55 Best Receding Hairline Haircuts for Men(2022 Trendy)

WAre you experiencing a receding hairline and looking for the best haircut to suit your style? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many men face this challenge, but the good news is that there are several stylish haircuts that can help you embrace your new look with confidence.

Whether you prefer a short and sharp style, a longer, more textured cut, or something in between, there’s a receding hairline haircut out there for you. With the right style, you can not only make the most of your receding hairline but also enhance your overall appearance. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best receding hairline haircuts for men.

55 Receding Hairline Haircuts Ideas for Men

  1. The blonde back push

The blonde back push

In this hairstyle, the sides have been divided into two layers – a lower cleanly cut section and a slightly upper layer left an inch longer. On the other hand, the topmost part is drawn into straight strands from the front side and taken as far back as possible.

With this hairstyle on your head, you’ll no longer have to worry about that ebbing hairline.

2. Voluminous Crown

Voluminous Crown men

It takes a lot of confidence to shave your sides clean-shaven and then couple that with an outstanding top with bundles of interlocked strands. If you choose to style this haircut, ensure the top patch races toward the back while at the same time leaving an aesthetic fall-like appearance at the front.

3. Back Front Ascension

Back Front Ascension

Here, once the sides are cut short, the top patch starts its ascension to the back of your head. It goes on to rise to the forehead, where it will be at its highest. Also, ensure that your barber heightens the front hair strands to a wavy vertical, and that is all you’ll need for a hairline that’s on the receding end.

4. Marine Guy Haircut

Marine Guy Haircut

This Marine-style haircut is yet to lose its popularity among young guys. The cut is styled with a short top and shaved sides. The short top also needs a back rolling finish at the front. The haircut should efficiently absorb the rather receding show (just like the image above.)

5. Simple Guy Style

Simple Guy Style

This is undeniably one of the best simple looks for classy guys. The style diffuses any adverse fore line you may want to get rid of. To sport the cut, ask your barber to trim the sides to an inch or less and complete the look by brushing them to a fine finish.

The top is pushed toward the back but with a slight tilt, and you can also draw a backward parting line starting from one of the forehead corners.

6. Cropped Perk

Cropped Perk

Here, the sides of your head will be smoothened and close cut, while the top will be trimmed at the ends and combed toward the front. Bundles of hair strands surrounding the top will be left curly to create a contrasting effect with the inner hair.

The curls at the front should award you an aura that makes the receding hairline look like a non-issue.

7. Wild Curly Crown

Wild Curly Crown

If you’ve never treated your long hair into wild curls, as shown in the image above, then you’ve been missing out. Try trimming only the lower sides, and then let the rest take place in the curls. You’ll thank me later.

As evident in the image above, the hairstyle should remove the odd appearance on the front line.

8. Front Loop

Front Loop

If you’re a bold individual, then this is a hairstyle you will love on your head. Give the lower sides a close shave to style the cut but only trim the top at the back. Leave the front slanted to one side but long and looped into the middle.

The complete look should give you a crowning effect covering the receding hairline.

9. Backward Racing Mohawk

Backward Racing Mohawk

As the hairstyle’s title suggests, this isn’t a Mohawk per se. The haircut creates an impression of a Mohawk, hence the name. The sides are layered into two different levels, while the topside is either trimmed to a medium-size or left the way it is.

The top is then combed backward to give it a racing effect that should draw away any negative attention to your feline. Any young gentleman should feel comfortable with this haircut on their head.

10. Petit Sweep

Petit Sweep

The hairstyle is known as a petit sweep because the sweeping effect it boasts is intended to complement any receding hairline. The sweep is at the top of the head, the sides are clear on the fronts, and the top fades as it goes to the back.

Add a parting line from the forehead and go around the small sweep to execute an even more meticulous finishing.

11. Lofty Mane

Lofty Mane

Giving the hair at the top of your head a lofting effect can be a perfect way to cover up your diminishing hairline. Your barber will trim the sides with the high top but leave the top with an easy-to-maintain length.

The hair will also get grooved to the high top, as you can see in the image above. All hair strands should end in the same place. In addition to that, note that the front should be higher than the back to give the slanting effect while at the same time dissolving any traces of a receding hairline.

12. Simple Spikes

Simple Spikes

The hairstylist draws the sides into a falling mop with this hairstyle but leaves the back falling on the neck. The top can also be suitable with spikes that form cute knots. At the front, the stylist should refine the group of spikes to divert any attention from the end line.

13. Wavy Front Ripples

Wavy Front Ripples

To attain wavy front ripples like those in the image above, you’ll need to clear the sides to an inch (or even less) and give the top trim for a medium size. The top is finely straightened at the front but combed backward.

The final look should form wavy ripples that effortlessly dissolve any of your thinning hair at the front.

14. Wavy Comb Over

Wavy Comb Over

Styling a short, slanted top is a great way to attain comfort and flexibility while at the same time looking classy. The waves start at one corner of your forehead and fall toward the other side. Just ensure that they do not fall past the half of the opposite side.

A slight back knob at the front should be enough to create a thickening effect.

