men in town. You can brush up your hair to form quiffs and then fade your back and sides.

16. Disheveled look with a Mid fade

Disheveled look with a mid fade


Even a messy look will look fantastic with a faded haircut. The other great thing about this haircut is that it needs low maintenance for the back and the sides. The top and front side doesn’t need care, and you can let them fall in any direction.

17. A Mid Fade with a giant Pompadour

A Mid Fade with a large pompadour


If you’re crazy about a pompadour, I urge you to try this haircut. This hairstyle is particularly great for a guy who has a large forehead. You only need to create a giant pompadour and ensure the back and sides remain nicely faded.

18. Long Bangs + Mid Fade

cool Long Bangs + Mid Fade


Sweep your largest bangs to the front side and keep the back and sides fade close to the skin. You will get a cleaner and more rocking hairstyle.

19. Swept to the side

Mid Fade hairstyle with hair swept to the side


Another way is to sweep your long hair locks to one side and then execute a fade hairstyle with a trimmed back and sides. You might also keep a light beard to get a bolder look.

20. Medium-Sized Pompadour

Medium sized pompadour mid fade


You can try out so many variations of hairstyles with a pompadour look. With this look, make a medium pompadour and side part with the hair locks but ensure the back and sides remain nicely trimmed as with every other mid fade.

21. Textured long hair With Mid Fade

Textured long hair and mid fade


You can try this fade hairstyle if you have long and textured hair. You will need to utilize a substantial amount of pomade to gel your hair locks from the front side. Also, keep the back and sides faded.

22. Mid Fade with dreads

Mid Fade with dreads


This enumeration would be incomplete without a dreadlocks haircut. Guys with afros can also pull out this mid-fade hairstyle look. Let your dreadlocks fall from the top to the sides to sport the look. Only trim the back and the sides for a faded look.

23. High Top Fade

High Top Fade


Also regularly referred to as a Cameo Cut, the High Top Fade is a fade and flat top trim combo that harks back to an era of B-boys, boomboxes, and basketball shoes. This hairstyle was popularized by the early/funk hip-hop group with the same name.

24. High Pompadour Fade

Pompadour Mid Fade


More noticeable than the low fade, but not as scalp exposing, the pompadour is expectedly among the favorite styles men love to sport. It is also ideal for fashioning a harder skin color blend line if you want a more old-fashioned approach to your fade.

The pompadour fade starts just at the point above your ears, making it distinctive yet still quite adaptable to different styles. This hairstyle also has many styling options, including the longer quiff, where more length on the upper side is required.

25. High Skin Fade Haircut

High Fade


Like the Fresh Prince, but a bit bolder, the high fade haircut is a hairstyle where most of your hair on the sides and back has been shorn back to your skin using the foil shaver.

When sporting the High Fade, your barber does not take the natural shape of your head into account. The barber creates a baseline around the region from the upper recession to the flower crown. This cut results in a very stylized finish that is anything but subtle. It will surely turn heads everywhere you go.

26. The Scissor Mid Fade

The Scissor Mid Fade


Are you not keen on clippers? Or do you want a style that will fly in a smart-casual office? In that case, feel free to swap a buzzed fade for this sleek, scissor-cut hairstyle.

The Scissor Mid Fade is a basic fade that uses scissors instead of clippers to cut around the nape and progress upwards with the taper comb to get your hair as close to the skin as possible. This hairstyle is the best sport, particularly when you need a custom shape to suit your specific head shape.

27. Mid Skin Fade with Design

Mid Skin Fade

The mid-skin fade is a very short haircut that needs low maintenance. It tapers the hair on the sides and back and offers a sleek and sexy cut.

