50 Best Mohawk Fade Haircuts for Men(Sharp and Stylish)

Are you tired of your usual hairstyle? Looking for a bold change that sets you apart? Consider the Mohawk Fade. This haircut combines the classic mohawk and a fade on the sides. A Mohawk fade usually has a short length of long hair on the top of the head, and the hair length gradually decreases on the side. This iconic haircut combines a classic Mohawk’s edginess with a smooth fade, creating a stylish and versatile look.

With various fade options, such as high fades, low fades, skin fades, or burst fades, men can personalize their Mohawk fade to suit their face shape, hair type, and personal style. This article will list 50 stylish mohawk fade haircuts for men.

How does a Mohawk fade differently from a traditional Mohawk?

The main difference between a Mohawk fade and a traditional Mohawk is the presence of faded sides in the Mohawk fade. While a traditional Mohawk keeps the sides and back of the head shaved or very short, a Mohawk fade incorporates a fading technique that creates a seamless transition from long hair on top to shorter or shaved sides.

Mohawk Fade Haircuts for Men

50 Cool Mohawk Fade Haircuts For Men(2023 Trends)

1. Long Hair Mohawk Fade

Long Hair Mohawk Fade


The long hair Mohawk fade is a bold and stylish choice. It involves leaving the hair on top long and voluminous while gradually tapering the sides into a fade. This haircut is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their hair. It’s versatile, allowing you to style the long hair on top in various ways, from slicked back to messy and textured.

2. Side Mohawk Fade

Side Mohawk Fade


The side Mohawk fade takes the traditional Mohawk to the next level. Instead of a central strip of hair, this style features a shaved side section, creating a dramatic contrast with the longer hair on top. It’s a great option for those who want a Mohawk with a unique twist. You can experiment with different designs and patterns on the shaved side for added flair.

3. Mohawk Fade With Beard

Mohawk Fade With Beard


If you’re looking for a rugged and masculine appearance, the Mohawk fade with a beard is an excellent choice. This haircut combines the edgy Mohawk style with a well-groomed beard, creating a bold and confident look. The beard adds depth and dimension to your facial features, making it a popular choice among men seeking a strong and stylish appearance.

4. Thick Hair Mohawk Fade

Thick Hair Mohawk Fade


Thick hair is a blessing, and it looks particularly impressive with a Mohawk fade. The natural volume and texture of thick hair make the Mohawk appear full and robust. You can style it confidently, knowing your hair will hold its shape. The gradual fade on the sides focuses on the thick hair on top while providing a clean and modern finish.

5. Mohawk Fade on Blonde Hair

Mohawk Fade on Blonde Hair


Blonde hair adds a vibrant and eye-catching element to the Mohawk fade. The contrast between the light blonde hair on top and the fade on the sides creates a visually striking effect. This style is perfect for individuals who want to embrace their blonde locks while showcasing a trendy and edgy haircut. It’s a look that exudes confidence and style.

6. Taper Fade Mohawk

Taper Fade Mohawk


The taper fade Mohawk offers a gradual transition from long hair on top to a shorter length on the sides and back. This haircut maintains the central strip of hair that characterizes a Mohawk while providing a more subdued and polished appearance. It’s suitable for those who prefer a Mohawk that’s not too extreme but still conveys a sense of individuality.

7. Low Fade Mohawk

Low Fade Mohawk


The low fade Mohawk is a sleek and modern take on this classic hairstyle. It features a gradual fade that starts lower on the sides, creating a smooth transition from the longer hair on top to the shorter sides. This style is well-suited for those who want a Mohawk that’s stylish and easy to maintain.

8. Mohawk Fade with Line

Mohawk Fade With Line Cut


Adding a shaved line or two to your Mohawk fade can add a trendy and edgy element to your look. These lines can be straight, curved, or even geometric in design, allowing you to customize your style to your preferences. The lines create a visual contrast and draw attention to the central strip of hair.

9. Mohawk Fade for Curly Hair

Mohawk Fade for Curly Hair


Curly-haired individuals can rock a Mohawk fade with flair. The curly Mohawk fade embraces the natural texture of your hair, creating a striking visual contrast between the curls on top and the fade on the sides. It’s a bold and expressive choice for those with curly locks.