15. Blond and Pullback

Blond and Pullback

The best way to remove all the attention from the receding hairline at the front is to style a pullback top like the one shown above. Feel free to clear the sides to a size you’re comfortable with. What’s more? The top has been trimmed and combed backward to award you a solid look.

16. Stylish Sweep

Stylish Sweep

There isn’t a more excellent hairstyle for receding hairlines than one that also retails with styling simplicity, and this stylish sweep is one of such hairstyles.

The top is trimmed, and the sides are shaved to an inch or less. The sweeping effect begins at the top side and doesn’t fall to the side. On the front, the style is awarded a slight bulging extension. This gives the front line a scenic appearance.

17. Classy Look

Classy Look

With its clear parting line on the sides, this classy look is a great hairstyle that can help you make up for a thin front line. Combine the sides downward and give the top a sweep at the parting line. Give the front a protruding impression big enough to cover the hairline.

18. Boulders with Dropping Bangs

Boulders with Dropping Bangs

Any hairstyle with front bangs would be an excellent idea for a thinning hairline, and these boulders with dropping bangs haircuts are no different. Give the sides a light touch with slanting falls. To top off the style, embroil the topside into a rounding effect using bundled bangs and let them drop on the forehead from the top end.

19. Pinkie Crown

Pinkie Crown

If you think that all other hairstyles we’ve looked at today do not take enough attention away from your front hairline, then this Pinkie crown could be precisely what you’re looking for. The top is combed backward to form a smooth slant, and the top is brought to life with a pink dye.

20. Long Wavy Fringe

Long Wavy Fringe

With this haircut, your hair is left to do its own thing and grow naturally. All you’ll need to do is style it to run backward. You can also bring the full waves to the front side to cover the foreline and turn them inwards. The complete look should be a rugged look that’s famous with the ladies.

21. Round Perfection

Round Perfection

Many people worldwide are still crazy for the Box hairstyle that was famous in the 90s. If you have a receding hairline, you can jump on the bandwagon and find a way to make the hairstyle work for you as well.

You’ll need to trim the top to a stout medium effect and clear shave the sides. Also, award the front a not-so-clear cut that leaves a small amount of hair. The hairstyle should do more than disguise your receding hairline.

22. Pomp and a Neat Fade

Pomp and a Neat Fade

The topside is compounded by combing the hair upwards and then cropping the top to create a rounded heap for this haircut. You’ll then bold the front to bulge out, which should take care of the receding hairline. Also, the sides are two different layers with distinct hair lengths.

If the look doesn’t make you look like a star, I do not know what will.

23. Gray Top Fry

Gray Top Fry

Here, the sides should be cleared to as low as you feel comfortable. Trim the top to create two different layers. Also, add a small sweep that starts on the topside and has extensions covering your forehead. This is your opportunity to become an eye-catcher in the streets.

24. Straight Side Sweep

Straight Side Sweep

I do not know about you, but most dudes love sweeping their hair because that gives them styles that are easy to keep and flexible for different events. That explains why we’ve reviewed so many different variations of the sweep haircut in today’s guide.

Anyway, with this particular style, sweep the longer side over your head top to the other side, but ensure that a small portion passes over your forehead to cover the thin front.

25. Sharp Lagoon Curves

Sharp Lagoon Curves

One of the most genius ways to complete your sparse hairline is to award it sharp edges, and that’s exactly what this hairstyle is designed to do. The Sharp Lagoon Curves will grant you such a perfect look on the front that no one will ever notice that you boast a receding hairline.

26. Back Groom

Back Groom

If your goal is to embrace and show off your hairline, then this haircut could be the one you’re looking for. To style the cut, comb your medium-sized or long hair to the front, and the same goes for the sides. This should award you a holistic look that’s an eye-turner.

27. Rounded Top

Rounded Top

Leave the top with medium-sized hair once you’ve shaved the sides clean. Styling a top patch like the one in the image above should award you a walling effect, which will, in turn, give your front hairline an attractive appeal.

28. Bangs with Side Sweep

Bangs with Side Sweep

This haircut will never disappoint you if you have a receding hairline you’d like to hide. The sides are trimmed to an inch or less, and the sweep is short. Ensure the sweep falls over to the other side over your head. Also, pull a few bundles of strands to the front so they can conceal your forehead hairline.

29. Shaved Sides and Top Perk

Shaved Sides and Top Perk

A top perk is another super-easy way you can disguise your receding front. Shave the sides clean, but touch the top a little bit. That should leave your hair at the front looking ‘cool’ (for lack of a better word.)

30. Longer Hair with Temple Fade

Longer Hair with Temple Fade

This hairstyle boasts longer hair in the middle and a temple fade. The hair on top is side-parted, and the front fringes have been pushed forward to award you ‘more style.”

31. Wispy and Messy

Wispy and Messy

There is no better combination than a receding hairline and wispy hair. For this hairstyle, taper the hair on the sides and progressively make it shorter. Give the front hair a messy and wispy look to add to your style.

32. Mohawk receding hairline men  hairstyle

Mohawk receding hairline men hairstyle

An excellent and clean hairstyle always looks classic simple. Shaved sides, clean cheeks, and an anchor at the chin make a person prominent in the gathering and enhance his confidence.