28. High Mid Fade

High Mid Fade

29. Razor + Textured Hair with Line

Razor Mid Fade Textured Hair Line

30. Modern Pompadour

Modern Pompadour Mid Fade

31. Military Haircut

Military Mid Fade Haircut

32. Temp Fade Haircut

Mid Temp Fade

33. Taper Fade + Line Up

Mid Taper Fade Line Up

34. Mid Razor Fade + Hair Design

Mid Razor Fade Hair Design

35. Mid Drop Fade Haircut

Mid Drop Fade

36. Top Fade + Slicked Back Haircut

Mid Top Fade Slicked Back Hair

37. Mid Temp Fade Haircut

Mid temp fade

38. Mid Taper Fade + Cropped Top

Mid Taper Fade Cropped Top

39. Mid Fade + Mohawk

Mid Fade mohawk

40. Mid Fade + Long on Top

Mid Fade Long on Top

41. Mid Fade Haircut + Messy Spiky Hair

Mid Fade Haircut Messy Spiky Hair

42. Mid Fade + Long Curls

Mid Fade Haircut Long Curls

43. Mid-Fade Haircut + Caesar Cut

Mid Fade Haircut Caesar Cut

44. Mid-Fade Haircut + Bun

Mid Fade Haircut Bun

45. Mid-Fade Haircut + Wavy Hair

Mid Fade Haircut Wavy Hair

46. Mid-Fade Haircut + Styled Top

Mid Fade Haircut Styled Top

47. Mid-Fade French Crop

Mid Fade French Crop

48. Mid Fade  + V-Cut Neck Haircut

Mid Fade Cut V-Cut Neck

49. Mid Fade For Medium Hair

Mid Fade Cut Medium Hair

50. Mid-Fade For Longer Hair

Mid Fade Cut long hair

51. Mid Fade For Short Hair

Mid Fade Cut Short Hair

52. Mid Fade + Textured Spikes

Mid Fade Textured Spikes

53. Mid Fade + Textured Crew Cut

Mid Fade Textured Crew Cut

54. Mid-Fade Shaved Sides + Buzz Cut

Mid fade Shaved Sides Buzz Cut

55. Mid Fade + Faux Hawk

Mid fade Faux Hawk

56. Mid Fade + Spiky Hair

Mid fade Spiky Hair

57. Mid Bald Fade Haircut

Mid Bald Fade

58. Mid-Bald Fade + Spiky Hair

Mid Bald Fade Spiky Hair

59. Mid-Bald Fade + Beard

Mid bald Fade beard

60. Medium Fade + Quiff

Medium Fade Quiff

61. Cute Mid-Fade Haircut For Round Face Shape

Cute Mid Fade

62. Curly Mid-Fade Haircut

Curly Mid Fade Hairstyle

63. Cool Mid-Fade Haircut

Cool Mid Fade

64. Burst Mid-Fade Haircut

Burst Fade

65. Bald Fade + Brushed Up Hair

Bald Fade Brushed Up Hair

66. Afro Mid-Fade Haircut

Afro Mid Fade

67. Bald Fade + Curly Fringe

 Bald Fade Curly Fringe

68. Mid Buzz Fade Haircut

Mid Buzz Fade

69. Super Short Mid-Fade Haircut

Super Short Mid Fade

70. Simple Medium Fade Haircut For Oval Face Shape

Simple Medium Fade Haircut

71. Medium Fade Haircut For Black Men

Medium Fade Haircut For Black Men

72. Medium Long Curly Hairstyle with Mid Fade

Long Wavy Hairstyles with Mid Fade


1.How is a mid fade different from other fade haircuts?

Unlike high fades, which start near the temple or crown, and low fades, which begin closer to the neckline, a mid fade specifically starts in the middle of the head. This creates a balanced and evenly tapered look.

2. Who can pull off a mid fade haircut?

A mid fade can suit a variety of face shapes and hair types. It works well for men with medium to thick hair and can be customized to fit individual preferences. Consult with a hairstylist to determine the most suitable length and variation of the fade for your specific features.

3. How do you style a mid fade haircut?

Styling a mid fade haircut is versatile and depends on the desired hairstyle on top. The longer hair on top can be styled into various looks, such as a slicked-back style, a textured crop, a pompadour, or a simple side part. Use styling products and techniques that complement your chosen hairstyle.

4. Is a mid fade hairstyle high maintenance?

The maintenance level for a mid fade haircut can vary depending on the desired length and style on top. Regular trims and upkeep are necessary to keep the fade looking sharp and well-blended. Daily styling with appropriate products may be required to maintain the desired shape and texture.

5.Can a mid fade haircut be suitable for formal occasions?

Yes, a mid fade can be suitable for formal occasions when styled appropriately. By grooming and styling the longer hair on top neatly and elegantly, the overall look can be refined and suitable for professional or formal settings.

6. How do you choose the right mid fade style?

When choosing a mid fade style, consider factors such as face shape, hair texture, and personal style preferences. Discuss your preferences with a skilled barber or hairstylist, who can provide guidance and help determine the most suitable variation and length of the fade to enhance your features and achieve the desired look.