10. Mohawk Fade for Straight Hair

Mohawk Fade for Straight Hair


On the other end of the spectrum, straight-haired individuals can also enjoy a Mohawk fade. This style provides a sleek and modern appearance, with the straight hair on top maintaining a sharp and clean look. It’s a versatile option that suits a wide range of face shapes.

11. Mohawk Fade for Short Hair

Mohawk Fade for Short Hair


Short hair enthusiasts can embrace the Mohawk fade as well. This variation keeps the hair on top relatively short while incorporating a subtle fade on the sides. It’s a low-maintenance option that still allows you to enjoy the essence of a Mohawk.

12. Curve Fade Mohawk

Curve Fade Mohawk


For a unique twist on the traditional Mohawk, consider the curve fade Mohawk. This style features a gracefully curved central strip of hair, adding a touch of elegance to the edgy Mohawk. The fade complements the curve, creating a seamless blend from top to sides.

13. Mohawk Fade for Black Men

Black Men's Mohawk Hairstyles


Black men often opt for the Mohawk fade due to its versatility and visual impact. This style can be customized to suit individual preferences, whether you want a high or low fade, sharp lines, or a more relaxed look. It’s a classic choice that never goes out of style.

14. Mohawk Skin Fade

Black Men Mohawk Fade


The skin fade Mohawk takes the fade to the extreme. It involves shaving the sides and back of the head extremely short, creating a smooth and clean appearance that contrasts with the longer hair on top. This style demands regular maintenance to keep the skin fade looking sharp.

15. Afro Mohawk Fade

Afro Mohawk Fade


For those with natural afro-textured hair, the Afro Mohawk fade is a fantastic option. It combines the iconic shape of the Mohawk with the texture and volume of afro hair. The gradual fade adds definition to the style, making it an attention-grabbing choice.

16. Edgy Wide Mohawk

Edgy Wide Mohawk


If you want a Mohawk that stands out, you can consider the edgy wide Mohawk. This style features a wider central strip of hair, creating a bolder and more dramatic appearance. The sides are carefully faded to enhance the contrast and make the Mohawk the focal point of your look.

17. Mohawk Cut With Design

Mohawk Cut With Design Fade


For those who love intricate and personalized styles, a Mohawk cut with a design is a fantastic choice. You can work with a skilled barber to create patterns, symbols, or even words on the sides of your head. This level of customization allows you to make a bold statement with your hairstyle.

18. Mohawk with Extra hair

Mohawk Fade with Extra hair


A Mohawk with extra hair refers to having longer and more voluminous hair on top. This style can be achieved with curly, wavy, or straight hair, and it gives you the freedom to experiment with various textures and finishes. It’s an ideal choice for those who want a fuller and more dynamic look.

19. Fluffy Mohawk Fade

Fluffy Mohawk Fade


The fluffy Mohawk fade combines volume and texture to create a striking appearance. This style is characterized by a central strip of hair that’s intentionally made to look fluffy and textured. The gradual fade on the sides adds contrast and definition to the overall look.

20. Textured Spiky Mohawk

Textured Spiky Mohawk


For a punk-inspired twist on the Mohawk, consider the textured spiky Mohawk. This style involves creating spikes on the central strip of hair, giving it a rebellious and edgy vibe. The fade on the sides ensures a clean and well-defined appearance.

21. Mohawk Fade Haircut with A Pompadour

Pompadour Fade Mohawk


The combination of a Mohawk fade with a pompadour is a fusion of two classic styles. The central strip of hair is styled into a pompadour, which adds height and elegance to the look. The gradual fade on the sides keeps the focus on the pompadour, making it a statement style.

22. Mid Balding Fade Mohawk

Mid Balding Fade Mohawk


The mid balding fade Mohawk plays with contrast by incorporating a mid-level bald fade on the sides. This unique touch adds an unexpected twist to the traditional Mohawk. It’s an ideal choice for those who want to showcase their individuality.

23. Undercut Mohawk with Hard Fade

Undercut Mohawk with Hard Fade


The undercut Mohawk with a hard fade is a bold and daring choice. It features an extreme contrast between the longer hair on top and the shaved sides and back. This style requires regular upkeep to maintain its sharp and clean appearance.