33. Loose waves short hair

Loose waves short hair

On the off chance that your wavy hairs happen to be defiant and rebellious, shed your stresses. Couple this hairdo with a got facial hair. This serves as an incredible beach hairdo as well.

34. Old School

Old School

Beard has always been a sign of maturity and high social status. Accompanied with a nice side shaved and a neatly made side puff at the top of the head has always been worth seeing.

35. Duck Dynasty exhilarated

Duck Dynasty exhilarated

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Blonde hair color is always eye-catching. A blonde beard and shaved sides and short hair at the top of the head is a great combination. Accessories enhance the beauty and attitude of the looks and increase the personality.

36. The Classic Taper Haircut

The Classic Taper haircut

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The Classic Taper Hairstyle is the stock man’s hairstyle. It is uncomplicated, facile to look after, and never leaves style; it would be best to pick one hairstyle that suits all men.

37.  Modern hairstyles for men

Modern hairstyles for men

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This hot look joins an oldie but a goodie with the top men’s hair patterns of 2021. The top is an immaculate grandeur with a matte completion. A surgical part and foggy blur bring the cut into the twentieth century.

38. Haircut Short Men

Haircut Short Men

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With a crisp blue and razor part, you get an eye-getting cut that doesn’t bother with any additional styling. This cut keeps it straightforward on top with a smooth bald spot

39.  Short haircut styles for men

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Vandyke is always in fashion. Clean facial hair from sides and the shortest hair on the head look perfect—this style suits people with dark black hair and dark complexion.

40. The Classic Fade haircut

The Classic Fade haircut

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Fade hairdos are turning out to be to a great degree prominent amongst men recently. The blur hairstyle usually goes with hairstyles that are shorter in length. A touch of facial hair gives a damn stunning look to a man.

41. Light Fade Haircut

Light Fade Haircut

We presently see longer hair on top with a fade touch come into men’s hairdo patterns. This look is very common in modern hairstyles. This is a classic lower side shaved faded hairdo that looks exceptionally well done

42. Short Taper Haircut  

Short Taper Haircut

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The clean look analyzes their fame and a component of concern they originate into your style thanks with the gentle fade of length on the sides and in the back.

43. Fade for Wavy Hair

Fade for Wavy Hair

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Wavy hair has always been admired, and a person with them can get the best casual and informal look. Sides shaved are the most trendy looks in modern times. a combination of them will give a hot look to you

44. Mohawk haircut

Mohawk haircut

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The Mohawk hairdo is refreshing and one of the oldest hairstyles. This is an example of a medium-length Mohawk with a clean shave. This looks great on the heart-shaped face.

45. Mohawk Hairstyles for Brown Hairs

Mohawk Hairstyles for Brown Hairs

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Fundamentally the same as our first fade, aside from less emphasis on fading in the sides and going for a more differentiated look.

46.  Low Fade with Beard

Low Fade with Beard

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As should be obvious, this is an incredible style to match with facial hair. A beard isn’t required, just profoundly proposed. It just makes it more aggressive and mature

47. Low Fade with High Beard

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Pair your low fade with nicely made hair at the top and rejoice in the look of thicker facial hair to flaunt the patterns. This haircut brings consideration downward, yet it is still spotless trim and sufficiently tasteful for the workplace

48.  Beard Contrasted with skin Fade Taper

Beard Contrasted with skin Fade Taper

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The comb-over at the top and sides shaved is always eye-catching. Accompanied with a long beard give a more manly look and a belligerent style. It suits mainly mildly older men.

49. Asian Mohawk

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Asians are much ahead in hairstyles. They mostly like shaved and patterned hairstyles. Shaved hair is preferable for designs and patterns. And they give a cool funky look and make a person unique and prominent.

50.  Low Fade with Black Hair

Low Fade with Black Hair

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This is the best, simple, and most decent hairstyle for a receding hairline. It is suitable for men of all ages. But with a beard, it looks more stylish, aggressive, and cool.

51. Light Fade Haircut

Light Fade Haircut

52. HIPSTER chick


One of the best receding hairline stylings that suits all men is hipster chic. It’s easy to adopt and yet has a significant impact on the personality. Your hair will become more attractive by shearing down the sides and focusing on the upper part. So it becomes more effective and purposeful for your personality.

53. Spike It Up for men hairstyle

Spike It Up for men hairstyle

We are living in an era where everyone wants to look perfect. No matter we are talking about teenagers or adults. Everyone is hyper-sensitive about looking attractive. Now, this hairstyle is for those old fashion lovers. You can use a small amount of gel and get this fantastic look.

54. Classic Clean Cut

This is a clean type haircut for men looking for receding hairline ideas. As you can see, there’s nothing tricky in this style—all simple and yet easy-to-adopt hairstyle that is best for anyone.

55. Long and Loose

Long and Loose

Some men are worried about hiding out their receding hairline with different styles. One of the easiest methods to do that would be having long hair. Longer hair can hide the hairline, and everyone can focus on the admiring look of your face.