24. Low Fade with Faux Hawk

Low Fade Faux Hawk


If you prefer a subtler take on the Mohawk, the low fade with a faux hawk is a great option. It maintains a more conservative appearance while still incorporating the iconic central strip of hair. The low fade adds a touch of modernity to the style.

25. Dreads with Low Fade

Dreads with Low Fade


For those with natural curls or textured hair, combining dreads with a low fade Mohawk creates a distinctive and eye-catching look. The low fade on the sides ensures a neat and structured appearance while allowing the dreads on top to shine.

26. Twist with Low Fade

Twist with Low Fade


If you do not have hair long enough for dreads, go for twists with a low fade. This is a much subtler look and will go if you have professional work. The fade will give the twist a sharper and cleaner look. This neater version of the twist is a trend-setter for the new-gen working professional who is smart and edgy.

27. Mohawk Part Fade

Mohawk Part Fade


If you do not want to let go of those luscious smooth locks, add a twist to your simple look with a low fade at the front. Use a trimmer or a clipper to fade the hair to the middle of your head. You don’t need to spike up the Mohawk, as it will not go with the settled side hair. This look is great if you want to keep the long hair and sport a mohawk with a fade.

28. Frosted tip low fade

Frosted tip low fade


If you want to go for a dreamy look, add a frosty color at the tip of your mohawk. Go for a short mohawk with a low fade. This will look great if you have light-colored eyes. The frosty tips will also add roughness to the look. Style this with dark clothes, and your hair will stand out and give you a handsome look that will make everyone drool.

29. High Fade and V-Shape Mohawk

High Fade and V-Shape Mohawk


A high fade combined with a V-shaped Mohawk creates a bold and memorable look. The V-shaped design adds a distinctive flair to the traditional Mohawk style. This choice is ideal for those who want to stand out in a crowd.

30. Long Mohawk with High Fade and Beard

Long Mohawk with High Fade and Beard


Longer Mohawk styles are gaining popularity, and when paired with a high fade and a well-groomed beard, the result is incredibly stylish. This combination exudes confidence and masculinity while maintaining a modern edge.

31. Burst Fade Mohawk

Burst Fade Mohawk

If you are looking for a haircut to show off your thick locks, a burst fade is just for you. This is a haircut similar to a drop fade, but this cut is left longer at the neck instead of continuing around the head.

32. Mohawk Fade Haircut For Natural Curls

Mohawk Fade Haircut For Natural Curls

The mohawk fade is an excellent haircut for men with gorgeous naturally curly hair. This cut works for all types of curly hair. It can bring volume along with natural texture. You can also add some fade designs to add character.

33. Mohawk Fade Haircut with Designs

Mohawk Fade Haircut with Designs

For the ultimate in personalization and creativity, consider adding intricate designs to your Mohawk fade. These designs can range from geometric patterns to symbols that hold special meaning for you. This style allows you to showcase your individuality.

34. Mohawk Fade for Medium Hair

Mohawk Fade for Medium hair

Medium-length hair offers versatility in styling. A Mohawk fade with medium-length hair on top creates a balanced and refined appearance. It’s suitable for various occasions and can be easily adapted to suit your preferences.

35. Mohawk Haircut with Temple Fade

Mohawk Haircut with Temple Fade

A Mohawk with a temple fade adds a touch of sophistication. This style features a fade that begins at the temple area, creating a gradual transition from longer hair to shorter sides. It’s a subtle yet impactful choice.

36. Bald Fade Mohawk

Bald Fade Mohawk

If you’re looking for a sleek and polished appearance, the bald fade Mohawk is an excellent choice. The sides are shaved down to the skin, creating a seamless transition to the longer hair on top. This style exudes confidence and a clean, modern aesthetic.

37. Mohawk Haircut With A Beard Fade

Mohawk Haircut With A Beard Fade

For those who appreciate the synergy of a well-groomed beard with their Mohawk, the beard fade complements the look perfectly. The beard is faded to match the taper on the sides, resulting in a harmonious and balanced appearance.

38. Hard Part Mohawk

Hard Part Mohawk

The hard part is a modern haircut for men. This cut divides your hair into two sections, with the sides left short and the parting distinctly visible. This hairstyle matches well with Mohawk and spikes.

39. High Taper with Long Mohawk

High Taper with Long Mohawk

If you prefer a more gradual transition from the top to the sides, a high taper with a long Mohawk is an ideal choice. This style maintains the length on top while gradually tapering the sides, ensuring a balanced and stylish look.

40. Two-Toned Mohawk

Two-Toned Mohawk

For a unique and attention-grabbing style, consider a two-toned Mohawk. This involves coloring or bleaching the central strip of hair a different shade from the sides. It’s a bold and creative way to express your individuality.

41. Side Parted Mohawk With A Design

Side Parted Mohawk With A Design

This Mohawk haircut has mid-length hair on top with a low skin fade on the side. The excellent design makes this haircut very trendy.

42. Swept Back Mohawk Fade

Swept Back Mohawk Fade
The swept-back Mohawk fade is a refined and stylish choice. It involves brushing the longer hair on top backward, creating a smooth and suave appearance. This style is perfect for those who want a polished look with a touch of edge.

43. Mid Fade Mohawk

Mid Fade Mohawk

The mid fade Mohawk strikes a balance between a high and low fade. This tapering style begins halfway up the sides, resulting in a gradual and appealing transition from the central strip to the sides.

44. Drop Fade Mohawk

Drop Fade Mohawk

The drop fade mohawk is a new haircut that gives you a unique and stylish style. This haircut curves around the ears and drops down to your neck. It features a drop-like shape on the back of the head.

45. Comb Over Mohawk Fade

Comb Over Mohawk Fade

Combining a classic comb-over with a Mohawk fade results in a timeless yet contemporary appearance. The longer hair on top is combed over to one side, while the sides feature a fade. It’s a versatile choice that can be dressed up or down.

46. Short Spiky Mohawk Fade

Short Spiky Mohawk Fade

For those who prefer a shorter, more textured style, the short spiky Mohawk fade delivers a dynamic and energetic look. The central strip is spiked up, while the faded sides keep the style well-defined.

47. Wide Mohawk

Wide Mohawk

If you’re seeking a bolder and more daring appearance, the wide Mohawk is a top choice. This style involves a wider central strip of hair, creating a pronounced and dramatic Mohawk that commands attention.

48. Long Wavy Mohawk with Beard

Long Wavy Faded Mohawk with Beard

For men with wavy hair, a long wavy Mohawk paired with a beard offers a rugged yet stylish aesthetic. The natural waves add texture and character to the look, while the beard complements the overall vibe.

49. Faux Hawk Mohawk for Long Hair

Faux Hawk Mohawk for long hair

A faux hawk Mohawk combines the edginess of a Mohawk with the versatility of longer hair. The central strip is styled into a faux hawk, creating a bold and stylish statement.

50. Thick Mohawk Fade with Edge Up

Thick Mohawk Fade with Edge Up

A thick Mohawk fade with an edge-up is all about precision. The edges are carefully lined up and defined, resulting in a clean and sharp appearance. This style is ideal for those who appreciate attention to detail.


1. How do you style a Mohawk fade?

Styling a Mohawk fade involves styling products to create the desired shape and texture on the top strip of hair. Depending on individual preference, the hair can be spiked up, styled into a point, or slicked back. The faded sides and back require minimal styling and can be left as is or styled with a light product.

2. Is a Mohawk fade haircut high maintenance?

The maintenance level for a Mohawk fade haircut can vary depending on the desired length of the top strip of hair and the chosen fade style. Regular trims and upkeep are necessary to maintain the desired shape and keep the fade looking fresh.

3. Can a Mohawk fade be suitable for formal occasions?

While a Mohawk fade is often associated with a more edgy and casual look, it can be adapted for formal occasions. Styling the top strip of hair neatly and using appropriate styling products can create a more polished appearance suitable for professional or formal events.

4. How do you choose the right Mohawk fade style?

When choosing a Mohawk fade style, consider factors such as face shape, hair type, and personal style. Consulting with a skilled hairstylist is beneficial as they can provide recommendations based on your specific features and preferences.